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  1. Hello and welcome

    Since a large number of my partners have vanished without a trace, leaving me a bit bereft, I'm now back to seek more, so here we go, a bit about me.

    I'm a 24 year old male roleplayer, been writing and roleplaying since 2008, I love writing a lot as it's probably the only medium I'm reasonably good at that can help me get the ideas seething around in my brain out, I wish I was good at art, as often my talents of description aren't up to the task of describing what I'm seeing in my brain.

    I have a great love of fantasy and science fiction settings, not so big on more mundane real life settings, as I live in the real world, and that's painful enough as it is without me doing roleplays about it. I love magic, magical creatures, you name it for the most part, and science fiction settings, the only things I don't really like are zombies for the most part, they're like the most overdone thing in fiction ever.

    I'm a big gamer, and I'm in college, so don't be surprised if I'm not a big poster, especially since sometimes I just can't figure out anything to post.

    Onto a few pointers

    1. Please, try not to disappear without warning, please...this is by far the number one biggest thing that bothers me with roleplay partners, if you have to go for a while or you just have no inspiriation, or real life is gettin to be a bitch, please please let me know, there's nothing worse then having someone vanish and then sitting there wondering if it was cause you did something wrong.

    2. Tying into #1, don't indicate interest and then disappear on me in the middle of brainstorming, most annoying thing ever, if you don't LIKE me and my ideas, at least say so(I'd rather have someone tell me they don't really like my writing or me personally then just poof and be gone)

    3. huge volumes of content for posts are not required, due to the nature of roleplaying, since this isn't a story written by one person, sometimes it's impossible to write large amounts(especially in a 1x1) due to the fact you can't god mod the other person's characters.

    4. I'm a friendly guy, I like friends, don't be afraid to chat me up

    5. If you can, help me brainstorm ideas, it helps a lot, also...if you like a role that's more submissive or dominant or something, let me know what your cravings are, and I'll see what I can do.

    Libertine Rules

    1. Straight pairings only, sorry folks, but I don't swing that way and have no interest in lesbian or gay pairings, they just don't do anything for me.

    2. Nothing weird, and by that I'm not interested in any of your really weird fetishes, like BDSM, toilet play, you get the idea.

    On to plots


    Beauty and the Beast (open)
    The Empire of Ferrite has lasted for centuries, a powerful nation built on a foundation of slavery and rapid expansion, but even powerful nations will eventually fall and crumble, the power of the Empire was great, but eventually fell due to it's own hubris, the cruelty demonstrated towards the slaves, the arrogance of assaulting lands held sacred to a deity, both of these culminated in the eventual destruction of the Empire and it's King.

    A Goddess of life, having witnessed of the cruel treatment of the slaves, the exploitation of the earth till poison began to seep forth, and the never ending greed of the ever expanding Empire, took action into her hands, sending forth her power she empowered some of the slaves, who formed a very large portion of the labor force, a curious tribe whom produced far more women then men, the goddess empowered these women to become mighty and powerful, far faster, stronger, and with more stamina then the average human, each one worth five veteran soldiers.

    Granted great power, this tribe of now warrior women, called the Auricans began a bloody rebellion, seeking to overthrow the cruelty of their masters, after almost twenty years of fighting, the war was over and the Empire was broken, it's people scattered and destroyed, it's capital city Zagan, in the anger of the goddess began to sink in a lake of molten metal, a gesture of irony and scorn considering what the wealth and power of the Empire was based upon.

    Before the end however, the Iron King had brought forth his wise men, his Magi, and had them use their magics to create powerful and horrible monsters, knowing his defeat was certain, he was at least determined to gain revenge, using the magic to hide these creatures from the sight of the goddess, the monsters were hidden away.

    Ten years later, they awoke, and began savaging and slaughtering the people of the Auricans, in what was known as the Night of Terrors, despite the loss of life, the twisted and tortured abominations were hunted down and slain.

    All except one

    The most powerful and feared of them all, and the most curious, one monster kept away from the people of the Auricans, it prowled one of the abandoned Ferrite cities, and only attacked if it's territory was intruded on, and displayed signs of intelligence...


