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  1. Welcome To The News (open)

    Nobody can be exactly sure when the first super mutant appeared, and even reports among pro-mutant organisations are mixed. Some claim that the first originated on the battle fields of the first or second world war, some towards the end of the Vietnam war. The aftermath of Chernobyl and other nuclear accidents are popular theories among non-mutants, although usually dismissed by scientists. Other sources of radiation has also been suggested, particularly after the colonization of Mars, as well as pollution and global warming affecting the human gene pool somehow.

    All that is known is that fifteen years ago, Elaine Deveraux walked into the Île de la Cité, Paris and killed several hundred people with a massive discharge of electricity. After killing several police officers, she surrendered with the claim that this would be the first in a series of revenge attacks. While the authorities tried to cover up the true nature of the massacre, the attacks began. New York, London, Moscow, San Francisco, Washington, Tokyo, Melbourne, Sydney, Dublin, Berlin, Cologne, Milan, Rome, Johannesburg, Brussels, Dubai and Warsaw were each caught unawares. Each of these cities were targeted in the space of less than a week. These were not the only places to be targeted; in the space of two weeks, virtually every semi-developed country in the world had reported attacks by terrorists that didn't discriminate against any one race, gender or religion.
    Of course, the efforts of those mutants that chose to fight on the behalf of humanity were largely ignored, and treated with the same fear and suspicion as their terrorist counterparts.

    Humanity's one advantage was that they outnumbered 'non-humans' at an average of 20 to 30 to one. The super human rebellion as it became known, was crushed in less than two years. With the help, forced and voluntary, of super mutants, weapons to fight and prisons to hold their peers were built.

    To be a mutant became all but a crime, and in most countries, the complete removal of your human rights. All possible mutants are required to be registered at birth, and expected to carry a licence after your 16th birthday. Mutants are segregated from humans, from schools to nursing homes. It is illegal for mutants to marry and virtually illegal for them to have children. Mutants and humans cannot marry, and in many places sex between a human and a non-human is also illegal, and where it isn't, it's a strong taboo.

    The Mutant Legion is the most well known of pro-mutant organisations. They are obviously strongly pro-mutant and are the loudest voice in speaking out against the treatment of so called 'non-humans'. While originally founded in support of the attacks on regular humans, they have become far less openly violent in recent years. However, they secretly fund the training of young super humans and mutants, and have even been known to create them costumes and weapons. They do not, however, support 'good' or 'bad' and refuse to recognise a difference between hero and terrorist. They are mostly made up of mutants, but the occasional human is allowed to join their ranks as well.

    In recent years, mutants fighting each other in the streets has become incredibly common place. Typically costumed, or at least wearing masked, some fight for the sake of humanity, trying to prove that they are not monsters or sub-human, some simply are out to cause chaos and disruption. Few people actually care about the victors of these clashes; although rarely broadcast, they are quickly becoming public entertainment for those in the know.

    [Any questions or queries? Please feel free to send me a PM and I'll be happy to answer. :)]

    The Rules (open)

    • Please play nicely. No god-modding, over-powering characters, human or mutant, mary-sues, gary-drews, squabbling or just being downright rude. We're all grown ups here.
    • Please try to keep things within reasonable limits. If you want to take things to the Mature section or to PMs, then do so at your own risk. Just keep it off the thread and away from the kids please and thank you.
    • Please be literate. Spell check was invented for a reason, and it's damn well easy to use too. If you can't be bothered to press the shift key or space bar, I can't be bothered to have you in my role play.
    • Please use photos, or other realistic images. If you are a costume wearing super, feel free to use HeroMachine or something similar to design your costume.
    • I want a good two to three paragraphs a post here. One or two liners will not be acceptable, use the OOC to plot more with others or use filler if you're really stuck. By forming plots and relationships with people, and being active in OOC you shouldn't get caught with writers block.
    • If you really want to reserve a power or a position, send me a PM if you don't have enough time to fill in a skeleton. Reserves will be held for 24 hours, with limited exceptions.
    • I reserve the right to ask you to change your powers. You may have multiple powers, but only as long as they're related. E.g, plant manipulation and poison generation, or technopathy and cyberpathy, but not telepathy and flight. Younger characters will only be allocated one ability.
    • Characters must be 17+ and preferably older. Characters under the age of twenty-three will only have one power. You may take more than one character, but they must be of the opposite gender. Or, if another player wishes to play a second character of the same gender as their first, you may pair up with them.
    • I reserve the right to add rules as I see fit.
    • Have fun! :)

    Mutant Legion (open)

    Neutral Group (open)

    Government Forces (open)

    Character Skeleton (open)
    Your name, please.
    [If any]
    Refer to the rules, if you please.
    Do you have an X or a Y chromosome? Or maybe not so straight forward...
    Mutant or Human?
    What floats your boat?
    Are you a member of a faction? Do you have a rank?
    [What's so good about your powers?]
    [Be creative here and use true disadvantages.]
    [How tall are you?]
    [Describe your physical build]
    Hair Colour:
    [Dyed or natural?]
    Eye Colour:
    [Natural if you please, unless there's a reason for it.]
    [Refer to the above rules. Include a written description as well.]
    [Two paragraphs roughly. Who are you, and where do you come from?]
    [Relationships with other characters, preferably not NPCs]
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  2. Can I just say the way you introduced the setting in such a natural way (off-hand comments in the news and about the colonization of Mars) was absolutely beautiful?

