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  1. I am looking for a few more role play partners since I opened up my free time quite a bit, even if I have school and work. This is why I am opening up another search and trying to find people who would like to create stories with me. I am at constant times during the day, so my posts come a little frequently throughout the day.

    What I look for in a partner is descriptive writing, since I want to open up my mind a little more. Since I am going to school to become an English major, I need someone that will help me expand my writing and creative mind. Someone who has the ability to write about three to four paragraphs a post.

    I do not think I am asking for too much.

    Anyway, I will go ahead and disclose the fandoms and pairings I am willing to do as of the moment.

    Pairings listed are who I typically want paired against. Doubling is fantastic as well, so I will play any character you wish your character to be paired with.
    I love original character and canon pairings, but I will list actual pairings that I want to give a try.

    Twisted Disney/Fairy tales/Once Upon a Time
    Peter Pan x Tiger Lily
    Hook x Wendy
    Alice x Mad Hatter
    Jasmine x Jafar

    OC x Steve Rogers
    OC x Thor
    OC x Loki
    Black Widow x Hawkeye

    OC x Batman
    OC x Joker
    Joker x Harley Quinn
    Batman x Catwoman
    Riddler x Poison Ivy

    Pirates of the Caribbean
    OC x Jack Sparrow
    OC x James Norrington
    OC x Will Turner
    OC x Cutler Beckett
    Elizabeth Swan x James Norrington

    Lord of the Rings
    OC x Haldir
    OC x Aragorn
    OC x Legolas

    Fruits Basket (Next Generation)
    OC x Hatsuharu

    Ouran High School Host Club
    OC x Tamaki
    OC x Kyoya

    OC x Sesshomaru

    If a role is underlined, I would love to be that role. Doubling is highly possible with these, since you can mix certain pairings together. If it isn't underlined, I want to play either role.

    Pirate x Gypsy
    Pirate x Mermaid
    King x Queen's Lady
    Queen x Mercenary
    Demon x Hunter
    Space Pirate x Bounty Hunter
    Space Captain x Scientist
    Arabian Princess x King of Thieves
    Hacker x Agent
    Female Crime Boss x Bodyguard

    Feel free to suggest because I know I forgot something. Post here if interested!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.