MxF roleplay anyone?

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  1. Hey, I am extremely board and I really want to do a rp with someone. I usually play females so I prefer that the opposite character is a male. If you have any ideas that you would like to do then PM me or reply here. I would like anything I rp in to have a plot. I don't mind sex, but it has to have a storyline as much as possible.
  2. Would you be willing to double or maybe do two separate role plays?
  3. What do you mean? I can play two characters if that's what you mean?
  4. three things
    one: your signature is fricken fabulous, I love Loki so much and I want to marry Tom Hiddleston one day. lol.
    two: Dr.who rocks
    three: would you like to do a servant x Upper classman and or Royal rp with me? it would be a very sweet, forbidden, romantic roleplay (something I normal don't do). And I also don't usually do MxF so if my Roleplaying is a little awkward at first I do apologize.
  5. 1. Thank you
    2. Thank you again :-)
    3. I would love to try anything! But what do you mean by forbidden? Like the servant and master are in love and aren't allowed to be? I can do that. I don't normally do dom characters very well.
  6. I mean like would you be willing to play a male in a different role play or in the same one so it is even and I can play a female as well?
  7. Yea I can do that! I'm not as good at playing guys, but maybe this is perfect opportunity to get better at it :-) As long as it's not yaoi, I'm all for it. Sorry, I don't do yaoi at all.
  8. I'll be the Dom character, and its more of the fact there is a major class difference and it would bring shame to the upper class family if anyone ever found out about a relationship with a lowly servant. does that make sense? it isn't like a master x slave thing, the servant works there like an employee and it could be like this family of servants has been with the upperclass family for years as their butlers, gardeners ect. I think I just made my explanation worse didn't I?
  9. No, I get it! :-) It makes perfect sense. And I'm cool with it as well, lol!
  10. ok awesome, do you mind if I am the male servant? I don't play girls and it would make more sense if the Dom was the servant. Where would you want to start? before they both know about one another's feelings or after; like when they are hiding it from everyone?
  11. I think after would be best. Unless you have an idea for the other?
  12. Alright sounds good, could you possibly make the thread? and profiles, I usually make a short one, name age maybe a short bio and a picture. Would you prefer anime or real?
  13. Either is fine. I'm not so good with slice of life unless it involves really awesome plot twists! But I'll start it real quick. What year do we want it to be?
  14. yeah we definitely are gonna need a plot twist, I am trying to figure it out now. 1960's sound alright?
  15. Sounds good to me! And I was thinking that they could start off not liking each other. Is that ok?
  16. yeah sure that is fine, he could think she is a spoiled brat at first.
  17. Perfect start ^^, sorry mine is bad I just can't seem to concentrate long enough to write a good paragraph. x_x
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