    That said, would it be possible for me not to include a picture?
  3. I am down for this

    Name: Sam Ebayan

    Alias: None

    Age: late 30's, 40s-ish

    Gender: Male

    Species: Mutant

    Orientation: Heterosexual

    Role: Independent Mercenary

    Power(s): Power Nullification

    Advantages and Disadvantages: Ebayan can temporarily neutralize any mutant power as long as he maintains physical contact with his target. Mutants touching him likewise have their powers neutralized. His nullification does not have a ranged component. It will passively protect him from direct applications of mutant powers (such as being shocked by a lightning bolt), but will not protect him from secondary effects (such as the ambient heat generated from lightning hitting his clothes or the street around him).

    Ebayan is also a trained soldier and mercenary of several years' experience. He is a skilled hand to hand fighter, an expert at most firearms and demolitions, and has a firm grasp of vehicular warfare and small group tactics.

    Height: 5'7"

    Build: 145 lb., lean and muscular.

    Hair Colour: Black

    Eye Colour: Brown


    Ebayan is small, lean, and muscular with short dark hair, dark skin, and brown eyes. He is usually wearing fatigues when on assignment, but prefers semiprofessional casual attire such as button drown dress shirts and slacks.

    Sam was born in the US to immigrants and grew up believing in the American dream of tolerance, hard work, and equality. He developed his nullification powers as an adolescent, but rarely needed them as there were fewer mutants at the time. Once the anti mutant sentiment started to break out, he initially involved himself with those groups trying to broker peace and equality. However, when some of the mutants started attacking humans, Sam realized that good and evil really didn't exist in the world.

    Jaded and disillusioned, he became a mercenary hiring out to both sides of the mutant question. His powers make him an excellent mutant hunter while his service record makes him a great candidate for attacks on human targets.

    As for himself, Sam is looking for that lost dream of equality and justice, so he can fight for something bigger than he is once again.
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  4. Why thank you. :)
    It would be indeed possible if you so wish. Just as long as you have the written description in place.
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  5. @Razilin
    Great! Welcome aboard!
  6. Of course! Thank you very much. :3

    Name: Robert Daloa

    Age: 20

    Gender: Male

    Species: Mutant

    Orientation: Straight

    Role: Eager recruit of the Mutant Legion, currently undergoing combat training.

    Power: Robert can transform the lower part of his arms (past his elbows) into black metallic points, like makeshift blades. The material is as durable as steel, able to withstand many blows before denting or cracking. His flesh and blood lies an inch or two under the metal-like surface, like the quick of a dog's nails, so if the blades are severed or otherwise heavily damaged, it can spell big trouble.

    Advantages: Robert has weapons wherever he goes, and his mutant ability is pretty easy to hide.

    Disadvantages: He is useless at long distances, and if his arms are severed, his power is gone for good.

    Height: 5'10"

    Build: Lithe and flexible.

    Hair Colour: Dark red, its natural color.

    Eye Colour: Brown

    Appearance: The first feature of Robert's that anyone sees is his hair. The left side is buzzed very short, while the right is done up in tall spikes that run down the side of his head, from his scalp to his ear, like a mohawk turned sideways. It feels dry from all the hair products he puts in on a regular basis. His brown eyes are framed by thick, expressive eyebrows, and his thin lips lend themselves well to twisted sneers. He is quite flexible thanks to running track and doing the occasional bout of urban parkour as hobbies. There is a small scar on his left cheek, and another right under the right side of his lips. As of today, he's wearing a black wifebeater with a few loose seams and large sweat stains, jeans torn artfully at the knees and thighs, and dark red sneakers.

    Background: Robert was a fairly normal kid most of his life, if you can excuse the extremely bad temper. He watched TV a lot, helped his family cook, did lots of sports at school, even collected coins from around the world (not that he'd ever let anyone see his collection). That all changed, naturally, at the age of seventeen, when his mutant powers first manifested. While his mother was also a mutant, able to extend her nails into formidable claws, and Robert himself had already been registered and carried his license everywhere just in case, his father was never told about the family history. Within a year of the secret's reveal, Mr. Daloa filed for divorce and moved away.

