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  1. Okay! It's so good to be back. After 3-4 weeks of being busy as hell I'm glad I can finally rejoin the Iwaku community and get back to roleplaying! Though before I do get onto things, there is the chance I will be busy once again with school and work. So if I randomly disappear it's probably due to that. I will try my best to alert you when that happens.

    Here are a few things about me~
    • I am female, though I am comfortable playing either gender. It does not matter to me.
    • I am 21.
    • I write at least a paragraph per post, 2-3 paragraphs if inspired.
    • I get writers block easily so if I don't reply quickly I apologize.
    • I do have a life outside of Iwaku, so I might suddenly disappear for a few days. If I do please don't quit on me!
    • I will NOT roleplay any plot involving rape. I am extremely against it.
    • I like to play the submissive character, but with great persuasion I will attempt dominant.
    • Not familiar with the FxF pairing so I prefer to play the submissive character in those pairings.
    • I post from my phone a lot, so if there are any mistakes in my posts please forgive me.
    My rules~
    • At least post a paragraph per post. I understand we all have our bad days so less is okay.
    • Post at least once a week.
    • Please be comfortable playing the dominant character in some pairings.
    • Help with the plot! Unfortunately I dont have any plots in mind so we'll have to brainstorm.
    • And most importantly, have fun!
    The part I will most prefer to play will be bolded. The pairings I wish to play the most will have a * next to it.
    Brother x Brother
    Sister x Sister
    Teacher x Student
    *Demon x Human
    Demon x Demon
    *Demon x Angel
    *Demon x Brother/Sister
    Angel x Human
    *Human x Vampire
    *Vampire x Demon
    Vampire x Angel
    *Satanist x Christian Boy/Girl
    Neko x Neko
    *Incubus x Human
    *Succubus x Human
    *Jock x Nerd
    *Rich x Poor
    *Best friend x Best friend
    Country x City

    More to come soon!

    Comment if you are interested!

    Feel free to give me your ideas as well!

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  2. Hey I would be interested in roleplaying with you! I like these pairings:
    -brother x brother
    -teacher x student
    -jock x nerd (love this one)
    -demon x angel (and this one)
  3. I really appreciate the honesty in your availability to play. If you're keen, I'd love to do a mxm with you for any of the following:

    best friend x best friend
    incubus x human
    demon x human
    demon x angel
  4. Hmm i really like the incubus x human. Would you rather be the incubus or human?
  5. @Bella Ooh yay! If it's quite alright with you, I'd rather play the human. Would you like me to send a pm to discuss this further?

    @Ceridwyn No problem! I'll try to tell you if I ever find myself busy. And would best friend x best friend be alright?
  6. I wouldn't mind doing a Demon x Angel FxF with you, I think I can play a convincing demon.
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