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  1. Hey! You can call me Midnight or Spade, I don't mind either :P
    I'm a 23 y/o guy who lives in the UK and thus on the GMT timezone, just for you to take into consideration, because we may only rarely be on at the same time.
    I'm usually fairly free during the day and busier in the evenings due to personal commitments. It's always my goal to reply at least once a day to a roleplay, which is easier if it's a more casual one and slightly harder if I need to make a lengthy reply. At the moment something more casual is probably the best but I'll give anything a shot!

    So here's what I'm looking for and interested in. If you see something you like just PM me or comment :3

    Sorry if this seems a lot! I've put it under Spoiler tags for space-saving :3

    ♥ - I'm craving it
    bold - Preferred character

    List below (open)

    One Piece (open)

    Zoro x Sanji
    Doflamingo x Crocodile
    Smoker x Ace
    Eustass Kid x Law ♥
    Killer x Eustass Kid
    Shanks x Buggy
    Marco x Ace

    Eustass lost his arm fighting Doflamingo, Law's reaction to that.
    Sanji likes dressing in women's clothes because of his time on Okama island and is ashamed of it, Zoro finds out and initially mocks him but eventually helps him accept it. ♥
    Zoro is actually a transman but has hidden it from the crew all these years. Getting close to Sanji he finally finds out. Exploration of their relationship with this new revelation. ♥

    Cardcaptor Sakura (open)

    Touya x Yukito/Yue ♥
    Syaoran x Sakura

    Touya is the cardcaptor instead of Sakura, going from when he releases the cards and meets Kero.
    Yue is having trouble dealing with the loss of Clow and opening his heart to Touya and it's affecting Yukito. How they deal with it and end up in a sort of threeway, ♥

    Harvest Moon (open)

    (I'm familiar with the majority of the handheld games)
    Bachelor x Male MC
    Cam x Male MC ♥
    Vaughn x Mark/Male MC ♥

    Team Fortress 2 (open)

    (I don't mind OC characters :3)
    Sniper x Spy
    Demo x Sniper
    Soldier x Spy
    Soldier x Engineer ♥

    Pokemon (open)

    Gold x Silver ♥
    x Green(Blue) ♥
    Morty x Eusine
    Archie x Maxie ♥
    Wallace x Steven
    Lysandre x Sycamore
    OC Trainer x OC Trainer
    Pokemon x Pokemon

    A Pokemon gets lost and has to find its master, and a feral Pokemon helps it get home.
    Original trainer adventures in a new region.

    Digimon (open)

    Taichi x Yamato
    x Ken
    Takato x Henry
    OC x Digimon

    Taichi and Yamato have to deal with the loss of their Digimon (before 02) and the growing realisation that maybe they like each other more than friends.
    OC Digidestined/Tamers on an adventure in the Digi World, trying to get home while accompanied by their Digimon partners, either friendship or paired.

    Fandoms I like but not knowledgeable on:
    (eg, I've read the wiki or watched enough to get the basic knowledge of it but I'm not 'fluent')
    List below (open)

    Legend of Zelda (open)

    Ganondorf x Link
    Ghirahim x Zant

    Link was raised in the desert with Ganondorf, their growing relationship before Ganondorf leaves and Link takes up the Hero role.

    Final Fantasy 7 (open)

    Cid x Vincent
    Rufus x Reno

    Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (open)

    Joseph x Caesar
    Josuke x Kakyoin

    Original or AU:
    List below (open)

    Werewolf x Human
    x Stowaway ♥
    Pirate x Merman ♥
    x Human
    Teacher x Student
    King/Prince x Knight
    Detective x Mafia Boss
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  2. Hey! I'd love to try the robot x Human idea. Pm me if you are interested and we can discuss about it :)
  3. I would love to do a Harvest Moon one, preferably with me playing as an OC and you a bachelor.
  4. Sounds interesting :3 Wanna PM me with any ideas you have?
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