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  1. Mutagenetix

    Basic Information about the RP: (so you don't have to read the rest of the thread if the genre/idea is not to your liking)

    - Genre: Fantasy/Supernatural => Mutants
    - Atmosphere: Serious => Suspenseful/Grim/Thriller/Mystery/Action/ etc. etc.
    - The time-setting => Present/Modern Times
    - Starting Location => Imprisoned in an unique facility, named "Mutagenetix"
    - Our characters => Imprisoned mutants
    => Imprisoned people who are subjected to "tests" which will eventually result in mutasis (Becoming a mutant)

    Starting Plot/Story:

    - We all start out imprisoned in the facility, where we are being treated like labrats. Subjected to all kinds of tests on a daily basis. There aren't many of us and we have never been in contact with one another, in any way. Completely isolated from eachother and unknowing that there are others going through these ordeals aswel, we endure our situation in our own ways. Some might have just arrived, some might have spent years or even their entire lives in the facility. Either way, one day, while being stashed away in our customized and unescapable cell...Our savior appears before us.

    The unknown person enters every single one of our cells at the same time, unknown by one another considering we don't even know of eachother's existence. He proceeds to speak in a calm and reserved manner, speaking of escaping this cell...This life. We all leave our cells and follow the man to a large circular room. That is the first time we will see eachother and realize we were not alone.

    Then the man starts to speak again, after each clone of his vanishes into thin air, and only one version of him stand in the center of the room. He explains to us in the same calm way as before, as if he has all the time in the world, that the facility is owned by the governement and that we will be hunted until we have been erased from this world. He also informs us that this facility is not unique, there are others out there like this one. He tells us that he has saved many of us already, but not all. After explaining more details and answering questions, he ends by saying these few words.

    " If you want to survive, if you want revenge...Come to this location: The Crimson Marsh. "

    Without explaining where that is, how to get there or where they are located right now....He vanishes.

    Afterwards the center of the room spirals open into a passageway, which we will follow, throughout the remainder of the facility. In each corridor and each room...Horrible sights can be seen of the slain guards, doctors and assistants. Most of them are so mutilated that they are unrecognizable, with blood everywhere, we make our way to freedom.

    We had no clue of the events we were about to get ourselves into.

    This, is Mutagenetix!


    Who's in?

    Also, don't forget everyone's encouraged to input advice/ideas/etc. aswel as ask any questions you might have.

  2. I'm interested!! This sounds like it'd be a great rp!
  3. yes!!! :D
  4. Very interested~ :3