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    On the Dover coast a young woman in a military great coat exhales with a sigh. Her desk was plan and metal, there were folders and a mechanical fan, and a few bottles of spirits. Spinning her chair to face the window behind her, a large number of ships were gartering in the distance. Every so often a small flash, or a ripple of rockets were visible, artillery Launchers firing into France, the guns mighty booms, and the rockets frightening shrieks deafened by distance and insulation. Closing her eyes as if in thought, a small knock wraps at her door. "Report."

    With that a woman in NCO Blues of the UN forces, likely from Africa judging by her dark skin and hair, enters the room with a smart salute and heel snap."Lieutenant Colonel Ebner! The pilots are now at the base, all perpetrations are ready in the Flight Hangar, still awaiting delivery of the TSF's Ma'am!" Waiting for further orders, Lucia turns in her chair, returning the salute..she didn't care much for these formalities, she would end most of them in time.. "Very well, Just keep the Pilots there. I will attend to them shortly." As the woman pivots to leave, Lucia grabs the folders that were scattered about the desk.

    Pausing she reads her dispatch aloud once more. "To Lt Col Ebner L. DDR, NVA, We place the up most trust, faith, and expectations of you and the 336th Special Purpose Regiment, you have full authority in naming the elements of your unit as you see fit with in accordance of protocol and if the unit designation is not currently active, Unit control will be under the UN with national political oversight. We expect great things of you all in the name of humanity, signed-" Balling it up, she almost laughed at the fact it was clear the Polish Commanders name was hastily erased and her own placed in. It was all automated, as it always was. Never mind the sham of it all.

    Getting up from her seat, and throwing the files into her desk, she takes the curious transparent..well almost so electronic pad that was developed for the armed forces. It had all the data that wasn't at risk, for now she had to meet her troops. Her XO...whom honestly she felt a small bit of pity for was likely already there. With her ill fitting coat, that was given to her as quickly, suddenly, and as unkindly as this command, was in reflection a good fit.
    Exiting her office the young woman makes her way to the Hangar, there the XO seemed to have things in order.
    "Attention! Comrade Major on deck!" The one eyed..and one legged Russian shouts in the International language of English upon the Commanders arrival. Lucia already upon spotting her had made a note in her pad to request a prosthetic limb, if the Soviets wanted to be cheap or torture the girl, that was up to them, the UN was paying for this after all. Walking up a gantry that served as a make shift stage the Colonel returns the salute all that were there would automatically give. "At ease, we have no political Officers here." She says in a German attempt at humor.

    "I am, Lucia Ebner, Lt Colonel and commander of the 336th Regiment. We are a formation composed of Three battalions, in turn made up of 12 Squadrons of TSF's. Some of you may know our mission, some of you may not."
    Making a motion to her one eyed underling, the Soviet Major showcases a map by use of a remote, and a wall projector..unlike previous wars there was no harm in showing them the plan as it now stood. The BETA didn't talk to humans, there were no humans to pass information on to that could make use of it. On the newly made map, Lucia points to France, as the slide shifts. Normandy, France. "We are to land with two other units, and seek out and attack BETA forces, drawing attention away from Gibraltar and Pas de Calais as the first part of Operation Ironfront...the Liberation of Europe. In the wake of Operations in Korea, Eastern Siberia, and Central China, we are now shifting focus to Europe."

    Pausing for a bit, the shutter changes once more, showing a bleak, flat landscape, with little in way of forests, and only ruins of human civilization. "Europe will not be as some of you remember..the war is turning in our favor, but many of us will die here. I ask that you follow my orders, my commands, and trust one another, no matter where you are from, no matter who is watching you, we are comrades in arms. I do not expect you to be happy with this, and I do not care if you aren't. I will make it my mission to bring us all home no matter how many wolves dens we are thrown into, I ask you do the same." Noting the look from the Soviet pilot, it was as if she was bewildered by the sentimentality.

    "I Wish for you all to come up to me one at a time so I may speak candidly with you for unit assignment. Also get to know one another, you are members of the same unit. Once this is done we shall test out unit cohesion in the Simulators. I rather you die here, than out there. That is all." Giving a nod to her XO the Russian shuts the projector off. Standing next to the commander, the woman had discussed this prior, the pilots that were the most useful or needed the most watching would be assigned to the Units main Wing and Squadron, while the more incompetent ones would be held in wasn't that she was protecting them, just that more pilots that died in a given operation tended to have a domino effect, plus the would all be used in other operations, this group would be tasked with those of the most importance.

    As the pair of Women waited, they both were curious...who would take the first step...some of the fellow East Germans..the always Happy Americans? Someone else?

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  2. Marvus had arrived early in the morning at the base, he was still transported in by military transport, the military wasn't going to be the type to at least let him journey by himself not yet anyway, he would have much preferred to have a chance to ride a motorbike again but that would have to wait for a later time.

    Dover was never a quite place with the near constant bombardments into France or TSF's being launched to perform Culling Operations against larger beta masses building up deeper into Europe, to prevent a herd moving on Dover to attempt to take it over again.


