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    • The Year is 2004, after 30 long years of conflict..hope is in sight, with the Superior dead, Eastern Siberia and Korea has been reclaimed, Humanity has a chance, a slim chance in the span of 13 years to shove the BETA threat off the planet, and recover its homeland.

      The Next target of mankind's effort...



      From the UK we shall strike, and each and every Hive shall be crushed. Or Humanity will fall..but this victory will not be cheap, even though the Superior may be dead the BETA still swarm, and the biggest enemy may not be the BETA..but mankind its self, even in the face of horrors and out own insignificance mankind still plays politics, oppression still runs, and should we win here, there are still BETA on the Lunar Surface and Mars..among locations far away..and even should we win significant damage has already been done to the earths surface by the tunneling and harvesting of the BETA forces..

      You are part of the newly established Multinational 336th TSF Special Missions Regiment, a initiative headed by the UN as a "gesture of goodwill." Unknowingly to her pilots...or perhaps all too knowingly, they are a unit made up of those who won't be missed, or who's deaths will be welcomed.

      The unit has been established under the Command of a Polish Major General..however with his death in a motor vehicle accident his East German adjutant has been thrown in command. Reviewing the files it seems the Unit will be covering various advances and handling problematic was likely part of why they were so well and varied in supply..though this operation was of historic importance..

      Will humanity win this war..and more importantly will you live to tell tales of it as an old man or woman? But be warned, this is not a world like out own, media is highly controlled, the Soviet Union and Communism is still a powerful force, the population is much smaller, things like the Internet have never came to be, humans survive in camps and terrible conditions outside of a few privileged areas, and almost all food is based on proposed algae...never mind the man eating creatures and various State Security officials who are the law...judge, jury, and executioner.

    • Character Sheet

      Appearance: *Military based apperance, or flightsuit, that is TSF flightsuit, or fatigues are pref'd.

      Name: / Age: / Height: / Weight: / Gender:


      Branch of Service:

      Rank: (2nd-1st Lt, unless approved otherwise in ooc)

      Experience: Recruit(no limit), Veteran(one per player starting), Elite (on prior permission only)

      TSF: (Can change over time)

      TSF Loadout: (Can change over time)




      *Of note no national Air Force exsist with TSFs.
      They mostly fly bombers and transports or have been intergrated into the National Army.

      All characters may move up in experience, details to be discussed after this mission.

      All yee old typical Rules found in rps in regards to Gmodding and Romance. The later is fine but keep the setting in mind.

      In addition to these, familiarize or have a prior knowledge of Muvluv before joining, if you have questions I am more than happy to answer them.

      Please follow rules on TSF's I didn't write them, Murica doesn't like swords, only DAKKA DAKKA DAKKA!

      Beware there is heavy political intrigue in the muvluv universe and there will be people, your character no matter how many BETA they've killed can get away with pushing around, Stasi, KGB, and American Agents are all known to shoot first and ask questions never.

      While I will show leeway, if you keep poking the beehive metaphorically speaking it can lead to character death, also no Pvping between players unless pre-approved or as part of the story later on.

      No major lore breaking things, like befriending a BETA, I'm all for side stories and plots however. As a notice this RP will contain Violence and depictions of death and gore albeit in text if just words like "Upon entering the the forward command base, a tank class gnawing a body in its massive jaws, entrails spilling out on the floor." You May not want to join this.

