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    Hey... Er, yeah, I'm doing this again.
    I'll be quick, I'll try not to bore you guys as fast. Okay, my name's Thomaz, I'm 24 years old, I was born in Brazil, no I don't like football, I love music, specially piano, I do love me some art in general, digital painting, and blah blah blah, insert stuff that you probably don't care about here. Thing is, I'm quite the "experienced" roleplayer, outside of this forum, I've played pretty much every genre imaginable, you name it, I've done it. Now, there is one that I've never done before, and well... It is one I'm curious to try out. The so "infamous", the downtown of roleplay forums, the so adored and hated: "Libertine".

    Now, when coming down to business, I'm quite the sensitive type myself, I do love me some romance. I'm not willing to do an erotic roleplay just for the hell of it-- that I just... No, it doesn't interest me at all. I'm all up for our characters already being in a well-established relationship, or... Well, whatever, really. I'm open for suggestions. I've seen many "slaves" and "masters", when looking around here, and I'm up for that sort of thing as well. Any setting is fine for me, really. My only actual requirement is: I play the male, and my partner will play the female. If the roleplayer itself is a female, that'd be... Preferable, I guess it's the word. I know I shouldn't care for this "meta", "out-of-character" sort of information, but... I don't know. I guess I'm still not open-minded enough just yet, I don't know. I'm sorry if I offended anyone with that. It's just my personal preference, that's all. Another small other requirement is roleplay skill. Sorry if I sound like a douche here, but I'll very rarely accept the famous "two-liners", as partners. It's just my style. Two, three, four well-written paragraphs, that sort of thing. That's how I roleplay. And I wanted someone that liked this "fashion" as well. I guess that's it.

    If you're interested at all, just post your suggestions here, maybe even character sheets(?), and eventually I'll PM you. Or if you wish to PM me, that's also fine.

    Now, can I think of some sort of pairings I'd be okay with? I guess... Mhm, I guess there is "Master ~ Slave", that's one.

    Tsc, woah, I really can't think of anything else. Yeah, I'll need suggestions for sure. Just try to keep the genders as I described and the race... Keep it human, maybe? You might convince me of the contrary, though I doubt it. Anything else... Anything... Oh! Yeah, I also won't do any sort of "submissive" sort of role. So, yeah, apart from those, I'm all ears. If anyone is interested at all, which I highly doubt. Well, as I said, suggestions, maybe CSs, PMs, all that good stuff.


  2. Hello, I have a few ideas if your still looking
  3. Hey, feel free to hit me up with whatever you got! I'm always open for ideas! ~
  4. I'd be willing to do Master/Slave.
    Thing is: I am not very experienced in this, but have been wanting to try for a while. Plus, I am not one to push plot forward, I am more of a reactor. But if you are okay with that, I am game.
  5. I'm a little low on idea's but I would love to rp with you ^-^ I have characters in my albums also I can create new one's
  6. I'm interested, little low on ideas though but we can brainstorm stuff.
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  7. Oh, mother of Christ, I completely forgot to check back on this. If any of you are still interested, I'd recommend PMing me. It's become my slogan by now, but as I said before: "I'm always up for some brainstorming!". Though, my schedule may be a bit... Complicated, so I won't really promise you anything, but yeah, I'm always up for suggestions and all that good stuff, so... Ye, just hit me up. >.,.<
  8. If you are still looking I'm open. Let me know. =]
  9. Still looking? I love long posts lol
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