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Will you be a long term partner of mine?

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  1. What I expect and what to expect

    Writing these are so bothersome, and repetitive. So I'll keep it short.

    »Try your best with grammar and spelling. We're not perfect.

    »At least one paragraph per post.

    »Reply at least twice a week. And tell me if you can't roleplay for a while, I hate when people ditch for weeks without a word.

    »I primarily play female. But I can do male.

    »I am only an aggressive roleplayer if you want me to be.

    »And like the title says. MxF only.

    »I make my character for the particular roleplay when we have it all figured out. It'd be cool if you make a new character for it too.

    »I don't expect fancy Cs and post like this one.

    »Faceclaims for roleplays would be nice. I do both anime and realistic. Your pick.

    »Let's be kind to each other.

    »I'd like it if we could be more roleplays than one often.


    ♥Slice of Life ♥

    Single parent x Single Parent

    Teacher x Teacher

    Bully x New kid

    Cop x Cop

    Handicap x Popular

    Socially awkward/Shy x Popular

    Rich guy/girl x Poor girl/guy

    Physiologically disturbed x Physiologically disturbed

    Physiologically disturbed x Normal

    Rising celebrity x Fan

    Celebrity x Country girl/guy

    Celebrity x Celebrity

    Student x Secret Admirer

    Popular x Nerd

    Playboy x Good Girl

    Playgirl x Good boy

    Matchmaker(cupid) x Client

    Work Colleagues


    Arranged Marriage

    Faked Relationship


    Insomniac Necromancer x Normal

    Princess x Prince

    Prince(ss) x Guard

    Knight x Royal

    Knight x Thief

    Mermaid x Human

    Faerie x human

    Hunter x Supernatural

    Person from another dimension x Modern\average dimension person

    Future person x Past/modern person

    Werewolf x Human

    Werewolf x Supernatural

    Vampire x Faerie

    Vampire x Supernatural

    Vampire x Supernatural

    Superhero x Superhero

    Wild girl/boy x Royalty/Noble

    Butler x Upperclass Maiden

    Maid x Prince


    Fairytale character x Fairytale character

    Fairytale character x OC

    I can do more than just these. I just haven't remembered them all. I can do what you have in mind depending on my interest. And I can combine pairing ideas and genres if you want. In the meantime, please select so we can discuss the roleplay. If you have any questions, please ask.

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  2. Hi, I think that I've replied to one of your threads before, but I'm not sure I got a reply back. Tha, or it got lost in time. I'm quite interested, and persistent!
  3. @LeRagester Oh, yes! I remember, I replied but you never replied so I thought you weren't feeling it anymore. But I'd be happy to talk over a roleplay with you!
  4. I'd love to rp with you if your interested :)
  5. Hm, I might have an idea for these. If you'd like to talk let me know.

    Physiologically disturbed x Normal

    Celebrity x Country
  6. @Andy Just shoot me a PM :D

    @Persona Okay, just send me a pm to discuss.
  7. superhero and superhero
  8. Hello! I am extremely interested in this! You have so many to choose from, it's hard to pick! So, if you're interested in me as a partner, please respond to this post or PM me! :D
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  9. Hello there! Do you possibly have other fandoms you're interested in? :)
  10. @Rory

    Yes, I have a lot of fandoms actually. But I don't roleplay fandoms very often.
  11. Well out of your pairings, I liked

    Play boy x Good girl
    Werewolf x supernatural/human
    Vampire x supernatural
  12. I'm glad you found a little list that you like. Just pm me and we can talk business.
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  13. Interested as well! I might have an idea or two as well!
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  14. Please do send me a then!