Music's place in the modern world

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  1. Carrie

    "I'll be okay. I promise." I offer her a pained smile and make my way out the door. I worry that with the shock flooding out of me that the pain is going to get worse and I might faint, but I'm not going to have that happen. I've had far worse.

    I hobble outside and into the yard, squinting my eyes as the sun blared into them. Hospital...there's one a block or two away from here. This is going to be the longest block of my life.


    He tells me he's alright so I just snuggle into his coat like it's a blanket. "I think he cares about that Winnie girl a lot. I think she's in really good hands." I smile gently. I don't know either of them that well, but they seemed nice. Winnie was a bit of an eccentric, but there was almost something charming about it I suppose.

    He pats my head again and I smile up at him "Oh...thank you so much." I laugh softly "I think it's quite sweet that you think of me that way."


    "But the mush!" I tease her as she leaves and I wait downstairs for her. I hear footsteps again and I bite my lip as I pretend to ignore the fact that he's there. I can smell the smoke and I hold my breath. Again the footsteps vanish and I sigh in relief.


    "No no." I shake my head "I don't think I'm being too harsh. I think I'm being fairly honest." I admit with a small chuckle "I don't like me all that much." I say lowly "And part of that is entirely my fault."
  2. It really depends on the music, to be honest. If you're listening to Public Enemy to be entertained, you're probably barking up the wrong tree. I listen to many different kinds of music, for many different reasons. I particularly enjoy songs about political activism. Songs that make you think, rather than something to numb the brain with.
  3. Blizzard

    "It could have hurt a lot more people." She claimed. She remembered Reaper jumping in because she thought she could help someone and she grimaced.
  4. Both true, but most music in unsuited to that task and seems to me to be created simply to be sold.
  5. John

    He chuckled and pulled up the schematics for the building. "If you don't want to go into the ducts, you can just be a look out if you want." He handed her an ear comm and activated his. He ripped the grate off the vent and entered it.
  6. Music is my anti-psychotic. It screams in my ear so you don't have to.
  7. Dae'liska deLouve


    ~Born as: 'Bel' - Bellady Daelaine (Surname witheld)

    : Woman.
    Age: 26
    Home Region: Unibos
    Role: Tracker/Hunter, Force-Bourne Earth.
    Magic: Earth.
    Mostly useful: shelters, footholds/hand holds, hunting and food sourcing. She can toss the ground around and shape the earth into lances or barriers in times of battle.


    Big and imposing, icy-blue eyed, sandy blonde-headed girl with pale, yet sun-kissed skin. Taller than most men. Long legs for running, sturdy frame for endurance, muscles to spare. Kindly smiling face when at rest. Scowling and clenched jaw when cautious. Dead calm when taking that killing shot. Usually seen wearing a headband, of which she has numerous and various types and styles. And even though she ties it up when necessary, she loves to have her hair wild and flowing. Whereas others would love to wear custom/forged jewellry, Bel loves to adorn herself with curious natural bits and baubles that were 'given to her by nature.' Likes to show off her muscles and will wear revealing tops when given opportunity.


    ~Bow and standard arrows. Lovingly cared for, crafted and carved. Given to her by an expert Woodsperson, her Aunt Melliska, also a renown fletcher and bowyer. Highly prized and valued.
    ~Standard club however reinforced with iron bindings and weighed to suit her style and strength. ~Standard buckler, vambraces, light body armour and shin guards.
    ~Hunting/survival gear - complete with bedroll, warm gear, torches and tinderbox
    ~Music and light box - a small lovingly carved un-ornnamented oak box. Enchanted so that it shines a dancing light and plays 3 songs sung to her by her mother.


    +A bit wild but still motherly - Capricious as a sea breeze, untameable like a storm, not without charm, Bel dances to the beat of her own drum and reacts and acts according to her whim. But still if you are looking for someone to rely upon, someone who has your back and watches out for you, someone who will always consider the details, this is the woman you seek.

    +Quick thinking - This goes hand in hand with her capriciousness and somewhat unpredictable nature. Not only does she have amazing reflexes, but she will react or initiate where most others will freeze or expect another to 'Somebody, do something!'

    +Kind and respectful - But of course she is. It was how she was raised and how she views the world; 'How you expect to be treated is how you treat others.' / 'Consider not just the details of the moment but the results that will shape the future.' / 'It is easer to attract a bee with honey...'

    +Nature-loving - This goes without saying; she will go out of her way to protect the natural environment and all her denizens where she can.


    -Proud, over-protective/territorial and Overbearing - being passionate and emotionally bound to people, places and things make her feel proud of what she does. But that pride crosses into the territory of being overly sensitive or territorial of what she deems 'hers.' And of course as with any mother, sometimes too much mothering is just too much smothering.

    -Will not kill up close - at a distance she will take down the target in cold blood. But up close is another matter. This is her 'Somebody, do something!' moment. Her up close and personal combat style has adjusted to a mostly defensive/wear down set of tatics, striking only to incapacitate; even hunted game she will only kill from afar. She is a big, strong and powerful girl but something about seeing the eyes of a newly dead thing..? She has some kind of unresolved issues

    -Flirty with the girlies - That kind and respectful way of hers is tested when it comes to the beat of her heart and the heat from her between her thighs. Most women rebuke her advances, but the ones who go along with her flirtations and innuendos...? Oh yes, but do they do come for the liquor...

