MxF searching for a long term partner for a dark and twisted RP

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Fantasy, historical
So recently I have found myself with a lot of spare time on my hands and thought what better to fill that time than to write?! :)
I am looking for a long term partner who doesn't mind a bit of drama and darkness in their roleplays.

I play only female main characters as I'm not 100% comfortable playing male but am more than happy to have various side characters and it would be nice if you where able to do the same.

Now down to the boring parts...
My rules:

- whilst I strongly believe that quality is better than quantity I expect at least 3 paragraphs to keep the role play moving at a steady pace

- I am looking preferably for someone who is able to post at least a couple of times a day but am happy to change that if needed.

-I love descriptive writing and would appreciate it if you where able to set the scene rather than simply act out your characters actions ;)

- sorry lovelies but 18+ only

- lastly, if you are going to be dissapearing for more than three days, that's fine, just let me know :)

My pairings are all set in a pre industrial era, I don't mind what time in history that is but I just don't 'do' guns and cars or anything modern/futuristic (sorry)
Any of my pairings I am more than happy to twist into fantasy if that's your thing :)

(Highlighted is what character I will play, unless I am willing to play either)

Assassin/sell sword x target

Pirate x captive
Pirate x rival pirate
Native x explorer

Person of importance x peasant

Night x commoner
Psychotic man x psychotic woman

Criminal x hostage
Barmaid x local
Traveller x traveller
Slave trader x slave

If you have any suggestions send me a message and I'll let you know if I'm interested :)

As of yet I have no plots, I would rather we work that out between us so that the RP tends to both of our needs beautifully :)
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