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  1. So far interested we have @Astros @EmperorsChosen @Deathwatch101 @Akashi , and of course, I @RedArmyShogun , were already interested so the RP is a go, thought I would not mind taking on others.

    Once the interest check was up I said I would inform the following, @MixedUpGuy  @Daws Combine.

    Anyone else that would like to join or show an interest is all but welcomed, given how TSF's operate a unit of up to 12 characters or even byond is fine. Not that I expect that many bios or players, least I would prefer that many players so much as bios.

    For those of you wondering what Muvluv is Muv-Luv Wiki well there you go. If you have questions or need details please ask, but it is a lovecraftian inspired RP in terms that humanity is helpless CHOMP bait, by the BETA; Beings of Extra Terrestrial origin which is Adversary of human race. BETA are not pretty cool guys, they will eat your waifus and do not under any circumstance, afraid of anything.

    These Alien invaders have had humanity on the ropes, harvesting us and all other manner of carbon based resources and life, and will not stop short of anything other than the total destruction of mankind, who combats them in a very loose unified front, from Mecha called Tactical Surface Fighter. Which are named after and somewhat based on real Earth aircraft.

    Currently the Year is 2004 an picks up from where the LN and VN left off with the death of the Superior in the Alternate Timeline and an operation to beat the now weakend BETA with an invasion of Europe, following in the wake of the Liberation of Easter Siberia, Korea, and Central China from the Alien Invaders grip.

    We will be part of a UN special purpose unit made up of various national TSF's operating as a distraction, and eventually Hive Assaults. While this is bare basic details, rest assured I have more in mind.

    But it won't be that easy..the average survival rate for a pilot is eight minutes, if you survive past that you'll likely live for awhile yet. Also an alien threat that has reduced the human population from Four Billion two a little over one, and has overran the Moon and all of Eurasia, is not to be taken likely. But at least you aren't a poor tanker or Infantryman whos idea of a "fantastic Defense" is surviving for more than Three minutes; In terms of Technology, Muvluv is one of the lowest tier of scifi based mecha, with only Patlabor ranking on par or below

    Add in to this the fact the Human race has not been unified by this threat, plots against each other, and the Soviet Union and USA are the principle power players, and a world of betrayals and pilots being political chess peices, opens a door that can only lead to some form of depression. The main purpose of this interest check is two fold;

    One, to gather up my interested Rpers, plus any in general pop, and to answer questions related to the Lore and setting. Honestly if you have no knowladge of the Muvluv universe, it would be better you ask things than for me to make out a huge FAQ

    And lastly, Two; I and the others will be using this to discuss mechanics. DEATH is a very real thing in this universe, and there is an array of Pilots and TSF's we need to discuss which nationalities, or at least branches, TSF generations, and stating will be used.

    I personally am in favor with the 100 stat count dice being used at the end of a players turn to decide the fate of the TSF, followed up with a three strike Policy, damage will varry by the direct values inflicted, and so as not to disuad anyone, you will get a fourth "escape" roll. If RNG shits on you four times in a Row...well..CHOMP.

    Of course the problem is factoring in if the TSF factors in, pilot ability alone, etc etc, and if we want an offensive or counter offensive roll, or rolls to be defensive only and based on a flat factor, or the options between a dodge roll or a impact one. Also it needs to be taken into account that it will take me a couple of days even if I work solidly on this to make the RP a reality, which rest assured I will.

    But as an example, an Elite pilot in a top line TSF, like the Type 0, Su-47, or fandom Pak-Fa will have a roll of say oh..95..maybe 93. If they roll past that, in the BETA reaction or that users next post, damage will be delt, while a recruit in a 2nd gen TSF will likely have a lower number and thus more chance of being damanged, of course we could do away with the dice, and Myself, or some others could given our knowladge of the franchise allow players to RP as they wish, but punish stupid tactical choices, such as trying to hide from the BETA, or firing past an allied melee TSF. Mind you this is a very rough idea as of now, and I know Death's thoughts but I would like to hear others as well, before I go off building this.

