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  1. Hello. This will not be long. Lately I have been trying to look for some good Doms since I have been asked to play a lot myself.
    Things I like:
    • BDSM
    • Abuse
    • Long role plays
    • Good plots
    • Gentle Doms
    • Nearly anything just ask
    • Rough Doms
    Things I ddislike:
    • Taking complete control over the story
    • Kill off main characters (unless spoken about)
    • Less then three sentences reply
    • Getting straight into the smut
    Here are a few pairings I am willing to do.:
    • Hunterxhunter
    • Hunterxhuntee
    • Slavexmaster
    • Masterxservant
    • Princexsubject
    • Princexprince
    • Princexservant
    • Princexpirate
    • Piratexcaptive
    • Piratexcrew member
    • Vampirexfledling/human
    • Vampirexvampire
    • Necromancerxundead/anyone
    I am up ffor anything and any genre just shoot me a message. Also, I only will do mxm for these.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.