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  1. Looking for some male x male rps. I prefer playing submissive characters so I'm looking for dominant a please. Though I will make an exception if someone is willing to double up and do two rps. One where I am a sub and the other where they are the sub. Of course any of these rps can be changed to mxf if someone wants to rp with one but not as mxm. And again then if they wanted to be the girl I would prefer if we doubled up. I know it sounds complicated but its only fair. No one liners.

    Plot mixes:
    • Werewolf/werewolf
    • Werewolf/vampire
    • Demon/demon slayer
    • Uncle/nephew
    • Prisoner/prison guard
    • Prisoner/prisoner
    • Prisoner/warden
    • Best friend/best friend
    • Single father/babysitter
    • Single father/ boss
    • Single father/escaped inmate
    • Neko/werewolf
    • Neko/vampire
    • Scientist/neko
    • Demon/angel
    • Satan/angel
    • Police officer/suspected murderer
    • Boss/worker
    • Succubus/vampire
    • Ballerina/fan
    • Rock star/model
    • Prince/prince
    • King/prince
    • King/king
    • mermaid/stranded pirate
    • Grim reaper/human
    • Grim reaper/angel of life

    If anyone has any other pairing that isn't on the list feel free to message me.

    my limitations: no tentacles, no god modding, potty play is a big nono.
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  2. Hi, I'm interested in doing uncle/nephew.
  3. Yay! Pm me and we can talk about a plot