    They were slowly collected in the hangar throughout the morning, most people seemed to be sticking to their clicks based on where they were from as well as the military branches they had come from, it seemed at least their may well be decent squad cohesion if people had served alongside each other before, but he did wonder how many of the youngsters were greenies, Marvus was the type of man whom had spent his days researching in as much detail as he could the weapons systems, he was deploying with any issues that were associated with them as well as their maximum range for guaranteed centre of mass kills on beta as well as the effects if you screwed up and pegged a friendly unit with one, he doubted many others would go in to so much detail and put to much onto their engineers.

    At some point later, their XO appeared, this was followed by a very strong soviet accent calling everyone to attention, this voice came from a rather wounded soldier, Marvus wondered why exactly would the soviets send such a wounded soldier.

    None the less Marvus, observed the XO, she appeared to have some sort of Soviet accent though he couldn't exactly predict the exact location though she seemed to be of a decent age and like anything accents change with time, especially with the displacement people had seen during the war against the beta.

    Their Operation was as expected an Invasion plan, that would explain why the Navy even decided to pull him out of teaching students under their very watchful eyes, their was no point in sitting high experienced meat back at home, especially when they had reputation and a cover up to maintain and of course such an operation always bring a risk of death, but any TSF pilot accepted that risk every time they deployed.

    It seemed the CO had already made some very good plans for deciding how everything would play out before deployment and at least they had a plan, Marvus wasn't one to let these reviews take all year, so decided he would take the first step.

    "Lance Sergeant, Tensdale, Ma'am, If I have permission to speak freely, we might as well get things rolling otherwise we will be here in'till the end of the year."
  3. As the Major stands watching silently, it didn't seem she was ready to make conversation, as Lucia scrolls through the mans file. Reading it once more, she wondered if there was a connection between the man's adopted daughter and his friends. She could partially understand his aid given the situation in the camps. Though it was curios..there were some notes not part of this file she was slipped by the KGB officer, she would likely discuss with him in private. Regardless he had survvied for a long time in the Tornado squadrons, so he had to have some skill.

    Reading on this daughter of his, details were scarce. Having half a mind to assign the man to the lesser teams, she pauses to reconsider. No..he was likely going to end up dead and the British likely offered some care package in regards to the girl..the English were more Civilized than the Soviets at least. "If we weren't in the middile of a war, and a couple of small issues, this daughter of yours would make a nice playmate for my two children. But I am sure we both know how times are." Overing a vield note of understanding, and taking note of his accomplishments she turns to the XO, deciding to call her by first name and rank, unsure of how to pronouce the last. "Well, what do you think Major Tatiana?"

    Taking a glance at the folder, and the man, the girl leans on her crutch slightly. Probing his mind for basic feelings, he didn't seem to be scum as part of his report suggested, simply softer than he should have been in these taking on a child that wasn't his..that kindness would need to be watched..and the Colonel as well, knowing the woman she would likely try and aid him with his situation..something she as a member of GRU knew a little more on. "He is honest enough to fly with us Comrade Colonel Ebner."

    Smiling at the womans reply, she rather hoped none of them here died..but that was unlikely..true to the Majors expectations the Lt Colonel seems to already be thinking on this situation, put abruptly stops. "You'll be in the command group with us. Someone with your years of flying will be of value. Please wait by the Sim. Get to know your fellow pilots, what have you. Welcome aboard Sergeant Tensdale. I am sure I'll see more of you soon enough." The Major now faces the Sergeant with a form of some sort. "Just keep that with you, take it to the techs, they'll program the Sim with what you'll be flying, and position in the unit." As the Captain waits for the man to carry out his instructions, truefully she would like to speak more with all of them, but she needed these pilots sorted as quickly as possible. Remembering what was said by a General from her country long ago.
  4. It did somewhat relieve the Sergeant that their was another parent in the unit, though she was the one in active military service likewise, Marvus wouldn't be getting much opportunity to see his adopted daughter but such is war their is little time for family, they had a job to do and maybe that job would mean the children of the next generation wouldn't have to enter the kill box like they had to.

    After concluding the conversation with the CO, Marvus thought she had received a large amount of information even things that would have been in the grey area of informing even high ranking officers, though it could just be down to Russia's Connections, though the issues weren't small the CO obviously had to be careful what she mentioned those whom didn't read the full story would likely be more likely to act like a lynch mob than any group of semblance of fact.

    Secondly, Their was the Major, she was odd not something Marvus had come across in his career, she was a bit of a veiled mystery. Why would she say he is honest enough to fly though he had questions Marvus, knew this was far from the place to ask them and doubted he would ever.

    Marvus performed a quick salute to the Colonel and Major and made his way sharpish to carry out the instructions for the next phase of the day, he did wonder who the people he would get placed with for this testing.
  5. Jack's mind lingered on the now-faded sounds of the rockets launching into Europe, and he half wanted to know for how long they've been keeping up the barrage. Not that he'd expect anything less than an absolute shitload of big ugly monsters.