    There also may be other questions or points those who are interested may have, or could have in regards to the setting

    Regardless would like opinions and to find a system we all can live with, and to see if any one else on Iwaku is interested in joining this.
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  2. I am interested. But I'll say this. I am not quite fond of the dice system, though in this case it may as well be interesting, but then again if we go with your other option, the "trust" system, as I like to call it, would work in regards of stupid tactical situations. Anyhow, I dont mind either.
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  3. @Akashi I'm not against using a trust system honestly. I'll go with whatever the Majority would like. I'll have my work cutout with making the glossary and story index anyways, stats or none, won't add or take away much from what all I need to do.
  4. Looks good to me, count me as interested.
  5. Very well, I'm still waiting to hear back from a view on if we'll be using a roll system or a "Honor" system, will begin some of the background work in terms of TSF's now.
  6. Im in of course ;P
  7. I think a mix would be sufficient with a bit more emphasis on the roll system. Though, that may be more work than it's worth so I'm in favor of the dice. Let our fates rest in the hands of the RNGWheel.
  8. Well if we use the "Honor system" nothing really happens on my end.

    So right now before I work on this there are more or less three questions I want opinions on, or you can add your own really.

    One in regards to TSF's I plan it to be multinational, however there are dozens of TSF's so short of national TSF's which will be in, should we have one type for each recruit or rather exp level/ ranking; As in Tier One Tornado, Tier Two F-15, Tier Three Eurofighter Typhoon.

    Or Option two, one TSF type for Ace Pilots, one for the Rank and File. IE, the Pak-Fa and Mig-29s. Or some other suggestion?

    Question two, well thats the, dice, or free roam. Which I've been asking about.

    Question three, the first site I attempted this on we were aflight group with three flight teams, and the missing spots filled with NPC's, would you be interested in keeping this, or everyone in one squad?
  9. I would like for us to start off with standard TSF's with the option to have a specific type later on if we survive etc.

    Two - Dice pretty please

    three - Id go with one Squad depending on the numbers of a subunit that makes up multiple squads that deploys its members for multiple objectives etc.
  10. ... The chance at an A-10C draws my tentative interest.

    Given our characters have been assigned to a specialized unit, I'm guessing most of them have already overcome the Eight Minutes of Death and some might very well be veterans?

    That aside I don't think the TSFs need to be too harshly limited. Models like the F-22A Raptor or Takemikazuchi should obviously be far off-limits, but I don't see anything wrong with other 3rd Generation TSFs like the Type-94 Shiranui or the EF-2000 Typhoon.

    Wouldn't mind a bit of dice either. As for organization, it depends on how much players there are, but if everyone does show then a squadron with two flights seems like it'll work.
  11. I would say in true muvluv fashion, most of them are veterns thrown to UN units to get them out of the way, or hopefully by some to get them killed.

    Other than that, you'll have a few green conscripts as well. Players I'll allow some leeway with what they want to be, minus orginizational roles and any Rank past 1st lt has to be cleared with me.

    I was going to make a glossary, but honestly it might be easier if we just have a little knowladge of the TSF's and I state clearly in the rules you have to use your nationalities TSF's or at least ones exported to them. And I could make a list of "approved" ones with ones that are restricted to rank and specialization, And for now we'll go with a One Squad set up with a 2nd based on vested interest.

    Given consensus so far supports dice, I'm figuring a 100 dice Roll..with we'll do a "Simulation" startin with a rookie if they roll past 80 it counts as a hit, 85 with a seasoned soldier..93 with an Elite..or maybe some other spread. IT seems like a lot but we had in my old attempt in the simulation a vet almost "died" on day one. He only didn't as I prematurely ended the Sim to take another look at my spread.

    I welcome any other suggestions in regards to percentages and how much detail I should put up in regards to the TSF's.

    Other than that people may make as many bios as they can control, for now I'm just making the Regimental Commander, and a XO or Flight leader at least.

    Once we iron out a few more details or collect a few more opinions I'll commence work on this, and I wouldn't mind having an A-10 Around, gives the Grapplers something to be pissed at.

    On review my numbers may have been 80-85-90 or 85-90-95, with tactical errors and damage subtracting from the safe factor.
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  12. I vote for the trust system.
  13. Well if the rest of you have suggestions please make them heard now, I aim to work on this today or tomorrow..
  14. Well it seems on common concensus we'll be going with Dice Rolls for damage dealt to TSFs, it will be a rather simple system for anyone involved, and you'll be somewhat lucky with it.. I'll be running the numbers through a RNG calculator in advance seeing what screws people over the least, we'll also do a test mission to see how well the system works in combat, if it fairs poorly then we'll switch to honor system.

    Anyways I'll try my best to have the RP or CS's up today if not by mid week if time allows.
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  15. Events took longer than expected today. I will be working on the rp what bit I can, look forward to the IC some time tomorrow, I'm sorry for the Delay.
  16. no problem we can run with axes soon ;P
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