    • [xtable=skin1|627x244]
      {th=border-color:#0a2080|@x16}Character Name{/th}
      {th=border-color:#0a2080|@x16}Lucia Ebner{/th}
      {th=border-color:#0a2080|@x16}Gun Interceptor{/th}
      {th=border-color:#0a2080|@x16}Nationale Volksarmee{/th}
      {th=border-color:#0a2080|@x16}Tatiana Terekeyevna{/th}
      {th=border-color:#0a2080|@x16}Strike Vanguard{/th}
      {th=border-color:#0a2080|@x16}Soviet GRU{/th}
      {th=border-color:#0a2080|@x16}Marvus Tensdale{/th}
      {th=border-color:#0a2080|@x16}Gun Sweeper{/th}
      {th=border-color:#0a2080|@x16}British Navy{/th}
      {th=border-color:#0a2080|@x16}Michael Caine{/th}
      {th=border-color:#0a2080|@x16}Rush Guard{/th}
      {th=border-color:#0a2080|@x16}Jack Anthony Blake{/th}
      {th=border-color:#0a2080|@x16}Gun Sweeper{/th}
      {th=border-color:#0a2080|@x16}U.S. Marine Corp{/th}
      {th=border-color:#0a2080|@x16}Erika Brenvahl{/th}
      {th=border-color:#0a2080|@x16}Strike Vanguard{/th}
      {th=border-color:#0a2080|@x16}Nationale Volksarmee{/th}
      {th=border-color:#0a2080|@x16}Drago Karadžić{/th}
      {th=border-color:#0a2080|@x16}Blast Guard{/th}
      {th=border-color:#0a2080|@x16}Yugoslav People's Army{/th}
      {th=border-color:#0a2080|@x16}Rolando Salamanca{/th}
      {th=border-color:#0a2080|@x16}Strike Vanguard{/th}
      {th=border-color:#0a2080|@x16}Spanish Army{/th}
      {th=border-color:#0a2080}Sam Eloise{/th}
      {th=border-color:#0a2080}Gun Sweeper{/th}
      {th=border-color:#0a2080}U.S. Army{/th}
      {th=border-color:#0a2080|@x16}Tanizaki Kosuke{/th}
      {th=border-color:#0a2080|@x16}Storm Vanguard{/th}
      {th=border-color:#0a2080|@x16}Seras Sinclaire{/th}
      {th=border-color:#0a2080|@x16}Impact Guard{/th}
      {th=border-color:#0a2080|@x16}Royal Marines{/th}

    • TSF's


      TSF's or Tactical Surface Fighters, are large bipedal walkers, based on Mobile Space Walkers, previously used in the failed attempt to contain the BETA on the Lunar surface in 1967, and as a direct result of the Laser-class BETA, whom obtained air-superiority over humanity and lead to the destruction of most of mankind's air-assets as viable weapons.

      Some reasons for the development of TSFs are as such; due to the capabilities of the Laser-class BETA, TSFs were developed as all-purpose assault units to circumvent BETA anti-air superiority. The frame of a TSF also allows it to perform well inside the enclosed spaces of a BETA Hive if required, using their humanoid form to navigate the tunnels without being constrained to any one dimension of combat.

      Various functions, such as the ability to bend their elbow joints backwards and their ability to sidestep attacks, combined with their equipment, allow TSFs to perform superhuman feats in combat. In humanities long 30 year struggle the TSF has proven to be the First line of attack and the last line of defense, backed up by normal artillery, Bombers, and other conventional forces the only real threats to a combined assault is numbers, Fortress-Class, and Laser-class.

      (It should be noted I'm leaving Israeli and Chinese forces off this list, unless demand is made for their inclusion forces taking part should mostly be US and European in origin.)

      Japanese TSF's


      Specializing in CQC and melee combat, high maneuverability and speed. The Japanese TSF's also have a respectable gunnery armament, they however are lacking in defenses. Japanese TSF tactics set the the example for the UN Squadron Operations, though some national TSF's perform specialist roles better, the Japanese TSF's are well rounded machines. Japanese units are also noted for large contributions to UN missions.

      Type-04 (Elite Japanese Pilot Restriction)

      Type-97 (Japanese Veteran Only)

      F-15J (Japanese Pilots only)

      United States TSF's


      The United States being largely untouched by the war lacks the experience the others have in combating the BETA invasion , preferring massive amounts of firepower, US TSF's tend to lack more advanced close battle systems, supplemental armor or halberds, and are instead best left to gunnery or support roles.

      (Would love to add the A-12 here, but no images exist)

      F-15 Eagle E, to be Upgraded to ACTV standard (US, UN, and allied Western Powers, aka EU, Veterans will have ACTV model)

      F-16C to be upgraded to XL standard (UN, US, EU Pilots)

      A-6 Intruder (WARNING TSA LOW MANEUVERABILITY, UK, US, Japanese, South Korean, and other select Western forces, Marine and Naval Infantry Only.)

      F-18E/F Super Hornet (US Marine Corps or US Navy Veterans)

      A-10C (WARNING TSA LOW MANEUVERABILITY, only US Army, EU, and UN command with Middle Eastern nations)

      European TSF's


      The European TSFs are made up of countries largely drawn from the Western European nations as part of its commitment to Anti-BETA operations, European made TSF's tend to focus on high mobility operations, suppression of enemy forces, and multi-role missions. While its indigenous production is picking up, Western European forces operate a number of US built TSF's.

