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  1. I've been pretty bored lately and have some free time on my hands, so what better way to avoid school work than role playing.

    Marvel pairings:
    Matt x Foggy ( Let's get one thing straight here, do not, for the love of God, make Matt Murdock submissive. Foggy isn't a dominant character over him. It just doesn't work out in my mind. So don't do it, please. )
    Bucky x Steve
    Peter x Wade x Matt ( craving this so hard. I wanna play Matt at least. )
    Clint x Pietro ( craving)
    Matt x Clint (craving)

    Kakashi x Naruto
    Madara x Hashirama

    MxF pairings

    Karen x Matt (craving)
    Claire x Matt
    Foggy x Karen x Matt ( craving this too. )
    Natasha x Bucky (craving)
    Tony x Pepper

    Naruto x Hinata

    Soul eater:
    Soul x Maka

    Send me a PM if you are interested.
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  2. General rules:

    I prefer having a partner who isn't going to give me one liners after one liners. I get it, it happens but sometimes it's hard to keep a role play going.

    Im also not looking for a partner who is going to post me a story and expect me to post on back. Um, sorry, not only do I have a hard time writing but not having a computer to type normally doesn't help either. That being said, I'm looking for a laid back partner.

    Writing average: 2 lines to possible two paragraphs.

    Don't be pain. Compromise if we have too.

    Submissive/dominant.... This topic is always so hard because I get an influx of submissive character and I'm not too fond of that. I prefer to have switching going on, meaning I won't always be dominant or submissive. However if my partner isn't into that, I may go ahead and be dominant. It depends on my mood. Ask before assuming I will. Most likely I'll just get rid of it completely.
    And I have to confess, shy submissives a turn me off. Like if my character has to take action for every touch ( nothing inappropriate, just like hand holding and kissing), I'm not going to be happy. For all I care have a clingy character. Think about the characters personal, if they aren't naturally shy in any canon moments then don't make them that way please.
  3. Still looking.
  4. I'd love to rp with you, and I also don't type on the computer. If you don't mind
    me asking, what other rp do topics do you?I like to think that I'm a pretty relaxed
    person, I don't expect anyone to reply quickly and I like a wide variety of topics
    and settings. I usually write anywhere from a few lines to a paragraph.

    I'd love to rp with you c:
  5. Still needing more partners.
  6. Still looking
  7. Still looking.
  8. Needing more partners.
  9. Still looking.
  10. Any chance of a Matt/Elektra RP?
  11. Hell yeah. Send me a PM?
  12. Cool.

    But you're ok if I play Matt? I don't play female characters.
  13. Yeah, that's perfectly fine with me.
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