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  1. I haven't yet done any kind of mature roleplays on a public site, so I'm still a little on edge about it XD
    But I've been part of a few 'spicy' ones over the years and I'm willing to try it out on this site.

    As mentioned in the title, I'm looking for people who are willing to play a guy character. I have nothing against FxF pairings, but they're just less interesting to me and I'll likely not keep up for a very long time. And I fail at playing guys so that kind of limits the options.

    I'm open to quite a lot, from sweet and simple, to more explicit and rough and anything in between.
    In terms of how detailed I would like the mature scenes to be, well I don't mind fading to black, same as that I don't mind writing out how my character would give an in detailed blow job.

    I would like it if there is also a bit of a story to back up the other scenes. Only explicit stuff can be boring after a while.

    Here is a list of 'races' that I definitely like, but you are welcome to bring forth what you might like.
    Humans with magical abilities

    Captor/captive situations or Master/servant settings are liked, but not necessary.

    The only fandom I've been a fan of doing is of the Marvel Universe
    Tony x Pepper (Pepperoni)
    Loki x Pepper (FrostSpice)
    Loki x Tony x Pepper (Froz3nPizza) (but this might be nicer with three people)

    I do not like roommates, (step)brother/sister, or any form of relatives, not a fan of teacher/student pairings and furry types.

    If you have an idea, or would like to create an idea with me, just comment here, or send me a PM, either way is fine :)
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  2. Hey! I wouldn't mind doing a Demon or Angel themed one! ^^ What sort of plots did you have in mind?
  3. Well, for an Angel and/or Demon themed RP I didn't quite have an idea yet. It could be something like one character was captured for whatever reason and brought to be a slave or so in the other person's household.

    But aside from that, like if they're both of the same race, I don't quite know yet, as I haven't done a theme like this much before hehe.
    What kind of ideas do you have?
  4. Hmm~ I like the idea of a character being captured and brought to be a slave, like maybe the family had a feud or one is a more richer than the other so as payment, one of the charcters are captured to work for the other. This could work for an Angel/Demon, Angel/Human, Demon/Human, or something like that!

    Maybe this will be easier xD

    These are some possible ideas I have for each pairing:


    -Either one of the races could owe the other in some sort of manner, causing the other race to either willingly or unwillingly become a slave to the other.
    -One of the races is captured in the middle of an ongoing war with the other and is used as a slave or as a ransom.
    -An Angel is trapped in the Demon Realm and is either helped or not helped by a Demon, another idea could be the opposite.


    -The Angel is either wrongfully banished from his/her world and is sent to the world of the Humans, where she/he meets and is helped by a Human. The Angel's culture depits Humans as primitave, violent creatures, which could cause some character building in between the two.
    -An Angel is sent to protect a Human, which was decided when the Human was born but the Angel is only allowed to show themselves once the Human reaches a certain age.
    -A Human is sent or captured to become the slave of an Angel.
    -An Angel is captured and becomes the slave to a Human.


    -Pretty much the same ideas as the AngelxHuman one.
  5. Having one of the two races be taken captive during an ongoing war definitely sounds like an interesting concept, maybe intended to be kept as ransom, but the other side doesn't care enough about the loss of that person to pay up for it.

    Letting an angel or a demon be captured by a human could work, but they'd need one hell of a way to keep such a creature captive then.
    The other way around could work too though, having the human be captured?
  6. Yes! Okay so the races idea is a definite possibility? ^^

    And yeah...maybe the Angel or Demon being captured wouldn't work out too well, unless their powers and strength are weakened somehow....but the Human being captured could definitely work!
  7. Yup, do you have a preference for either one? I don't mind either version.
    If you'd be interested in the two races where one gets captured, I would't mind playing a demon female captured and brought to the other's household, but if you have a strong preference for something we could go by that too.
  8. I could go with the two races! ^^
  9. Okay, so how would you like to go about it from this point?
  10. I'll PM you! ^^
  11. I'm still open to more roleplays of the like, just react here, or send a PM if you want.
    I know the list is very limited, but that doesn't mean I'm not open to more.
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