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  1. Hey guys! So I am looking to get into a few roleplays! I'm down to roleplay MxM or FxM and had a couple ideas I wanted to put down so I could get this party started! Let me know if any of these ideas sound good to you! I am open to new ideas as well as suggestions on how to change my ideas around to fit your own! Oh and I normally like to do Romance related roleplays, however, I'm open to pretty much any genre except Furries. I don't do anthropomorphic furry roleplay. I'm cool also with doing Libertine if we need to! Who doesn't like roleplaying about that stuff every once in a while, am I right?

    Idea 1:
    MxM or FxM- An intelligent transfer student from a different country meets the resident troublemaker and starts finding out that life has a lot more to it than just books. Especially when it comes to love. (Can add a supernatural element if you'd like. I'm totally cool with that)

    Idea 2:
    FxM or MxM- The Male has a curse on him. His curse? The ability to shape shift. How is this a curse exactly? Well, he tends to shape shift only when aroused. He is unable to shift at any other time and because of this curse, he has found it hard to be in any kind of relationship. However, there is one person in his college class that seems to null and void his curse when touched. Intrigued, this guy starts getting curious and starts wanting to become closer to this person, yearning for the touch of another human being without the fear of shape shifting. (Kind of vague, I know. If your interested in this concept, let me know and I'll try to explain it in a more clear way)

    Idea 3 -
    FxM or MxM - The son and heir to a multi million dollar company, he thought he had everything going for him. He figured that everything in his life would be delivered to him on a silver platter. However, when he meets someone he takes an interest to and that person doesn't take an interest in him, he is eager to win this person's heart over, no matter what it takes.

    Idea 4 -
    FxM or MxM - This kind of love is forbidden, especially between professor and student. However, this student can't help but take a liking to his professor. The professor starts to notice subtle hints the student is dropping that the student likes the professor, but will the professor risk their job for this chance at love or will the professor reject the student completely in order to keep their job? (Cliche, I know, but I kind of have a craving to Roleplay it so I put it on here!)

    So here are my ideas! PM me if you like any of these ideas at all! Like I said, I'm open to just about anything and that includes switching these ideas around to fit your fancy! I look forward to hearing from you! You may reply to this thread or message me if your interested.

  2. I like idea 2 and 3 so which ever you prefer. :)
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