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  1. I am in a fantasy mood, and have been for quite a while. So anything that is fantasy based, I am game.

    Things I am Interested In:
    Dragons/Dragon Riders
    Greek/Roman Mythology

    While I can play male characters, I seem to always get stuck playing the male character, which means I haven't been able to role play a female character in quite a while. And honestly, I really want to. So, unfortunately, I am only looking for partners willing to play the male character.

    As for posting, I prefer at least a paragraph. Most of the time I will post a paragraph or two. On the rare occasion I can post more, depending on how great my muse is. I only expect equal quality, meaning whatever I put out, I only expect you to put out something of equal enthusiasm and effort. If you can do more, wonderful and I will always push myself to expand my abilities and will always be willing to accommodate.

    Pairings That Tickle My Fancy:

    Elf Prince x Elf Warrior

    Elf x Dragon Rider

    Dragon Rider x Dragon Rider (Please because I want to play a dragon so bad! haha)

    Fae x Fae

    Greek/Roman God x Human

    Greek/Roman Goddess x Human

    Please let me know if you are interested in any of these pairings, or have any pairings you think I would be interested in. I would like to develop the plot and world with my partner. Especially the plot lines concerning the Elves and the Dragon Riders, because I believe it would be awesome to create the worlds that those would be based in.
  2. I'll play with you
  3. Awesome! What were you most interested in? Or did you have something in mind that I might be interested in?
  4. I can imagine to make something work for all of these. Not used to fae or dragon stuff, but I don't mind getting accustomed to it! :)
  5. Great! Send me a message with what you're most interested in, and we'll get started!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.