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  1. I've been wanting to do this idea for awhile now. There is a very eligible village girl who is supposed to marry the village hero, however before her wedding day she is captured and taken prisoner by a very powerful warlock.

    I'm looking for someone to play both the hero and the warlock. You can make your own characters to fit the role, we can even modify it to be in a modern setting if you like, I'm totally fine with that.

    I do have a few requests before you apply.

    I'm looking for someone who is considered very active. I like to consider myself very active, I'm able to post multiple times a day and I'd like someone who is able to do the same. I know we all have lives outside of Iwaku, but please be willing to send me a PM saying you'll be absent or something along those lines. If you're inactive for over a week with no word, just poof, I'll have to drop the RP and find someone else. :c

    I'm also looking for someone at least semi-lit. This means a minimum of two paragraphs or at least enough content that there could be two paragraphs. I know we all get writer's block, but one line after one line won't cut it for me.

    There will be smut. Smutty smut smut. :3 There will also be a storyline, just as an fyi.

    If you're still interested after all that post here or PM me. c:
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  2. Thanks to everyone who responded, but I found someone to do this plot with. ^_^

    Normally I wouldn't mind doing multiple threads with other people but as my RP card is pretty full right now I can't.

    Again, Thanks!
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