      F-5ADV (Being phased out, in use by various EU and UN forces, Canada)

      Mirage 2000 (French, AU/UN forces)

      Rafale (French Veteran Pilots only)

      JAS-39 (UN and Swedish forces, limited use)

      EF-2000 Typhoon (Veteran Western European pilots)

      Soviet & PACT TSF's


      Similar to Japanese and European TSF, Soviet units however are distinctly designed for close-combat. High speed and Melee, Soviet TSF's also posses high mobility and can operate in the most rugged of environments with limited supply. In Principle the Soviet Union uses the Su line of fighters and the WARSAW Pact uses the MIG Series fighters in its operations.

      Su-37M2 (Veteran Soviet Pilots)

      Su-27SM (General purpose for Soviet Pilots some on lone to Pact)

      MiG-31M (Veteran PACT and Third World)

      MiG-29M2/35 (29M2 all PACT pilots 35 is Elite Pact and third world)


      Joint Project TSF a few prototypes are being evaluated against the Su-47 and Mig-35. (Elite Pilots only special permission)

      TSF Weaponry and Extras

      TSF Armament

      Of note if you do not want to read all of these sections and in general, US TSFs cannot mount or use heavy Melee and do not use the MK.57 Squad gun, so far only the EU members, and Japan are confirmed users.

      Russian/Soviet TSF's aside from the Mig-31 cannot use heavy automatic weapons or missile systems. TSFs that can use the MK.57 gun can use it as a substitute for some roles, more of that will be covered later, also blade surfaces and the like are poorly covered, use this as rule of thumb. If it looks flat, it doesn't have it (IE pretty much ALL US made TSF's). If it looks angler and sharp, it has it. (IE all Soviet TSF's)

      Supplemental armor is also not well listed but all TSF's can mount a form of it, while some may not be able to carry shields, namely later Soviet, and all US designs, they can mount spare armor plates and razor armor.

      Additional Note, is all auto cannons are aside from internals we can't see the same, 1x36mm magazine contains two thousand rounds of ammo, and 1x120mm clip, of 6 rounds.

      TSF Combat roles


      Based on theories of the UN and Japanese forces, these combat rules are standard but by no means universal to all national military formations.

      Of note is the use of the Mk.57 in some of these marked with a * it will be up to the players who, if any use these weapons to breakdown the ammunition load out, keep it comparable to the standard. Please read wiki page for load outs if you have questions ask in ooc, special rules for positions as follows...

      Storm Vanguard (no US)
      Strike Vanguard (no US)
      Gun Sweeper (no Sov)*
      Gun Interceptor (no US)
      Rush Guard *
      Impact Guard (no US)
      Blast Guard (No Sov besides Mig-31)*

      In addition but not required I would recommend reading TSF tactics and terms, though I likely will explain these as they crop up in detail.



      The Beings of Extra Terrestrial origin which is Adversary of human race, more commonly known by the acronym BETA.

      The BETA vary greatly in size, with the smallest identified strain (Soldier-class) being around 3 meters tall, and the largest identified strains (Fort-class) at over 60 meters tall. They cannot fly, and the Laser and Heavy Laser-class BETA shoot down anything that does, rendering aircraft useless and making any aerial military operations much more difficult.

      Their very existence is shrouded in mystery. All that mankind knows of them during Unlimited and at the start of Alternative is that they are (obviously) hostile, are carbon-based lifeforms (this was discovered when specimens were examined in Alternative 2), and do not consider humans to be living beings. The BETA Harvest humans and most other resources on land, lack air or naval assets. Their Strength lies in their numbers, overwhelming any opposition.

      Details and information on the BETA is heavily controlled and restricted and the human race has been reduced to 1.5 billion beings, with most of Eurasia being overran, only now has humanity been in a position to counter-attack.
      Images of note.

      BETA Class breakdown




      Other Helpful Links, but not required to read.