    Okay so like, this is a sort of combination of beauty of the beast, amazoness warriors, empires, magic, and more, it comes with detailed information on the culture and nature of the Auricans, a map, setting information and more, I really want to do this one, I came up with it for a roleplay and just when it started my partner vanished without a word so...

    Limbo (open)

    The mage Avitus seeks to create easy and safe magical transportation for people to use, envisioning many ways to make the world a better place, he does this despite the advise and warnings of his fellow magi, who tell him that such a thing is dangerous and better off left alone.

    Ignoring their warnings, he learns all too late that they had good reason for them, a terrible accident occurs, a blinding flash as a magical explosion detonates in his workshop, and before he knows he's transformed into pure energy, lost in a terrible void of seething chaotic magic for an indefinite period of time, it could be a few days, weeks or months...or centuries.

    When the young man manages to escape this place, he finds himself in a land completely different and isolated from his own, and encounters a beautiful woman with nine fox tails and ears, who has problems of her own, and he offers to help.



    Yes, it is Ahri from league of legends, no it is not in the same setting as league of legends, she doesn't even have to have the same name, I've had two, two people dump me on this, another one I'd really like to do with someone dedicated.

    Doesn't come with a map, but will if someone is interested

    War Never Changes (open)

    A stranger walks into town, weathered and weary, filthy and covered in dirt from the road...but with an aura of poise, grace, and power that belies his seemingly uncouth appearance, when the frontier town is attacked by raiders, it is all narrowly saved by the ranger, with naught by a pistol at his side and a lot of raw talent...

    Then his reasons for coming are made clear, he's seeking skilled and brave individuals to aid him for something, a desire to create a world in the post-fallout America of true justice, equality, stability, and safety for people, a desire to reforge the world, it turns out that not only is he good with a gun, but quite brilliant as well...and seeking other skilled and intelligent people to help him.


    This is probably the least developed of my plots, I just came up with it recently due to my new Fallout New Vegas addiction, I really want to do a story based on the Fallout setting though

    Nocturne of Solace (open)
    The daughter of a wealthy family is dying from a disease no medicine, healer, or magic can seem to heal, in desperation the father takes his daughter to the reclusive nobleman living in a castle, the lord of the town, who almost never shows his face.

    He has heard rumors that this man is in fact, one of the Nightwalkers, and could potentially save her life...but what price will he demand?


    Okay I lied, this is the least developed of the plots, basically Vampire x Newly Turned Vampire, give it a whirl if you're interested

    That's it! That's all I got! This is what I'm really looking for
  2. Beauty and the Beast & Nocturne of Solace are the two that really interest me.
    I do warn, my time is starting to dwindle, but I've never left an RP I've started, especially a one on one. So, if you have patience with me, I'll work out my charries and chat with you further on ideas, and we can go from there.

    I think, if you want, I can work both. I'm about to remove myself from a few Group RPs that are just not moving, and I'm irritated in attempting to keep them alive for the absent GMs. So, space will be available for two RPs. However, I do own my own business (which is why I'm on practically 24/7), but is also why my time can be limited at times.
  3. Well so long as its not delays of weeks or more I don't see a problem
  4. I'm interested in Nocturne of Solace as well as Warn Never Changes. I have interesting ideas for both :)
  5. Do PM me about War Never Changes
  6. @Hunter of Shadows

    Nah, I'm good at informing people of anything significant that slows me down. So, I guess I'll PM you my charries... Which RP do you prefer to work on, or are you leaning towards both?
  7. Beauty and the Beast, definitely
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  8. The only one that peeked my fancies greatly was Beauty and the Beast, but you already have a partner for it.
  9. :(
  10. Aw, I really like the War Never changes, Beauty and the Beast, and the Nocturne of Solace.
  11. Nocturne is still open
  12. Did you have a birthday? If so, happy belated birthday! Um... What's still open, friend?
  13. Um, I guess only Limbo, sorry >_<
  14. Hmmm. Damn. Someone beat me to Beauty and the Beast... I have been itching to do something like that for quite some time. I would be willing to try the one that you have left open if you would like. :) You may have to carry the story at first because I kinda suck when it comes to things that are sci-fi related at times.
  15. Limbo is fantasy
  16. My apologies.
  17. Send a PM
  18. I'm quite interested in the beauty and the beast one if its still available.
  19. Still looking for a partner for Limbo
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