    Robert's mom, on the other hand, is a very understanding woman, and when her son expressed a desire to join the Mutant Legion instead of going to college, she didn't argue. She could sympathize with the desire to make the world better for mutants everywhere, having had her life torn apart by the laws and culture surrounding them. Unfortunately, Robert's dad isn't the only person he's been missing since the incident. He was forced to break off contact with his best friend Frank, who still doesn't know about his mutant powers and is basically in the dark as to why Robert suddenly stopped talking to him.
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  7. How many are you looking into having in the group absinthe? Also, if we are getting predominantly pro mutant players, my char will default to getting hired by the mutant legion
  8. I could create an anti-mutant character if you like.
  9. I am good with pro mutant
  10. I'm waiting for four to five characters to start, but I'll continue accepting character sheets after IC opens. :)
    My character will be pro-mutant with technopathy and cyberpathy, but I might also add an anti-mutant character as well, to give you a heads up.
  11. Hey, Absinthe: remember our hero RP in the Mature section? This looks like a great place to bring back Fallout if you'll have him.
  12. @Quiet One

    I do. My apologies for letting that one go; I was going through some personal issues and it slipped my mind completely until recently. ^^''
    But I'd love to have Fallout back if you would.


    Welcome to the RP. :)
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  13. No hard feelings from my end. I understand. And was wondering about another character, too, though not one from our previous RP. Something for this one. Maybe under neutral or government forces.

    Might not be able to post either sheet this week, though, so I beg for patience. Posting's really rough for the summer.
  14. Sure thing. Go for it.
    I understand, I'll hold two places for you until you're ready.
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  15. is this still open to join because if so im in
  16. @Akuma
    Sure, if you've read the rules, like the plot and have a character in mind.
  17. Are you a senio member of the legion, a new recruit to the government task forces? Its mostly up to you. :)
  18. It would depend on factors such as when she joined them, her relationship with her peers and maybe even her power set.

    The heads of the legion would be in their 40s and 50s, some younger and plenty older.
    Senior lieutenants and commanders early 30s to 40s, maybe some late twenties.
    Lieutenants would be in their mid to late 20s, depending on plenty of varying factors.

    A lieutenant, maybe on their way up through the ranks might suit you, although its completely up to you. :)
  19. I apologize for any mistakes, this is my first roleplay and I'll be on my phone for the week. ^^'

    Name: Christopher Solas

    Alias: known as Phoenix

    Age: 26

    Gender: Y chromosome, Male

    Species: Mutant

    Orientation: Bisexual

    Role: Just joined the Legion

    Power(s): Fire manipulation

    Advantages: Very destructive, can create fire from the air (using science), can be used defensively. Immune to heat, flesh is fire-proof.

    Disadvantages: This isn't really a disadvantage, but if Christopher overdoes his power (not letting himself cool down after a certain amount of fire manipulation) he will go into Overdrive and he will pretty much explode and burn everything in a 10 mile radius. His body heat is always above average and he wears fire-proof gloves most of the time because if he gets too excited or frightened, anything he touches will start to melt. Because of his immunity to heat, he can never maintain a stable body temperature and he will get extremely bad headaches if he is in too cold of an environment. So with his high body temperature he will get sick or have horrible body pains if he is in a climate that may be too cold for his body.
    Height: 6"3

    Build: Tall and lanky, but he does have quite the muscle. He's got thinner legs and some call him a grasshopper. He's got big hands and big ears.

    Hair Colour: A rusty, wine-red. Dyed. Natural color is black.

    Eye Colour: Dark brown, but when he uses his powers they'll become gold mixed with slivers of brown.

    He's got a dimple on the right side of his mouth and he smiles a lot. Most seem intimidated by his tall stature, but he's more of a goof with big ears.

    He typically wears all black unless given instructions otherwise. Usually a black trench coat, v-neck shirt, black jeans, and combat boots. A silver 8mm pistol is strapped to the inside of his coat in case of emergencies. He likes to dress classy otherwise, donned in a slim black suit and black glasses. He likes to think he's the spy 007.


    Has this tattoo on his arm, running up to his neck.
    also wears a silver pendant that looks like a phoenix, hence his name.

    Background: Christian was born to Korean parents in New York City. His mother worked for the government and she had hoped her son would not turn out to be a mutant, though the chances weren't very high. It seemed to be on everyone's mind. His powers appeared at the ripe age of seven and his mother truly feared for his life. First it was the occasional spark that ignited in his hands when he clapped them normally, to distorting metal after only a few minutes of contact. He had absolutely no control over it and after nearly burning the kitchen down when he was ten, his parents had to make a decision. His powers were not developed enough and he had no way of controlling them. Christian felt something weird about him and he began cutting himself off from the other children. When he was eleven, more quiet and reserved, his family made arrangements for him to stay with a couple in the Legion. Christian always had dreams of working for the Government and he didn't really understand why he was leaving his parents, but he was told he would be in a better place and he could come back when he was 'taught.'

    So he tried going to school like a normal teenager, wearing gloves to protect himself and others in case he got too out-of-hand with emotions. The couple, who were both mutants, tried to teach him how to control his powers. He kept in contact with his parents occasionally, but he had to keep working more. As a full adult now, he joined the Legion after many inner debates to follow his dream and work for the government. He's currently a Junior lieutenant.

    Relationships: He likes to ask Lily for any kind of advice.
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