      Tactics Timeline Hives

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  1. @Astros @EmperorsChosen @Deathwatch101 @Akashi @Dahrinn

    We are a go..I'll take some time to take a break, will make my two pilots asap, and will generally answer questions and the like over the next couple of days if thats not a problem with any of you guys. My bios will be ready tomorrow I think.

    opps need to make three small edits.
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  2. Eh, personally I would remove the Berkut, Raptor, and Takemikazuchi since as far as I recall it wouldn't make sense for any for those TSFs to be used by UN pilots, regardless of what their previous affiliation might be.

    For the US and Soviets they wouldn't want the technology in those units to be out of their hands, while Japan might very well lose their shit if someone not under the emperor pilots a Takemikazuchi. Meiya's an exception because, well, she's fucking Meiya.
  3. Hmm..sure that reasoning is sound.
  4. Ill mail you my one hopefully by the end of the day RDS.
  5. No hurry I'll work on mine today as well though.
  6. If anyone wants to lead one of the squads should we split or a higher sort of rank, let me know, my two bios should be finished soon to give some idea of what I'm wanting.

  7. Lucia Ebner

    Name: Lucia Ebner / Age: 31 / Height: 176cm (5"5') / Weight:135lb (61kg) / Gender: Female /

    Nationality: East German

    Branch of Service: Nationale Volksarmee (East German Army) / Rank: Lieutenant Colonel

    Experience: Elite / TSF: Pak-Fa

    TSF Loadout: Gun Interceptor.
    1x36mm Assault Cannon
    Supplemental Armor, armor type.
    1x Soviet Heavy Chainblade fixed.
    2 Soviet Army Combat Knives.


    Lucia is known to be somewhat religious, kind to those under her command, often getting to know them or to look out for their welfare, however she has never hesitated to send men and women to their deaths. While she'll go out of her way to attempt and insure long term survival for them all, she has never been known to speak out against the source of these orders, leaving it unknown if she fears or willingly obeys.

    Oddly while she doesn't hesitate at all on the battlefield, to those that have known or heard of her, the worry she shows clearly on her face seems out of character, though she has yet to answer it. Of note in regards to her personality is the fact she carries a pendant with a picture of some sort, and is known to be a heavy drinker when depressed. Overall she has a serious experienced personality that seems smart enough to keep her thoughts to herself.


    Lucia Ebner, or rather Lucia Bergan was born just before the BETA had even landed on earth, her mother was a school teacher, her Father a stalwart soldier. Growing up in Stendal she had a rather typical life that only worsened as she got older, from two to sixteen, food became more scarce, the country more crowded, the BETA more Dangerous..

    Along the way, her Father died in action, at leastaccording to a Soviet officer she had once met, as part of the soldiers sent to the moon..or maybe it was the Defence line, of that she never could be sure, and while the state had "softened" a bit it hadn't enough to question erased files. Her mother had died to BETA, as had another sibling she could barely remember, but a brother apparently. Her life from the fall of Germany was in constant retreat, thankfully because of her age it proved less troublesome than for others..

    Enlisting with the Federal Armed forces Lucia was found to have an Aptitude for TSF piloting, after basic she was assigned to a Mig-27 Group, serving with distinction quickly climbing the ranks and gaining the eye of her Wing Commander one Major Karl Ebner, at the age of 21. Serving as his wingman she earned the nickname Strumadler, to his Eisetanzer. Storm Eagle, and Iron Dancer respectfully. Eventually the Eagle came to..mount the dancer, becoming his wingman in another fashion, an event that would prove life changing for the pair.

    Upon learning she was pregnant State Security intervened, after a brief interrogation and some heated debate, the Security services decided there was no need to press charges..The pair could even retain their ranks, but they would be married, and used as a political asset touring the countryside briefly to encourage procreation and service to the state.. and of course would be removed from the same unit once she was fit to serve again. For the last 9 years years the pair have been happily married..well man eating monsters aside, and have a twin boy and girl both eight years old, named Erik and Sarah.

    However Karl would after an eye injury lose favor with the Army and was eventually tasked with joining the newly sanctioned 336th Regiment as its XO under the command of a Polish General by the name of Krakowtz. Finding out the details of the mission and its side purpose he protested vigorously and loudly..which lead to him being relived of duty due to "stress". His wife being called from her own unit was promoted from Major to her husbands own rank of Lieutenant Colonel, and given the position of XO, no less in front of her husbands insure her co-operation, the Stasi proved to be understanding of his ill health, and of the fact the children while they had the parents between them on rotations, it was unfair...the family would receive the protection and guardianship of the Stasi personally.

