MxF, The Work Slave, looking for a female submissive!

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  1. Hey there, I'm new to the site, but I thought I'd get right to it and post what I'm looking for. I enjoy roleplaying many different things, but for awhile now I've been interested in finding a good partner for this one. Here's how it goes. This roleplay isn't really sexual, but I'm marking it as 18+ just in case since there is a lot of whipping and touching that can go on. Please don't say you're interested in this if you'd like to completely alter how I'd like the slave character's personality to be. Thank you!

    (Obviously this is just fantasy, I don't want women to be slaves. Also there is no sex in this RP, despite the slaves being kept naked.) As long as you can remember you have been a slave. You were born in a country where females are considered property, servants that should be trained to obey and serve men. The world is set in medieval times, and is somewhat similar to our own in terms of technology that was available then.

    For years, like almost every other female in the country, you were trained as a slave, completely worn out and obedience trained every second of your life. You didn't know any better, and by the end of it you were transformed into the perfect slave. You are completely obedient and eager to work, your only reward being that you have pleased your masters. Like most slaves, you have been trained as a work slave, simply a tool that men use to put to work in farms or mines, that work tireless for the benefit of man. Over time, slaves have been bred to be tall and toned, bad genes were weeded out over generations and now only the best of the best remain. Kept naked, and branded with a number, never given a name, slaves were considered nothing more than animals, property to be used and traded.

    The basic rules a slave is trained to follow are these: Your character must say something eagerly to EVERY command given, even simple ones with a "Yes, Master!" or something similar. Thank your Master or superior graciously for giving you a command. Never stop working until told to stop. Never do anything unless told to do so. Always be respectful and don't be afraid to speak words of praise or gratitude to your superiors (That means don't just respond to everything with ONLY a simple "Yes, Master!" if you can think of something else to say, add it in). You have just been sold from your training facility and you are ready to start your new life of service and work. Where you will be working you don't know, as the kind of work is not important to you, only that you get to work and serve a new master by doing hard labor.

    Overall this roleplay is about the work these slaves do on a daily basis, it can seem boring but I enjoy it a lot and explore lots of different kinds of tasks, all while incorporating themes of submission and humiliation.

    If you're interested, message me! I prefer to do things through PM.
  2. I replied to your PM, H. :)
  3. Bump, still looking for partners.
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