    When he was called up into a line to be introduced to the Major, he couldn't help but notice that everyone around him seemed tougher than him. Of course he was used to this... he was a small guy with a thin build. He tried not to look at the one-eyed-girl for anything more than a passing glance.

    The first guy stepped up, and it looked like he was an experienced pilot, and Jack wondered whether or not he'd make a good impression as a completely inexperienced individual stepping up after a veteran. He shifted his weight as he glance at the others, and they weren't stepping up immediately, so Jack walked towards the Major.

    "Second Lieutenant... *Ahem* Second Lieutenant Blake reporting for duty, ma'am... I'm here as a gun sweeeper, from the American Marines, finished training not too long ago... They're putting me in a UN tsf... I think that's all I've got to tell right now..."

    He still stood in the spot, but shifted his weight to one foot, expecting he would be following where the first guy went.
  6. Looking at his file, the Lt Colonel watches as the Majors face turns into a scowl, it was likely either as he was American, or because of how green he was. Maybe both. Regardless Lucia had no problem with it. Half the recruits she got were green after all.

    "Hmm..Top of your marks in training, Lieutenant Blake...Thats admirable. Remember how to control and shoot, but forget everything they told you on tactics. American training only works situationally, just pay attention to what we say, and act on it." Or don't and go home dead. The officer thought, but did not dare to say aloud. Though she then notices his other remark... Gazing at the file once more, there were various notices on his personality... So the Corp liked his scoring, but didn't find him to fit the Marines, even a record of suggesting a transfer. And then they withheld a US made F-18 from him.

    "Major Tatiana, do you happen to know what they are giving him, or have anything to add in general?" She asks her XO.

    In reply the Soviet soldier leans forward as she did prior, as if studying him. "Nothing of note..give him a watcher. Did better than some on tests but.." Leaving her evaluation of him at that and looking at her own data-pad she gives a look of disappointment. "Oh so he's getting a Gripen." It wasn't a bad TSF at all, its just multi-role went agains how the Soviets tended to do things, that is with brute force and head on attacks.

    The East German having seen them in action nods her head in thanks, turning back to the boy...well young man. "Its a good TSF, maybe you'll pick up other skills along the way, course then you'll be stuck in UN service, but you may live longer. I'm short on gunsweepers, so you'll be in our unit." As the Major hands piece of paper like that before, the Colonel motions with her hand for the next to come forward. "Here, take this to the Techs, European TSF's are a bit different in control then your American Machines, take it slow in the trainer, but not out there when we launch. That is all." While the sim was a good test, it would be fate that decided if he survived his 8 minutes or not. While it was mostly a myth, and one who's time was a bit longer now, it was still a rite of tradition among TSF pilots.
  7. Jack nodded, giving a quick "Yes ma'am, I'll... follow you to the best of my abilities." He paused for a second, and nodded once more before turning around abruptly and, (being mostly unfamiliar with the base)... Following closely behind Marvus.

    He wasn't sure about the level of formality in order yet... and hoped he didn't just look like a jittery fool in front of the people who would essentially tell him to live or die. He believed he was a sufficiently skilled pilot, and worried what he'd do if the plan jumps out of the window and shows no signs of coming back.

    He picked up the pace slightly, before arriving right at Marvus's side, and he asked a question.
    "Hey... Seargant? Every other greenhorn left on the planet probably said this but... Anything I should know before this simulation?"
  8. Looking around with a rather bored expression. It seemed no one was making a move to go forward and speak with the Major after the first two had. Wondering why the hold up, Sam stood near the back with her arms crossed. Thinking on whether to wait longer or go next, she abruptly said "Fuck it." and started to walk. While an offhand remark to herself it hadn't the volume of such and a few heads turned as she said it and proceeded to the front. Stopping roughly where the previous two had she looked up at the Major and said flatly. "Forget formalities, just tell me what to do and I'll kill the bastards. That work, right?" A moment of silence followed before a hearty laugh broke out from one of the ranks of men behind her. Its owner was a giant of a man who towered over most of those there and who she knew as she turned her head to see.

    "Hahahahahahahaha" Drago let out at the sight of the small American girl showing more courage than some of the men there. Breaking formation he proceeded to walk up to the front and stand to her left, remarking along the way "Your spirit stronk as always.". Which got him a simple look of recognition from the girl and nothing more. Truth be told he was preparing to go next himself, but the girl had beat him to it. This only added to the hilarity of the situation from his eyes. "I'm with little lady here." he said to the Major, meaning he too simply needed to be told what to do and nothing more. It did not matter to him where he was placed as long as he was of use.

    Hitting the small girl on the back after this statement to express camaraderie, Sam stumbled forward a few steps before blurting. "Damn serb, don't break my fucking back." Said more out of agitation at the surprise act than actually being in pain, she left it at that and returned to where she was standing. "Hahahaha, sorry." Drago said before very lightly tapping her again on the back to remedy his mistake. Tensing at that Sam shot him a glance before realizing he was being half genuine so simply muttered "It's fine.".

