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Aryk Jay Ichijou

Pronounce it ERIC~~
Roleplay Invitations
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Posting Speed
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Writing Levels
Give-No-Fucks, Adept, Adaptable
Genders You Prefer Playing
Playing Style- Passive or Aggressive
More passive but is able to do aggressive if in the mood
Favorite Genres
Horror, romance, yaoi, adventure, phsycological, pain, bdsm, smut, fantasy.
Hello. This will not be long. Lately I have been trying to look for some good Doms since I have been asked to play a lot myself.
Things I like:
  • BDSM
  • Abuse
  • Long role plays
  • Good plots
  • Gentle Doms
  • Nearly anything just ask
  • Rough Doms
Things I ddislike:
  • Taking complete control over the story
  • Kill off main characters (unless spoken about)
  • Less then three sentences reply
  • Getting straight into the smut
Here are a few pairings I am willing to do.:
  • Hunterxhunter
  • Hunterxhuntee
  • Slavexmaster
  • Masterxservant
  • Princexsubject
  • Princexprince
  • Princexservant
  • Princexpirate
  • Piratexcaptive
  • Piratexcrew member
  • Vampirexfledling/human
  • Vampirexvampire
  • Necromancerxundead/anyone
I am up ffor anything and any genre just shoot me a message. Also, I only will do mxm for these.
Not open for further replies.