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  1. So I usually do MxM roleplays but I want to try and do a couple MxF. Seeing as I am a male, I would prefer to play the male role but to practice being a girl I wouldn't mind playing as the girl either. I am not a huge fan of sappy romantic roleplays but I will do a couple. I like roleplays that a dark and twisted with lots of plot twists. My grammar and spelling is not the best since English is not my first language, I write 2 to 6 paragraphs but I prefer to stick to 2 and I prefer threads over Pms unless its a really smutty roleplay (which I am not a huge fan of but I am willing to do a couple).

    Insane Patient x Nurse/Doctor
    Nerd x Jock
    Witch x Human
    Demon x Human
    Murderer x Friend
    Childhood Friends
    Teacher x Student (hasto have some sort of plot twists, not a huge fan of these generic pairings that usually have the same plot over and over)
    Angel x Demon
    Brother x Sister
    anything you would like to suggest :)

    Things I would like In some of my Roleplays:
    Plot twists
    Age gap
    Stockholm syndrome
    Forbidden romance
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  2. Still searching
  3. Hi! I almost exclusively play female characters. I'm interested in the Demon x human, demon x angel, and the murderer x friend!
  4. Did you have a plot in mind for any of them?
  5. Well to give some general ideas I've got one at least for two of them. For Demon x Angel It could be that one has been sent to capture the other or perhaps is foolish enough to try simply to gain favor with their side, there's just one catch both of them get stuck on Earth or something happens to that effect thus making them HAVE to get to know one another. For Demon x Human I was thinking more along the lines of the demon trying to make promises to the human in order to strike a deal. As for murderer and friend....I got nothin' it's just a situation I've never done before and thought it would be fun.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.