    All the while this was going on a distinguished figure made his way casually to the front before stopping to Sam's right. Looking over it was the Mexican who wore the conquistador plate armor that she had remembered meeting before. While not exactly hard to forget him, she didn't usually care to remember faces let alone names. Wondering what he was doing up here she looked behind her at the rest of the men idly standing and watching, thinking to herself if all of them would be coming up soon or not.

    With light steps, Rolando came to a rest on the girl's right. "I too, agree with the young señora. I would prefer to pass on the formalities, but as procedure, I know that I cannot." "So..." bowing lightly forward as his coat hung on his shoulders, Rolando crossed his right arm over his chest before addressing the Major and saying. "I am Captain Rolando Salamanca of the Spanish Army, at your service." Straightening up he extended his left arm past his coast to the two on his left. "This... Fervent girl, is Second Lieutenant Sam Eloise of the US army." With arms still crossed Sam's expression went unmoved as she stared up at the Major blankly. "And our large, but friendly gentleman beside her is First Lieutenant Drago Karadžić of the Yugoslav People's Army."

    Striking attention at the mention of his branch, Drago brought his hand up in a brisk salute before taking it back down to his side and standing at ease . While he didn't concern himself with formalities he did his countries reputation. So, whenever it came to being mentioned he never faulted on his duties. "I'm sure you've skimmed their files already Miss Major Ebner." Rolando continued. "From my experience, they follow orders quite well." "Sometimes a bit too well..." With this his eyes wandered briefly toward Drago. Oblivious, the Serb simply stood looking from Rolando to the Major and her second-in-command. "Sam, as you know, is an outstanding marksman. Which I have little doubt she'll retain in a TSF." he said with a light smile.

    Sam, showing little attention to the compliment, was waiting for Rolando to finish so they could be on their way. Having given the Soviet XO a more thorough look due to being closer, and lowering an eyebrow in questioning as to why someone so broke was on the front lines. Her had mind drifted to the part of the day that she felt was more important, the simulation. While she knew it was necessary, she couldn't help but wish it were real BETA instead. "As for myself, there's my service record." he ended, with nothing more to say.
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  9. The Major seems to adopt a hostile stare at all three, opening and closing her hand where about her service pistol would normally be, Not even wanting to face this sloppy collection the Major reads her Datapad,a s if suddenly finding something to keep her busy.

    Lucia reads the files, starting out with the man from Spain, he was a few years older than herself. Given his...dress, and the attitude of these other two, it made sense why he wasn't promoted. Not as he lacked ability, but as it would likely reflect poorly on the Spanish Government. Well what was left of it. The Armor was a curious oddity. Reviewing the Captain's file, ehe brow arches slightly at being called Major.

    "Its Lieutenant Colonel, perhapes you knew of me before my promotion, Captain Salamanca?" fortunately she wasn't very big on formallities, though that doesn't keep the only actual Major in the room from scoffing. "Silver boards, shes just shy of Gold, which is a General, not a Colonel in case you were confused. And I am a Major." Looking at him with her one eye, her mind probes his a bit more..forcefully than was needed, and she sweeps over the pair with him. Unless one were an Esper or knew what she was doing, it would come across as a strange series of images and discomfort.

    "Easy Tatiana..Its fine." Giving a smile, she does decide to mention the armor. "As long as you don't wear that in the TSF I don't mind.." Not that he could wear it in a TSF cockpit in the first place. Moving on to the American, she didn't have much to say on this one. Glossing over this one, Lucia feels a bit of sadness upon seeing what brief personal details were there, but she shows no emotion at all. She could not affoard to. "A-10C huh? A welcomed Addition." Having worked in close with German A-10's and others with the UN forces, they were a well loved addition by many pilots.

    Now there was one. A Yugoslavian Serb, Given the complications between the Communist Bloc and the one Memeber they had no close relations with. Tito and Stalin had a falling out, and Tito never fixed his issues with the other Communist states, even during Tito's death nothing changed..minus the various Slavic races didn't turn on each other. Pausing a bit, she actually looks up from the folder meeting his gaze briefly. His brothers had all died to the horde. By all rights he should be, and even had the offer to be released from Duty.

    The three of them seemed to have operated, with combat oriented units offering good marks, but failures on the administrative front. Did someone want the three dead, or put to proper use. Considering her options, the man from Spain should be a Squadron leader, if not of one of the wings...but for now she would but them under hers and the Major's command.. Once she seen how they operated, then she would put them in one of her three squadrons. "You three report to techs. You'll train with us, then placement will be decided. Dismissed." Moving on with her list, she planned to tell them all the rules on formalities once this was all done...she didn't much care for them past a point.

