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  1. It's been a while since I've been truly active, but I thought I'd give it a go again. Sorry for the large amount of information before reaching the actual ideas. These are just some important things for me to be able to enjoy the RP too :)

    Basic information on me before hand:
    Writing level: Between Intermediate and Advanced.
    Average amount of paragraphs per post per character: 4
    Minimum amount of paragraphs per post per character: 2
    Maximum amount of paragraphs per post per character: 7
    Medium: PM

    I write past tense, third person perspective only.

    I can double, playing both male and female characters, or solely play female characters.

    I tend to play more submissive characters, or the underdog of a situation unless otherwise mentioned in a plot.

    What I ask of you:
    I expect of you to be of similar level and intent on writing a similar amount of paragraphs. If for you two are the average, then two we shall write, if for you five are the average than around five we shall write.
    Do not give me posts full of fluff, and I will treat you with the same respect.
    I request of you to carry a similar amount of weight of the story. Sometimes the balances might shift due to the particular situation that is happening, but on average it should be equally divided.
    Pushovers and guys with little to no backbone make me lose interest in a RP quickly.
    Character ages (or age appearance) is preferably above the age of 20.

    That should be all the needs/requirement. Also important:

    Libertine subjects: Smut can happen, some plots have a high potential for it, but are not necessary requirements. Nudity (forced or willing), same principles. I can write either euphemisms, or expand into full exact detailing depending on your preferences.

    Violence: No limit, both emotionally and physically. Just not too much.

    Now for the ideas.

    A girl is brought to a (ruthless) vampire's mansion to be his servant girl.
    If doubling, she could learn the ropes from another servant girl, while the vampire's best friend is also a vampire that drops by a lot.
    Preferably have it that biting does not turn you, instead vampires are born and/or require magic or special ritual to turn.
    My character: Will not easily break into submission, giving the vampire a bit more resistance.

    An arranged marriage is made to align two countries, only the couple that is to marry have no interest in each other.
    Important note: Soft or nerdy guys don't really work for me. He doesn't have to be mister macho, but it would be preferable if he had some backbone and/or fighting knowledge or experience.
    My character: Unhappy about the arrangement, not a submissive character, headstrong, but has been taught to do as she is told.

    Pirate captain and a stowaway or captive. In case of the captive the reasons for the capture can be discussed via PM.

    This is so far is what I've come up with that I'd be interested in doing. I know it isn't a lot, but I'm out of ideas for more unfortunately.
    If anything changes or inspires me, I'll let you know.

    If you're interested, either send me a PM or mention here what you'd be interested in.

    The only fandom I really do lately is Sailor Moon, but I don't want to turn that into a libertine thing. If you'd be interested in a Sailor Moon based fandom 1x1, let me know as well and maybe we can work something out.
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  2. I'm still looking for people to write with. So if you are interested, just leave a note or send me a PM :)
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