mxf mature or normal rps (males hopefully)

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  1. hi everyone I'm looking for anyone who is willing to rp with me... I mostly play females I'm not into playing males much unless I have too. Hit me up with any ideas you have in mind and I'll throw in mine if I have anything. Anyways, I do have a couple of ideas:

    1) A boy/girl is transfered too a school while another boy/girl gets bullied constantly by other students, but what no one didn't know is that this boy/girl is a hybrid (whatever kind of hybrid we want). When the two meet, they eventually become friends maybe even more

    2) a war is going on between two clans. boy/girl meets off with another boy/girl and a huge fight breaks out between the two, that is until a mysterious circle fourms around the two forcing them to be teleported off too somewhere unknown and are forced to fight side by side. who knows maybe they could put aside their differences and fight along side each other, somehow become friends maybe even lovers.

    3) an appocolypse... some form of disease has turned many of the people into the walking dead. There are only a few people left to survive alone yet will have to find each other and create their safe zone. They must learn to work together or die trying to save each other. Who knows what will happen in this crazy world

    4) on another planet, a lone hybrid boy/girl is fleeing as her spieces has been eliminated other than herself. He/she must find another planet to escape too while over time fighting these demons who are trying to make her kind go extinct. He/she must find his/herself a new mate and hopfully fall in lover with him/her in the prosses as well as someway to protect each other as he/she is running.

    at the moment thats all I got... also I do try too post quite a bit as long as someone has something too post as well. If they aint long posts then its fine too. At least a few long scentences unless you cant think of anything. If we can't think of something too post then we can just move on in the rp
  2. Interested in number 2!
  3. Alright then lets descuss this in pm
  4. I'd be up for number 1 . drop me a pm if you want
  5. I'm interested in number one :)
  6. I like 1 2 4 pm me if ya like.
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Not open for further replies.