    The Major repeats the process from before, handing out the papers to all three of the pilots, the motions with her head towars the other side of the hangar where the rest had been sent. Fotrunately not many were left now..
  10. The german lieutenant was standing by herself, leaned against the wall with her hands folded before her chest. She was casually observing her surroundings and the many people working with all sorts of equipment for the war that was occuring between them and those abominations called the BETA. Her expression was somewhat serious, because now she was in another place, and was to mingle with a new unit, but this time, they were back in Europe. To her, it meant more than the rest of the world, it was the part of the world where she came from, Germany. Or to be much more exact, East German. Her blue eyes veered over to the woman who was crippled, and was definetely a war veteran with.

    She was the XO, and one Erika held respect for. One legged and with only one eye, this woman must've survived a close encounter with the BETA. Learning something more about those monsters out there from their Soviet XO would probably be fruitful out there on the battlefield. Erika pushed herself off of the wall as they were all ordered to stand in line, because for who came next, was the commander. Lucia Ebner, a woman Erika knew about, a woman who was from the same country as her; East German. The blonde lieutenant's expression did not change, it rather became more serious. She was much more focused now as they all listened in on what they were to do. Join two other units in the liberation of Europe, and France was their first target. 'The french..' She mindfully thought to herself.

    A little later, they were all told to approach the XO and their Commander, Lucia Ebner, to see where each and every individual would be suited. After the two soldiers were assigned their units, whatever they may be, three quite casual and energetic soldiers approached the former, or maybe just two, obviously for the same reason. Though their attitude almost pissed Erika off. The woman almost scowled at the way they spoke. There was no order amongst them, no respect, at least between the serbian and the spaniard. Most if not some of the soldiers amongst the engineers in the hangars stopped, gazing at the center of the attention. Then there was the third one, a damn american.

    Once the spaniard, the serb, and the american were told their units and assignments, and moved away from the XO and the Commander, the blondie approached. She would be the next. Erika already had some experience out there against the BETA, so hopefully she could bring the same determination no matter what unit she was assigned to. She did not really care. She wanted Europe to become whole again. Saluting quite respectfully, she started. "1st Lieutenant, Erika Brenvahl from the East German National Volksarmee reporting in." Her blue eyes glanced over at the Soviet XO and her current condition, before her eyes were focused on the Commander.

    There wasn't much more for her to say but to make her presence and rank known. Her past wasn't something to brag about, and she knew that they'd have all the information about her ready. What mattered was where she would be placed, and what assignment she would get in regards of the battlefields out there. The constant missiles among other weaponry was being used against the BETA as she spoke, as she was standing before two higher ranking officers. With their arrival, and the new operation they were to start, hopefully they'd get rid of the BETA from France. That would at least boost the morals for many of the soldiers fighting for the same cause.
  11. "I'm aware Major Terekeyevna." Rolando said with a tilt of his head forward before being struck by a sudden headache. "Yes, I met you once before, and addressed you in the same manner. I had hoped it may have refreshed your memory, but it seems not." he continued in regard to the Lieutenant Colonel's question. It had been a one time meeting some time ago so he wasn't sure she would even remember. However, now that they would be spending more time in the field it didn't much matter. "Never, it is too valuable to risk such a thing even if I could." he remarked in an exclaimed tone at the suggestion of wearing his armor into battle.

    "Glad to be here." Sam said with a nod upon her TSA being mentioned. While she wasn't one for respect much, she wasn't below civilness. Though, her words were odd everything considered. Once finished with the three, Sam was the first to take her paper and leave. Maintaining her nonchalant attitude despite the stares directed at her. Rolando for his part simply nodded before taking his paper next. The Serb did much the same, but chose to accompany his Spaniard friend and chat. "Where did you meet Lieutenant Colonel?" he asked. "Ahh, it was during my time in, well, it's quite a long story. I'll tell you after we've talked to the techs." he replied as they continued to make their way there.
  12. "ah..My apolgies then Captain..there is much on my mind right now..I'll speak with you in detail later if you would like." Lucia thinks to herslef in confussion..had they operated together once before? Regardless with the invasion, and the situation with her children and husband.. Noticing the glance from the Major, it seemed she noticed the disruption in her commanders thoughs. Setting aside these thoughts the man had seemed to jar something in her memories, though more of his voice than appearance.

    "Ah Lieutanant Brenvahl.." This was one both her and the Major had spoken on briefly. She had a reather clean record and the praise of various state officals. Parts of the file were hidden, but it seemed she had worked with the remanants of the Stasi. But while she unquestionly followed orders, no one else had been turned in or killed on her watch.. Which gave them cause to watch least for a bit. "Comments Major?"

    Looking at the girl, there wasn't much need to read her mind...or rather emotions. The esper wasn't as developed as some of her sisters in that regard. Then again most of them weren't. "...She's fine..a bit red however. But I think she'll get along well with our Squadron." By that the Soviet officer had meant the woman seemed more than a little angry.. Tatiana has some idea of what it might be, given the girls upbrining. She was also battle proven.

    "Here, take this to the Techs, Comrade, you will fly with us. Correct Comrade Colonel?" Turning to meet her gaze Lucia gives her nod of approval. This one wasn't being tested as much as the others, but it was already decided. And hopefully their worst fears had no truth to them.