    Knowing full well what this meant Lucia took the assignment up at once, she would not endanger her children or her husband..and she would return home..if she could she would make sure as many others would return as possible. But at least she wasn't being asked to lead the 336th Regiment..well she wasn't..that was until the Polish General was involved in some sort of car crash, going off a hill on the Dover coast and dying in the Impact..

    It was odd that a KGB Agent was on hand with a dispatch only a few moments later..informing of her promotion and the thanks of all humanity...and the promise of an early retirement if she co-operated..with the rank of Major General.. And as a sign of good will..a new shinny TSF that was in need of combat testing..


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  8. Think I could get away with making a Chicken Diver (Elite)?
  9. Hmm all depends with how its written out really.
  10. Appearance: [​IMG]

    Name: Marvus Tensdale/ Age: 27/ Height: 5ft, 11/ Weight: 63kg / Gender: Male

    Nationality: British

    Branch of Service: Navy

    Rank: Lance Sergeant (see history)

    Experience: Elite

    TSF: F-5E Tornado ADV

    TSF Loadout: Gun Sweeper
    2 X GWS-9 Assault Cannon (Hand Helds)
    Arm Mounted Blades
    Missile Container (Anti-Lazer)

    Personality: Loyal, Guiding, Observant, Analytical, Family Man

    History: A british born native, born in the southern part of england and of roughly the middle class.

    Marvus has served within the British forces for 10 years, seeing active service (combat) for the last 8, serving with "The Royal Krakens" for the last 6 years of that time after his previous unit was merged into them after taking serious casualties during a Culling Operation over Europe, He served in till early-mid 2001 in a F-5E Tornado ADV, before The Royal Krakens were moved into Typhoons, with the heavy weapons they could deploy allowed the Krakens to gather a rather high kill ratio to casualties against the BETA through Europe.

    After the loss of his parents to cancer in "97", he developed a relationship with a widowed french doctor and her daughter whom he ended up living next door to after the having no remaining immediate family becoming a replacement for a father figure for the young baby, though the doctor herself would pass away in late 2000 while at a refugee camp leading Marvus to adopting the woman's daughter and raising her as his own flesh and blood.

    In late 2001, he would be withdrawn from his unit on rumours of medical grounds suspected to be related to the fact his family had suffered from cancer in the past, though the rumours were never confirmed to the Krakens.
    (classified)In truth he had turned himself in after the September 2001 incident in relation to the RLF, having joined a cell shortly after the Doctors death after he grew uneasy with the current situation between Natives likes himself and Refugees, with the actions on the 21st of September being broadcast to the world, Marvus found that he could no longer find himself a place within such an organization and as such was placed under military arrest.

    The military couldn't afford to publicly release details of a member of a experienced unit working for a terror cell and thusly began a cover-up though it did phase in well as he was also suffering from cancer at the same time, to keep up the illusion the military replaced the Nanny that cared for his adopted daughter with a Agent from MI6.

    In 2004, the military had come to a final decision, with the fact it could just execute such an experienced soldier, they would return him to the kill box yet again, of course not with the level of technology he had previously ended his career in.

    -Carries Pictures of his Adopted Daughter
    -Carries his old Kraken Patch and a picture of a Typhoon​

  11. Tatiana

    Pre Operation Swaraj / Post Operation Swaraj

    Name: Tatiana Terekeyevna / Age: 25 / Height: 5'3" (160cm) / Weight:125lbs (57kg) / Gender: Female

    Nationality: Soviet / Branch of Service: Soviet GRU /

    Rank: Major / Experience: Veteran

    TSF: Su-37M2

    TSF Loadout: Strike Vanguard
    2x 36mm/120mm Assault Cannon
    Full Leg/Arm Chainblade armament
    2x Soviet Combat Knife


    Tatiana is typical of most girls in her...situation, her personality seems to spring board from being somewhat friendly and helpful, though closed off in a manner, to openly hostile, vindictive and sadist. Overall it could be said she's like a child in an adults body, very sweet, and yet capable of great cruelty. Like most of her sisters she lacks normal contact with other humans, a family..or maybe even a natural birth. Being an Esper..more so being of the first generations she depends on her limiter and medications to just stay alive. It is a fact she does not make known readily.

