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Basic Plot Rundown
  • I'd roughly say this is a mixture of Post-Apocalypse and fantasy.
  • Set roughly a century from modern human society, when the battle between Heaven and Hell began.
  • Think Fallout but instead of nuclear war, it's Angels and Demons having a multi-dimensional pissing match.
  • Though Earth is a favorite battleground for the Divine and the Damned to fight, humans have managed to remain alive and in some places even thrive.
    • Usual methods for surviving; scavenging, bargaining and of course raiding or all out fighting for resources.
    • Different gangs/clans/tribes/communities exist and so have their own politics and even feuds between them.
  • The most sought after commodity in the world of the surviving humans; Angel weapons. Though Angel's leave humans completely alone, Demons love to reek havoc on any human settlement they find. Merely possessing Angel weapons will keep Demons away.
  • That is just their weapons, imagine what a live Angel could do...
In Character Info

Almost a century ago the final battle between Heaven and Hell began. Humanity has been pushed to the brink and uses any means necessary to continue its survival. Technology and magic are used in tandem. However, regular human magic is not enough in some cases to protect against the bands of Demons that plague the lands. The only way to fight, kill and even ward off such vicious attacks is with an Angelic weapon.

So when a group of scavengers/raiders stumble upon the sight of a recent battle between Angels and Demons, they do not waste time combing the battlefield to take discarded Angel weapons for their own. What a find they had! Imagine all the money the could make and precious commodities they could trade for with such weapons and still have enough to defend themselves!

As the group move among the dead, they find something even they could not have dreamed of seeing.


Well, a barely alive Angel, but she still breathes! Beside her bloodied hand is her sword. There are legends, rumors that a mortal man could enslave an Angel too him if he takes that Angels sword and stabs it into one of the Angels wings with it. But that is all such talk was! Merely rumors and tall tales to tell around the campfire.

If it is true however, then the man who is the master of a Divine being would know no bounds! If it wasn't true, then that would make for a very angry Angel.

The window of such a momentous opportunity is closing. The Angels wounds are healing and it will be only a matter of time until she awakes and leaves without a glance at the puny mortals.

Do you take that chance?

Out of Character Info

THIS IS NOT A SMUT BASED ROLEPLAY! While I am looking for some kind of relationship to form between our two characters (mine the angel and your's the human), THIS IS NOT A SEX SLAVE TYPE ROLEPLAY!

I would like for there to be more plot and character development than porn. This is not a kinky partner request, this is a request to find a partner that will contribute equally to the story. Especially since currently I do not have an overall storyline planned, I need someone to brainstorm with so we can create a universe and story unique to us. A thrilling story that will grab hold of us and take us on a wild ride of emotions!

The human part is open to any kind of character archetype! The grayer his morality is, the better!

I hope that all made sense, I'm a little slow on brain energy today so if you're interested but have questions then please feel free to PM me them! Or if you're just interested! Also I will be asking for a writing sample, so have one at the ready!

Thank you for reading! ^_^

*The credit for the picture of my Angel character goes to Antarctic Spring on Deviantart! Check them out, they have amazing drawings!

For a sample of my own writing, please take a look at my roleplay resume :)
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