    -Vendetta vs. nature abusers - What else would you expect from a nature lover.


    Born into the noblisse upper class of Unibos, Bel and all her siblings had all doors and opportunity unlocked and ready for them at a young age. Of course they learned the proper ettiquette and mannerisms that should befall the proper children of an elder Councilman and wife. Their family had a reputation to uphold afterall. But young Bellady being young Bellady, this girl found ways to circumvent or even outright forsake her familiy's traditions with an over-active mind and passioned heart.

    And so like what any kind and sweet yet forgivably unruly girl would do, Bel took to the forests beyond their estate. For she would seek out their aunt, Melliska, sister to their councilman father. She was a woodsperson herself and like her niece she too was gifted with being Bourne with the Force of Earth. And so while not exactly preferrable, Bel's parents allowed their little girl to 'play in the forest' under the watchful eye of Auntie Mel. But little did they know about the kinds of games Auntie Mel was teaching her little niece... or should one actually say; they had no idea what their daughter was taught as apprentice to Ranger Melliska of the Elisabeta Woods.

    Little Bel was mentored in the ways of a true forester. Of course all lessons of a ranger she would be taught; and of course, she would she excel. But what impressed Auntie the most was the girl's nature sense coupled with her sense of respect; wise beyond her years was this one, no doubt. And with such such desirable traits being fostered and well-recieved, Auntie knew that her little apprentice should be taught the ways of a Force-Bound Earth weilder. And so she did teach Bel, however she soon learned that Bel was quickly surpassing her own skill using the Earth magics. And she soon learned that Bel was quickly surpassing her own skill as a Ranger. Oh, how proud was Melliska, oh how so very proud indeed!

    But as things do happen, nothing good can last forever.

    The councilman, father to Bel, brother to Mel found himself in some rather hot water regarding property purchases in neighbouring Jerule. Apparently his reputation was one of ill-regard in some circles and that being the case, many political rivals, enemies even, had placed a target on his back. Now whether or not the brewing scandal was created by his own hand or by mere accident was not of importance to Bel. Perhaps he was framed? That mattered not. What was of importance was that the sibliings were witnessing the beginning of the end of their family's regime and reputation. And oh, but was it ever taking a toll on mother. For even she was to be indicted for collusion with her husband for the crimes against Unibos.

    What exactly the charges were was, and, still is muddy territory to Bel, however, they were enough to put father behind bars... and but soon mother would follow too. The children would be damned if that were to happen. And so they took and hid mother somewhere; someplace safe and unknown. Yet all alone. For they needed to split up. Mother sent them off to find Melliska, for the Ranger held information that could every well free her councilman brother.

    The last person to see Melliska was Bel, and after that final meetup, Bel never again wanted to see anything die up close; she never wanted to ever be close enough to see the soul melt away from through the eyes of the recently dead, ever again.

    But the search was on and all their family's lofty hopes and dreams were dashed to the jagged rocks of humiliation below: mother alone, father incarcerated, siblings scattered, auntie missing.

    And so as time passed on, the girl filled out and bloomed one day into a woman under the pseudonym: Dae'liska deLouve. The first name is made from the name combination of her mother, Daelaine and her aunt, Melliska. The last name is that of the ruined township just outside her aunt's territory in the Elisabeta Forest. And upon her journey, she finally came across a lead but it ended up in a dead end.

    She did however, meet up with some crystal-hunting packmates, who soon became her friends while tracking down that lead. And she is contented to stay with them until another such lead to her find Aunt is discovered.


  8. Bingo. I don't have a degree, yet there are some who come and ask my opinion on things. I'm sure it's the same way with everyone here, whether you're talking about politics, cars, or the latest Stephen King novel. People may agree or disagree, however, and that's all a part of what makes us individuals.

    I'll listen to anyone's opinion, but I don't have to agree. :)
  9. Half the time knowledge of a field can kinda cloud an opinion.. Not that i'd want an opinion from anyone in the UK charts currently..

    I ended up listening to it on a car trip the other day and I swear in the top 20 there were all of 3 songs that weren't R&B.. I mean Britain used to be good at music, we used to have more than just samey rap songs with the girl doing a chorus and a guy half rapping over some sample.. -.- I miss rock..
  10. .-. It really depends on the genre for me, but I can't help but be attracted to a hot beat when I hear one. I tend to seek music that fits one or both of the following personal requirements: it's got a good beat, or, the lyrics are appealing and well-written. Often, these two interests will conflict, but I've managed to find both in some places other than the U.S. *Gives Vocaloid software shameless lurve* But more importantly, my point is that the beat and the background music and making it "sellable" is a process that can involve almost as much creativity and expression as the lyrics or message can, so music does still somewhat serve as a creative outlet, but (admittedly) also does serve as just something to dance to in my mere opinion.

  11. Animal: Womperfei

    Environment: Catacombs, dry areas in lower cavern

    Danger Level: Potentially Fatal

    Short Description: Do not be fooled by their cute appearance. Womperfeis are skittish and prone to lashing out if they feel threatened. Their backs are covered in a shell of thick, sturdy, overlapping bluish-green scales. It takes a lot of force to break that shell (equal to that of a shotgun), while it also functions as warmth and shelter. Other than attacking, Womperfeis will also burrow some ways into the dirt and curl into a ball, camouflaging themselves as a boulder or moss. Keeping them as pets is heavily discouraged.