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Fantasy, Sci-fi, magical, romance, Yaoi (depending on the situation), Action, mystery.
I'm looking for a roleplay partner who is willing to do a roleplay created from a novel I wrote a while back. I'm hoping that someone is willing to play a rather specific character for this and bring him to life even more than I have. Onwards to the story line!

Fall is about Aadin Fallis, a young man attending Gulliver highschool who has had a rough past, but despite that he tries his best to go through his daily life with his depression. Things get a little rocky when Aadin not only falls in love with the new kid in not only his school but in his group of friends, but has to deal with the fear that an someone who escaped from prison could actually in fact be his father. When things go completely haywire it may be the end for Aadin Fallis.

So as I am doing a rewrite if the original story there are not a whole lot of set events that happen. If you have questions or are interested then let me know, either through pm or comment down below. Now, anyone wanna see the characters? (Too bad you get to see them anyways XD)

Aadin Fallis (played by me)

Quxxin (pronounced Quinn) Ainsworth (played by rp partner)
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