[Mxf or Mxm] Looking for some Advanced long term partners!!

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  1. Yo. Sav here.
    Hey, the name's Sav. I'm a student of the full-time variety, so that means I'm busier during the weekdays than I am on the weekends. During the week, one can expect 2-3 posts per day. If I won't be able to post, I'll do my best to inform you. I expect at least one post per day from my partner under normal circumstances, if you're unable to do that, we can talk about it in a PM.

    When I say advanced, I mean it.

    No less than 3 paragraphs, a decent grasp of grammar, able to play multiple characters, and be able to move the plot along. If you're an intermediate but interested, send me a post sample.
    -Watches you all click the back button in your browser.-

    On to le plots.
    As far as pairings are concerned, I do Mxf and Mxm. I have bad experiences with partners giving me shitty, cry baby female characters so you're going to have to do some serious convincing if you want to play the female. For mxm, I don't do the whole Dom/Sub thing--that's ridiculous. No strict top or bottom, no massive age gaps--just ew.

    Just a note, for variation 1 of my plot idea, the MxM relationship would NOT be romantic, strictly platonic. There's room for romance occurring with other character, but it wouldn't be between our two main males. You'll see why soon enough.

    [Platonic MxM] [Genres: Psychological, crime, horror, thriller] Variation 1:

    There's a seasoned serial killer-- one that has the appearance of a small child (I have a legitimate scientific explanation for this. A tumor on his pituitary gland has permanently stunted his growth and affected his hormones. Boom. Science.) and the blossoming serial killer is a married man. The blossoming killer lives a pretty normal life, acts like a normal guy.

    He and his wife get through some marital issues and have finally decided to adopt a child, they end up adopting the seasoned serial killer--he likes to pass himself off as a child and then tear families apart. The season serial killer is in the midst of ruining this family when the father discovers who he really is, and accepts him for it. The seasoned serial killer, seeing an opportunity for friendship, spares the husband but he wants proof of loyalty so the blossoming serial killer has to help him destroy his wife.

    So, essentially, two psychos find each other and decide to become buddies. Buddy 1 wants a freindship braclet and buddy 2 gives it to him in the form of his wife's (or husband's) mental and eventual physical destruction.

    It'd be an interesting dynamic because the seasoned one of the two looks like a little boy, and he's teaching the older guy everything he knows. Lmao.

    We could make it extra interesting by making the blossoming serial killer a cop or FBI agent of some kind? And he has darkness inside of him, but the boy (MC) has to tap into it first?

    The blossoming serial killer doesn't have to be married to a woman.

    Their relationship would be platonic--though I could see them being enemies at first.

    ^,^ I luv this idea so much, so please. If you have any questions or uncertainties, lay 'em on me. The plot would eventually get really complex, because once they turn on the blossoming serial killer's spouse, things will get super ugly. She's gonna figure out that they're both insane and kick up a fuss.
    [Romantic (?) Mxf] [Genres: Psychological, crime, horror, thriller] Variation 2: The idea is based loosely off the horror/thriller movie, Orphan. If you haven't seen it, no worries. Just know that the 'Child' they adopt isn't actually a child, but a 20-something year old man with pituitary gland issues that cause him to look like a prepubescent child.

    Our characters A and B are married. It's a sucky marriage, they both have issues but when our RP begins, they manage to overcome their problems and decide to mark the success with adopting a child. They adopt the kid, and for a short period of time everything is great. Their kid is normal and their relationship has consisted of nothing but smooth sailing. A week later and it all goes to hell. The kid manipulates the parents and begins tearing them apart. He sets them against each other--the 'kid', who I shall now aptly regard as the psychotic killer, has a thing for ruining marriages and then killing the man and wife once everything has fallen apart.

    Here's where things get interesting for our characters, depending on the choices we make determines the direction of the plot.

    If they work together, try to put aside their differences and get the kid out of their life--they might survive this. But the longer it takes for them to work together the worse things will be for them.

    Just a note, they won't be able to just drop the 'kid' back off at the orphanage (That would kind of kill the plot, no?) maybe the 'kid' does something revenge worthy and now our characters want to get even. Reveal the psycho for what he is (i.e things get dragged into the legal system, police and etc. get involved.) but even that will prove to be a challenge.

    I think the plot has the potential to be absolutely great, with an endless amount of room for character development. I'm not going to go too far into detail, just incase you absolutely hate this idea, but yeah. There it is.

    Interested? Confused? Questions? Let me know.

    Feel free to comment below or send me a PM.​
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