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  1. So I've been wanting some more MxM roleplays. I'm pretty open minded and up for almost anything. As of right now I have no specific plot ideas. I do have a few pairings in mind.


    -Student x Student
    -Student x Teacher
    -Angel x Demon
    -Demon x Human
    -Angel x Human
    -Brother x Brother
    -Possessive{or abusive} boyfriend x Boyfriend
    -Insane person x Person/Victim
    -Supernatural creature x Human
    -Supernatural creature x Supernatural creature
    -Kidnapper x Victim
    -Master x Slave

    Some things that I am willing to do:

    - M-preg
    - Dark Romance
    - Sadistic/Masochist
    - Little Bondage
    Again I'm pretty open minded so just ask and if I'm not comfortable with it I'll let you know. I love hearing other people's ideas so don't feel shy sharing.

    So if anyone is interested either PM me or leave a message here.~
  2. Ill do a yaoi RP with ya ^_^
  3. I'll do brother x brother or student x teacher with you, if you're accepting.
  4. I might do a brother x brother or a student x student with you.
  5. I've got an odd question for you:
    What's your feeling on murderers? :O
  6. Depends.... But overall I'm fine with a murderer in an rp. If you don't mind me asking, why?
  7. I was just asking because I have a vague plot in mind for brother/brother, but it's crime based and a little dark (potentially involving a murder.) I have some other plots as well, this was just one in particular I've been wanting to try with someone!
  8. Sounds interesting. PM?~ I would love to hear more about it.
  9. Sorry about not posting earlier. I am sick.
  10. It's okay, take your time.~
  11. I'm getting better now and I hope you saw my last post. Its just a stupid cold
  12. I hope you get better! ~ And yes I saw your post, I'm replying right now.
  13. Thank you so much...I hate winter for a reason and this is why. Because I get sick DX
  14. Yeah.... being sick sucks.
  15. If I dont respond to your next post I'm sorry. I'm currently busy and might be for the next hour or so.
  16. Well, I've been looking for a good Master x Slave roleplay, if you're interested...? I have a few ideas pertaining to it that we can discuss.
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Not open for further replies.