Mutant and Proud

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  1. In a world with no x-men,avengers, or fantastic four you're part of a mutant team trying to save the world from destroying itself. Only problem is, your powers suck, I mean really suck,but somehow you make it work.

    Rules: Powers must be super crappy or super silly. Minimal swearing.

    Although she may have not been Wolverine with his fantastic claws, or Iron Man with his billion dollar suits (Rest in Peace you bad-asses) she still thought she could be a decent hero with the powers she had been given. Her gift: talking to chairs...well not really talking technically, more like sensing. She'd place her around the object and it would spill all the dirty little secrets of the person whose butt had been there. Unless the chair was a little prick and didn't feel like talking,sometimes chairs were just douches like that. So when Lana had been approached by a rag-tag group of mutant rejects who wanted her to join their little resistance against the anti-mutant government, of course she said yes. They had no name, but their mission was simple, help mutants around the world.
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  2. When Quark got the kick to the butt and was thrown out of his home, the rejected mutants had accepted him with open arms. Or so Quark would like to claim if it wasn't because he actually had turned the messenger's saliva into guacamole by mistake. Apparently people don't appreciate free dipping, but then again, perhaps Quark should have learned his lesson after he got the kick for doing the same thing to his step-dad. Still, the anti-anti-mutant government moment could use people like Quark and he had lived with them for months now.
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