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Hello lovelies~ :) Marcy here and I have a plot in mind! But before I will set down some rules!
-Be nice, I am a very sensitive person.. I can joke around but please don't be mean..
-No one liners, if you can't figure out anything to say then tell me and we can figure something out.
-Have fun! Please have fun :) I would like you to enjoy the role-play!
-And lastly tell me if you want to drop it, don't leave me hanging. I know I did that in the past but I am getting better now that I'm not busy!

How I like my partners!
I like them like I like my pizza guys ;) Always on time~
Just kidding :)
-BUT I would like you to be speed of light or a couple posts a day
-Going back to my rules, I like them nice!
-I need a DOM male or an in between female (Meaning both sub and dom)
-I need someone who isn't passive, I'm a very passive roleplayer :) Unless I'm really in the role-play which is rare!

How I like my partners characters!
This is up to you but~ this is how I like my partners characters~
Men: Tall (6'-taller), in between muscular and pudgy (No skinny, boney guys)
Woman: Average-tall (5'6-5'9), big chest size, curvy, and long hair!

The suicidal love
YC has recently moved into a new neighborhood, better yet a new town! But your character needed change, not only because YC's old school bullied her to the point of almost suicide but that your character had just recently came out as a boy. YC has always felt like a boy even though YC was a girl at birth.

Though she/he is now male she/he never took a liking to girls but to boys and now being a boy as well she/he is scared they'd never find love and that is when MC shows up. MC is a short, hot tempered, meany but he means well. MC never had a good home life, from his mother leaving all the time to his father kicking him out and beating him. Will your character help him and will mine look past your gender choice or will these two boys never cross paths?

Now if you have any other ideas or would like figure something else out with me that would be great too :)
I love all genres as long as the plot is interesting! So PM me or comment to this threat !! Thanks guys, bye~
Not open for further replies.