    "Oh Comrade Major..when we are finished with the test, I want you to go to medical..I ordered something from out American Friends to be made for you." Not telling her more than the bare basics of what to do, the Colonel waves the next man forward. She didn't need many more for her unit, but there was still around 90 more than needed questioning.. "Actually...Comrade Major, go get your gift, no time like the present to work it in...and do not thank me...just be more..forgiving when we speak." Saying nothing in reply, the Major really was curious now.

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  13. Watching those that were gathered with him one by one approach the two women. Going by the uniforms, he wasn't the only American here, but he was the only one coming from the Navy. There were some that might not have thought on this that much, but Christopher had a decent guess as to why they were taking the time to do this. They wanted to try and see if there were any obvious to-be troublemakers. While this was a UN task force, its leaders were of Germany and Russia; two countries that most certainly wouldn't tolerate any questioning when they gave out orders. Not that this would be an issue for himself.

    Finally, the two finished yet another "interview" and, looking around, Christopher was now among the last to be spoken with. Exhaling quietly, the man marched his way forward up to the two ladies. His posture was rather casual, with his hands shoved his pockets, and his face was completely devoid of emotion. His eyes seemed to match as well as they looked almost lifeless.

    "First Lieutenant Christopher Thompson. Navy," He introduced himself blandly, afterwards remaining rather silent and just staring at the two as if he had nothing else to say.

    First, he stared at the elder of the two women. The woman seemed old enough to be a mother; likely she was. She didn't seem very harsh or extreme, but he had heard stories of the Germans and their military and government. That was one thing that surprised Christopher. He always wondered how the world was able to withstand the BETA for so long when each country's respective government was constantly breathing down everyone's necks while playing pointless games of politics with each other. America did it too; they loved their damn oil. Lot of good, it'll do when those monstrosities decide to target their soil next.

    Then there was the Russian woman who looked very worse for wares. She was missing a leg, an eye—who knows what other medical issues she had. Now, she fit the picture of what he expected a Russian CO to look like. From how she was speaking to those prior to approach them, she spoke like one too. The Russians didn't have any Stasi, but they were none the less brutal when they had to be, and while he wondered if the motherly-looking woman was capable of dishing out what was expected of her, he didn't doubt that her smaller, Russian companion would.
  14. Studying this man, the Major simply sighs. "This one seems a bit..ignorant, Comrade Colonel..." sighing a bit, reading the file on the man, the Major shakes he head. "The KGB would likely have had him shot.. no the KGB aren't so kind.." Poverty, something in regards to stress and petty crime. His school records showed standard American edcational levels, below in some cases.. She had best keep him far away from the Soviet mechanic crews..and the attention of the KGB... The well educated Americans were at least tollerable. Searching the mans mind, the torrent she found below was..concerning..nevermind the strong imagry..

    "I see, you have good luck..other than that, good scores, some experiance, I think you'll be on Team T.." Before the Colonel can finish, the major interjects on his behalf for some reason that was lost with the Lt Colonel. "If I may Comrade Colonel.." Whispering to her Superior she states her reasoning quickly.

    "Comrade Colonel, I think he should fly with the would be good if he learns quickly how East Germany and the Soviet Union works..he's only worked with the US Navy up till this point on clearing oprations with English units. And I want to keep an eye on him..for reasons...I would like to speak with him on some...items in his file." In truth she wanted to know the source of a great trauma. "Here, take this to the techs, the Comrade Major Tatiana has spoken on your behalf, you'll fly with us for the simulation."

    With that the Major hands over the paper as the Colonel dismisses him, taking note of the fatigue with her officer she reaches a choice. "After this go to the medical bay, I will do the rest of these alone in my office, you may speak to them later." She would have the Major help her with this one last one, then she would go and speak with the memberes of this team..well the memberes here already at anyrate.

    "But Comra-" With a stern look that likely none expected Lucia to have, there was a hint of danger to this stare, even for a fellow officer. "Tatiana, if you were a horse you would have broken down and been shot. I will need your services in the weeks to come. I would rather you were well rested, do not argue with me." Noting a Japanese in the room...she had a bad feeling with how the other Japanese pilots were stairing at him. "You there..yes you, you're next." Best to get him out of here now..
  15. Marvus was swiftly caught up by the youngster that had approached the CO after he had, it was such a shame that they had to accept such youths into the war now a days, but it was a necessity to supply the military forces with enough forces to be able to battle the BETA.

    The youngster from his accent was an american and likely to be green as grass as the American's had avoided the worst of the BETA threat, with the remnants of Asia, Russia and Europe creating a barrier, America had become the worlds bread basket in a way.

    At least the greenhorn had courage to ask for suggestion and advice from another soldier, if one is prepared to learn maybe if they make it through a few conflicts they can make it out alive, Marvus answered the youngster.

