mxf online relationship rp

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  1. This request will probably seem boring to most. I’m not even sure about it myself, because it’ll take a certain kind of partner to really make this what it could be because it’s sort of a ‘slice of life’ rp.

    I want to go through the character development and growing relationship of a young man and woman…but it’s all online. They’re states, possibly an ocean apart. See what I’m saying about this being boring to most people? It’s going to be conversation based at first, until they decide to meet. You’ll write your characters relations, what they’re doing on their side of the world, and what he says online.

    Depending on their personalities, they could have met on any kind of site. We’ll talk about that when we get started. :) Also, I’m looking for somebody 18+.

    If you’re interested just write on here or send me a pm!
  2. I would love to be boring with you.
  3. Thanks for the interest but I just started another rp and don't want to take more on than I can handle. If something changes I'll let you know. Thanks again :)