MxF Private Roleplay (post apocalyptic)

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  1. This is my first time requesting a partner. But, I am no novice when it comes to roleplay. Long posts sometimes intimidate me. xD

    In the year 20XX, the third World War has ended and the entire world is destroyed, with the assistance of a new element that changed fighting all together. Mutants or Inhumans. Despite the earth being a baron wasteland. There were two cites that protected the humans from the Mutants. Known as Babylon and Olympus.

    The city of Babylon is however facing a problem. The soil can no longer grow vegetation and food is growing scarce. Many people are unaware of the issue at hand and continue to live normally. However, the mayor is quite aware and is unsure what his next move is. For months, they tried sending people out to bring food, which has been successful in its own way, they have returned with some supplies, but no where enough to feed a city of several hundred people.

    Now, Babylon's problems have become known to a clan of local bandits that call themselves "The Vamps" although they are not like vampires at all. The Vamps have given Babylon a proposition. They will supply Babylon with food for several years (until they get back on their feet again) for the mayor's daughter.

    It seems like a simple enough deal.


    PM me for more details
  2. Seems interesting(:
  3. Sounds cool! PM me!
  4. Interesting. I would love to be a part of it. Message me!
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