    "Well Lieutenant ill make you a few suggestions that work in this world and thus work in simulations, shoot for centre of mass and know exactly what your weapons do to BETA Species and Man."
    Marvus quickly followed the end of that sentence with...
    "Because that way you know what happens if you peg a friendly in the back with a round... and finally to wrap up, trust your machine and don't underestimate old units, It will be better to explain tactics once they assign the teams."
  16. Kosuke sat near the rear of the room, almost entirely alone save for a few Eastern European pilots that had no idea who he was, his Japanese counterparts however had kept their distance from him. He watched silently as the pilots went up one by one introducing themselves. It was an odd formality he had to admit, but none the less if it was for the CO to get a better feeling for her pilots it made some semblance of sense to Kosuke.

    He categorized every pilot as they introduced themselves into two easy categories, the "living dead" and the "survivors". The only "living dead" he could pick out discernibly were the two young American pilots, one was Army and the other a Marine that seemed much more green than the girl from the Army, 'Perhaps just him really' he thought. The rest of the pilots seemed that they could handle themselves so he put them all into the "survivor" category.

    Upon being called up to the front Kosuke dutifully obeyed the order, making his way smartly to the front he snapped to attention. His uniform was cleanly pressed, ribbons aligned with exacting scrutiny, his hair was freshly cut and his salute was prim and proper "2ndLt Tanizaki Kosuke, Imperial Japanese Mainland Defence Force Storm Vanguard reporting." he said as he stared straight through the Colonel dropping his salute as quickly as it had been brought up. He noted the XO whom he had taken very little interest in during the briefing, if anything she was a liability in such a condition but it wasn't his right to decide whether or not she sortie that was for the CO to determine, 'At any cost' he thought as he averted his attention back to the CO.

    The CO herself wasn't of much interest at all to him, she was on the shorter side but height had nothing to do with combat ability. He kept a thought in the back of his mind that she is likely much more qualified than she seems given her rank and position as CO of the 336th. Quickly running out of things to occupy his mind with as he stood waiting for an answer he went to parade rest and waited for a response from both women.
  17. Hearing the remarks regarding him being ignorant and likely shot by the KGB, most would have shown some kind of reaction, whether it be a scowl or flinch at the mention of execution. Christopher, however, didn't budge from his blank face. He did wonder why he would be one to be shot immediately, though. He didn't go around pissing anyone off. Hell, he hardly payed attention to any politics so it was rather hard to do so when he didn't even have much of an opinion to share; he just did his job and what he was told to do. This placement would be no different.

    However, in the middle of the Colonel could finish assigning him, the smaller Major stopped her and began whispering to her, about what, he wasn't able to hear. All he knew is that, after finishing, the Colonel dismisses him to the techs with a paper given to him by the crippled woman. Pausing a moment, he glanced down at the sheet then back at the two, perhaps wondering what that was about, but left afterwards.

    He was curious as to what the women were whispering about, but Christopher likely wouldn't spend too much time thinking on it. It wouldn't be the first time secrets were kept in the military, these days especially. He just had to do what he always did; do as he's told and his job.
  18. Noticing the young mans gaze being directed at her XO, a numberof the rest did the same. Isra ponders how to explain the womans role..and talent She used to be one of the best pilots in the Soviet Union, she was still a fantastic pilot in most regards, but it seemed with what happened after that operation, the loss of a limb and eye knocked her down some..and the KGB Major she had met earlier had made a odd request of her in private, that if the major were wounded to do all they could to keep the core body and head intact..

    Just what sort of madness were they doing this time.. The Major herself when informed of this took on a grim expression and slumped against the wall of the Colonel's office. But that was a conversation for another time, for now her attention was needed on this Japanese pilot. Looking at his file, the Imperial Japanese Army was really not interested in keeping this one alive. Noticing the murderous glares, and reading the details on his history the Colonel has no questions. "Greetings Lieutenant Tanizaki.." Direly, the Major nods in agreement as if reading the woman's mind..though in this case that wasn't needed. "Take this and go to the others..its the only way your countrymen won't slit your neck as you sleep.."

    While Lucia didn't plan to put it so bluntly, they had no choice but to keep him from the other Japanese pilots..and to do so, he would have to go into at the very least her Squadron.. "Just head to where the rest are, I'll be there shortly."

    Turning to face the crowd, she motions for on of her NCO's to make for the hangar door. "Attention, all Soldiers in attendance, your nations were more generous with recruits than I was expecting. Please Follow Sergeant Griftzwald to the pilot briefing room where I will speak with you all one by one." Sighing a bit there was only 98 or so more to do.. At least in operational terms only one of the Regiments three Battalion's would be used in a given operation..unless a dire need presented its self. After some grumbles, her orders were carried out easily enough, now was time to deal with the others. "Dismissed Comrade Major. Tell me how you like the present."

    Walking towards the group she gives a nod gesture as if to say look over here. "I'll send the other two Squadron members to meet with you here, untill then, go get your pilot suits, Warrant Officer Henderson, leaning against the wall in the kilt shall lead you off for fitting and changing" Pausing a bit she decides to give them the rules. "As to how this unit will operate, we'll decide on squadron names once we are finished here with the testing, in general on the field you may call me my call sign, in private or amongst ourselves, I encourage you all to use first names, if you are of the same rank, or grade name is fine on base, Captains, Major, and of course Colonels and above should be called by rank. This is mostly as I do not want you making a mess of things with visiting snobs."

