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  1. Hey! You can call me Mythy, and I am looking for a rather Active partner or two to do a 1x1 with. I am rather open for plots, knowing rather few Fandoms but willing to work something out. I especially enjoy Fantasy and Sci-Fi, but modern and realistic times are also open. I like adventure stories, but can also do slice-of-life

    My preferred rules
    • I prefer sex not overwhelm the plot. I also prefer the pair be in a relationship, not just one-night stands or such.
    • I am not a particularly kinky person, but am willing to try some things with some hard limits I can tell if asked.
    • I am active close to the whole day (MST) and can respond quickly many times, so I prefer a partner who can do several to many posts a day, but can work with less.
    • I usually write shorter, less verbose posts, but can push myself. I prefer that my partner be able to write a short paragraph at the least, with room for one-liners if necessary.
    • I am willing to GM the NPCs, or allow my partner to do so, but the plot and world will be built by the both of us.
    • I like to play a single character, with my partner also playing a single character

    And with that, I'll take my leave. Feel free to post here with a plot you'd like, or PM me. Planning will take place via PM.
  2. Um, if you're looking for a libertine roleplay I think you're in the wrong section 0_o
  3. I dunno. Rather new here. Apologies.
  4. It's fine, I made a similar mistake when I joined
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  5. Yup! Any story where sex is going to be a main theme of the story belongs in the Libertine Interest Check. :D I've moved it there for you. Happy hunting!
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