    She has a deep rooted almost fanatical hatred of the BETA and takes affront to any that challenge her physical disabilities, she'll often find some way to prove its nothing to be concerned with as she did to her review board. Other than this she has an interesting relationship of service and fear to the Soviet Intelligence network.

    Possessing a love for stuffed animals, she often when off duty will walk around in undergarments in the privacy of her own quarters finding clothing to be an irritant to her skin. She seems to take her duties seriously and looks down on others to an extent, given her posting in the unit it is most unwise to pick fights with her..or at least publicly or when she is in a bad mood.


    Tatiana's "real" last name is Barchenowa, for the fifth generation espers that were part of the Alternative III plan. Being in the fifth Generational Batch.

    There is not much to say about her early life, or much she cares to say or even can remember to say, tests and labs, labs and tests, better food and living conditions than most in the Alaskan Wilderness, well barring the bits where she could still live on Soviet soil. There was no friends or family aside from her other sisters, and even with them the KGB would often pit them against one another or promote rivalries while keeping them loyal to their individual units, it was the closest they ever got to a family, and between the alternating bullying and acts of kindness, they were more or less just that. A family.

    Being selected by GRU Titiana's focus was internal security and recon, being a phenomenal TSF pilot she was used like her sisters in operations against uprisings and against the BETA, until Operation Swaraj. Being among those sent to the Bhopal Hive, most espers if not forces in general were wiped out, with the only thing being learned in return was humans aren't even lifeforms to the BETA.

    For Tatiana it was far more personal, having her TSF quickly destroyed, she was one of the few lucky ones to make it out alive, however she paid the price with an eye and a leg, and massive tissue scaring including lasting nerve damage. The event in question has also been partly erased from her mind, having been that traumatic. She also lost a bit of her former skill, being equal to more "normal" Veteran pilots, allowing her a reprieve the Soviet Army is curios if the young woman will recover enough to be a great pilot again..or if she'll lose yet more limbs..justifying entombing her into a Esper Control order to carry out another project vital to state security.

    Overall being one of the more weaker, and reliable espers, her handlers are more than happy to see what plays out..within reason of there is other reasons for leaving the enforcer in the mists of the other fact her placement and sudden rank advancement to the 336th XO may prove very advantageous..


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  12. [​IMG]

    Name: Christopher Thompson / Age: 23 / Height: 5’11” / Weight: 189 lbs / Gender: Male

    United States

    Branch of Service:
    U.S. Navy

    1st Lieutenant


    F-18 Hornet

    TSF Loadout:
    Blast Guard
    x2 AMWS-21 Combat Systems
    Dual-mounted MGM-140 ATACMS Missile Containers

    “Gives no fucks” would best describe Christopher, along with the word “deadpan”. Constantly with a blank face on and a blatant, coarse and upfront way of speaking, the man certainly seems to find no issue with stating what’s on his mind or what he thinks of something without sugar-coating it. This typically would get one in trouble, but thankfully the man is also extremely obedient, so if ordered to shut his mouth and just follow, he’ll likely do just that. Still, while in many ways an ideal soldier, or lapdog, Christopher seems to just be going with the flow; he lacks almost any motivation or impressive interest. He doesn’t feel much spite for the BETA, nor does he seem capable of getting angry. There are several sights that will set him off, however. Fortunately, such extreme acts are typically not seen in broad daylight in the American military. The same cannot be said for other nations, however.

    Christopher was born with only an older sister to call family in a shitty apartment in an even shittier part of town in New York. Their only source of income was his sister’s “jobs” that were kept unknown to him throughout the early years of his life. At the time, he didn’t think anything of it. His sister was the toughest person he knew. If he ever got picked on or bullied, even though he’d often fight back, she would always be there to protect him. He didn’t even care about whoever their parents were. How he saw it, his older sister was doing a better job of acting as his guardian than they’d ever even tried to do. Even when she came home with some obvious bruises and beatings, and that happened quite often he notices looking back now, he simply assumed she got into a fight with someone. To say the woman was a bit coarse and a tomboy would be an understatement. With the mouth she had on her and her attitude, it wasn’t that hard to jump to that conclusion. However, were he just a bit older, he might’ve been more mature to actually be able to tell what was going on; that the “jobs” she took weren’t safest, cleanest or very highly regarded by society.

