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  1. Mad scientist/ Doctor. I want this to go for long term and to be very much in detail with each scene as it can go.
    My idea- A small town doctor is picked among many other doctors to explore and co-work with scientist in a laboratory located in area 51. It is the damn near close to the basement of the 21 levels of the building, heavy security and 24 hour watch with limited access codes and clearance. The government has something newly found hidden down there that has a pulse and resemble something human. Of course the main reason for this creature being put in a high security location and kept secret from the public let alone some guards, is because it is unknown. What little they have been able to collect from visible over looks isn’t enough. They want more knowledge about the creature, they were able to determine a few things in detail before the doctors and other personnel were able to gain access.
    This doctor will be working with a team of 48 38 of which are female. With that being said, the rules to apply with the rp. I will be playing mainly three of the 38 female doctors and the main female character when the time calls for it. There are rules to entering June’s chamber.
    1. Always decontaminate before entering and leaving chamber
    2. Always take Five armed guards with teams of 4 doctors and 4 scientist
    3. Never attempt to remove restraints
    4. Never go inside alone
    5. Never touch patient without announcing where and when for example (Touching hand now.)
    6. Never leave sharp objects inside and be sure to fully re-drug when moving patient from one room or spot to another and before entering and leaving.
    Name: Unknown
    Code name: June Patient 11
    Sex: Female
    Age: Appears Young adult around 20
    Blood type: Unknown
    Race: Unknown
    Height: 5’0
    Weight: Appears around 100 lbs or less
    Speech: Undetermined hasn’t communicated
    Diet: Has not eaten for 8 days
    Hair color: Black
    Eye color: Lime green
    Hair length: waist length
    Precaution level: 9 undetermined reasons for outburst of sudden needs or fits of rage. At least Five personnel at a time with restraints placed upon patient.
    Danger level: 10 has killed 6 members of guards.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.