INTEREST CHECK Mutants, in MY Fantasy?!

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  1. Really stop and question yourself. What happens to a fantasy world if magic had certain effects on the world around it due to prolonged exposure? Surely there ought to be something that would happen to a chunk of the population?


    Welcome to the realm called Stenata. The world is growing everyday, mirroring our own Earth's 1800's, though granted, people still do battle with swords and shields, but, firearms and explosives have been gaining popularity though, and there are even a few gunslingers. However, one of the greatest things you could have is knowledge of at least one spell. A person who could master the near impossible task of memorizing entire sheets, to an entire spellbook was considered as deadly as the man who could kill with one bullet, or eviscerate you with those twin blades.

    Perhaps your fingers are like flint. You can ignite things, and cause sparks. Or, maybe you've been gifted with a tongue that lets you speak to your fellow lizard. Or, maybe it goes above and beyond, and you can make certain objects appear (pointy objects, or maybe smoke and literal mirrors?)

    Regardless what you can do, there seems to be an animosity against people who are born with these special talents, rather than learning them by practicing from scrolls, or shooting out/slicing up desert rat-zards with a rifle or some melee weaponry in town, or back home on the farm.

    That's why they're banding together for a better future. And to understand magic as the warlocks and witches seem to know them so well, as long as they get past the discrimination, and all the other obstacles that stand in their way...