    Looking back now, Christopher hates himself for not realizing what was going on sooner. He highly doubts that he could have done something; anything, but the fact that he didn’t even notice nor have the chance to try kills him every time his mind drifts to the past.

    As time went on, things only got worse and the situation more obvious. His sister would come home later and later than she had ever before and sometimes not at all. Whenever she did manage to get home, the blemishes placed on her body would simply grow and grow as time went on. Now, at this point, he’d have to be completely daft not to notice anything amiss. Of course he began to ask questions, to offer to find some work; what work there was for a boy young as him. Every time, however, she would just give her confident, assuring grin and spout some cocky assurance. “You should see tha’ other guys,” or something along the same lines; like nothing was wrong at all. He bought it until the proof of his ignorance showed up at his home.

    When he opened the door, the men simply barged in, ignoring him and proceeding right to his sister. Upon reaching her, a heated argument ensued; something about money or dues. Christopher never really understood any of it until he grew up a bit. Taking the little money they still had, the men took it a step further and said they were taking him as collateral for her slacking off and trying to “jew” them out of their money. When she protested, rather physically too, albeit futily, she was shot by the other and Christopher was taken away.

    He refuses to speak in regards what exactly happened to him after he was taken, but it obviously took his toll on him; those three years after his sister was killed. He only managed to leave due to the police finally managing to bust the operation the men were running. He lived a practically normal high school life and even signed up with the military afterwards, though was robbed of his choice on what to do as he passed his exams regarding affinity with TSF’s with flying colors. Still, the toll on his time in the hands of those criminals shows.

    Despite holding a rather “gives no fucks” attitude, Christopher is surprisingly obedient, especially with women for for some reason. He appears to hold some stress disorders, not that that’s particularly rare with TSF pilots or military men. Regardless, he’s managed to survive the ops he’s been sent on in his days in the U.S. Navy, now only to be assigned to this UN task force. He’s not particularly ecstatic about the idea, but he’ll just have to go along with it.

    Carries a pendant around his neck with a photo of his sister and him, back far before things started tumbling downhill.
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  13. Appearance: IMG_20160205_170025.jpg

    Name: Jack Anthony Blake/ Age: 18 / Height: 5 feet 4 inches / Weight: 120lbs / Gender: Male

    Nationality: United States

    Branch of Service: US Marine Corps

    Rank: 2nd Lt

    Experience: Recruit

    TSF: JAS-39 Gripen

    TSF Loadout: Gun Sweeper
    4x 36mm/120mm Assault Cannon
    Blade Vanes on Shoulders
    Close-Combat Blades mounted on forearms.

    Personality: A reserved but polite individual, he isn't much of a social butterfly, and finds it difficult to introduce himself to others, giving him a cold and distant outer appearance. He'll quickly warm up to anyone who talks to him enough, and even become a bit of a joker, though he'll still keep his polite manner of speech. He treasures the friends he has, and tries as hard as possible not to offend or trouble them.

    So far, he's been making jokes or remarks of the likelihood of his own death. More likely than not to mask that he's scared as hell.

    Well, he grew up in less-than-stellar conditions, similarly to most of humanity at this point. News of the war (heavily saturated with American Nationalism) weighed down on ambitions he might have, as he questioned how he could contribute to the world. He eventually gained a passion for mythology and world history, which caused him to spend a large amount of time finding new and interesting facts about what the world was before, which in turn left a large impression on him, and is, for the most part, what molded his personality.

    One day, he was pondering the nature of the war, and decided that... Unfortunately, the only way he could contribute to society was to help take Earth back. By the time he was finished in training... He got thrown into the 336th. He did well in training, but has yet to prove himself in battle.


    Any edits I should make?
    (Sorry about the delay.)
  14. No its fine, though odd choice in TSF, not that its a bad choice, just guess his F-18 will be a later addition if he gets one, approved, leaves a couple more to wait on. I'll assume he's on loan to the UN directly.
  15. welcome to the battlefield.
  16. Will attempt getting this up by wednesday (maybe sooner if we are waiting not on enough to need a delay.)
  17. @Zombehs @Astros is all thats left to wait on. Astros will have his done tomorrow. Look for this to be in IC by then or Wed. as preplanned. If anyone would like to make sapre bios or such or would like the start tomorrow, please let me know.
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