    Making one final glance, as if out to the other hangars she decides to pass one more warning. "This base has nine hangars open to us, but there is an additional eleven. Stay out of the other parts of the base, more so any with soviet troops and you have no invitation to being there, the Soviet conscripts can be very hostile to unsupervised visitors, and the Americans are given to having the CIA speak to you a long time...but both are on far ends of the strip, you should never run into them. After the simulation is finished I'll have the Major show you around to the shops and such, and explain how we'll move the base as the operation carries forward." Turning as if to walk away the Colonel stops mid stride.

    "So we are clear, the Major is a highly capable pilot, she's of the same level is not slightly better than most of you, and was before her...ordeal one of the Best Elite Pilots the Soviet Union had to offer..I took the liberity of buying her a new prosthetic leg from the Americans...the Soviets may have no problem being cheap and leaving a maimed soldier walking around, but I do. And the damn BETA have made the technology progress rapidly in years..keep that in mind should any of you ponder suicide after lossing a limb or two, Ja?" Spinning on her heel this time the Colonel departs, as the Scotsman wanders his way down from the ramparts.

    "Oi, ello there, Names Henderson, Warrant Officer One, would salute the lot of yah, but me prosthetics are a bit stiff since I left the infantry." Giving a wink, while it was subtle, the mans right arm was indeed on of new prosthetics with the skin like covering. More likely than not, he was being lazy. Or judging by his bearded face, he was good enough at what he did, he could be a giant smart ass and get away with it. Plus by dismissing of this, he was making it clear he didn't want the LT2's saluting him which technically in western armed forces, his rank commanded a half salute from them.

    "Anyways Lads and lasses, I already fitted out the Major and Colonel Earlier, Tis your turn now laddies, now if yah don't mind, follow me like so and we'll get this over with. Just need ta size yah down and yah can converse amonst yourselfs freely." Walking to the back of the hangar was a hallway of sorts leading to the officer barracks, and the flight ready room, in fact it was the same way as where the majors and others left, minus the reverse end. with the building running behind this one central Hangar, and a campus like set of structures. "Anyways, into this ere airport scanner like thing yah go, then the machine tells me what I need to fit, and I'll have yer suits in oh...thrity minutes or so." Laughing a bit as he takes out some towels, the older pilots were likely used to it, the newer ones was debatable, but it was still a nice thing to do. "Just strip down to ya birthday suits and walk on in, yah can take and stow your gear in the lockers for now, shower up, what have yah, then I'll leave these for the more..self conscience of yee, and so you don't go off catchin a cold." With that the Warrant officer takes his leave, letting the pilots inter mingle and wall through the sizing machine as they pleased.
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  19. Before the Kid had a chance to respond, everything had moved along rather quickly, the had all been called for suit fitting, it was something best to not worry about and just get over and done with, it also allowed you to tell how some people were, some people still got a bit unconformable about the uniform but it was quite an amazing thing just like a second skin, once you had clocked the time, Marvus had their was at least the expectation you could get on with such a thing and likewise to Marvus this was second nature, their was no point in being insecure about parts of your body, because if someone started taking the piss out of you, their was always a quick twist and spin up of the towel those things made a fine whip and the hurt quite a bit too.

    By time Marvus had headed off towards claiming a locker and changing down a few people were already one the ball like fish in water and already had themselves sized up, Marvus took the time and military precision making sure all his kit was packed well, they hadn't mentioned a change in uniform yet and as this was only sizing for suiting, he could only assume they would borrow the measurements for if they were going to wear a official UN uniform.

    Marvus had reached the age 27, he was starting to head out of the time of a person peak physical fitness, he wasn't as young as he once was and alongside his surgery and other effects, though he had got himself back into a high quality of physical fitness, during the time the Navy rolled him back into Academy as a Trainer, it would be unlikely for him to return to the level the guys in their early 20's could get too.

    If anyone bothered to inspect Marvus, they could well notice his surgical scar but that would be if anyone decided to look him over anyway, but other than that he was pretty much the same as most pilots in terms of physique, Marvus would wait for his turn to get sized.
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  20. Jack heard the order, and went to the locker room. He had always thought that the pilot uniforms were strange, but thought that either the design was nessescary for the function of the suit, or the requires materials were expensive and the suits were made that way to conserve resources. It could be both, or it could be neither. Granted, looks didn't matter in a TSF, and the suits did what they needed to do.

    Now wrapped in a towel, he headed towards the scanner where he would be fitted for and put into the suit. He was of a light build, certainly not the strongest on the team, Granted, he was about ninety percent sure physical strength didn’t matter in a TSF.

    As he walked, he made a remark to nobody in particular.
    "I hope I won't look like a schlub."

    And so he stepped into the scanner.
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