Musician's choice, Artist's demise. Children....wait, what?

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  1. Summer had rolled around in the city of Fort Collins Colorado, the mountains peak destined to be forever in the shadow of a large town built of concrete, steel and order. A slight breeze rolled by, sending chills up several people's spines as they walked down the road of the city. But in a smaller part of the city, there was a nicer part of town, beyond the huge buildings and nightlights. Mid afternoon would rise around in this quaint little suburb of sorts, the mountains to the south, cliffs and valleys to the north and east. Brick houses, lined in rows. All different shapes, rooms, colors, sizes. All each with several families in each one, men, women, children they all adorned their own homes fairly well. All seeming quiet; but the whirring grind of machines would unfold; drills, hammering, wrenches and more would unfold in the midst of all of it. A female's eyes peering from a house across the way; stern lavender colored hues would look behind the peeking curtain of a home, almost a maroon and purple colored locks would hang to frame the hues, as well as a thin-framed pair of deep black glasses. It wasn't, well... not normal for people to stare, especially since the female had just recently moved in... unassuming of other people. She wasn't sure who was who, or what was who, or who's house was who's.

    A car, would sit outside the home of a man, a younger man played around as a grease monkey along the driveway of his home; messing in the insides of the car, chipped paint as well as several shards of metal and rust hung from the car, it looked recently wrecked. If not recent, he had been doing a lot of well earned work toward it. The female would watch, her eyes looking forward as the whirring would stop, the pounding would cease. Until she heard the familiar sound, acoustic strings being taken into familiar fingers. Living right next door, the female sighed and shook her head as she closed the curtain. Pacing back and forth along her kitchen. The wooden floor leading to a sink full of dishes. Until she heard the familiar tone of a guitar, the strumming. Her ears would burn as she walked forward. Her door being open to allow a cool breeze through the living room.

    The female's curvy frame would stand at the doorway, her body adorning a pair of fitted jeans, a old, white t-shirt, a worn, blue jean jacket placed itself around her frame; a pair of old gardening boots and a apron caped around her waist. A smile buzzed against her ears, the woman nodding her head. She enjoyed it, the tone of the music. Her eyes would peer over to the clock on the wall, a smile drifting across her cheeks. It was almost time for her daughter to get off the bus from school; which would be the perfect opportunity to greet the male, the female only moving in recently and not knowing anyone. Grabbing a plate of cookies, the female exited her home.

    Her frame would move to walk outside the door, shutting them both behind her. Her house was nice, a light cream color with a deep green hue to the shutters around the house. The red brick accenting the auburn trimming. Their yard and driveway fairly large. The music's tone grew louder and louder to the female's ears, her stature swirling around the grass as she walked closer to the male's drive. Noticing his figure appear from inside his garage. The female would stand, waiting at the base of the garage by the car, her eyes closed as she listened to the music. He was good, really good. A well oiled machine to produce music. Raising a eyebrow slightly she moved forward more, gently knocking against the frame of his garage.

    "Excuse me?" The female would whisper, her voice sultry in nature. Her lips pouted with her eyes behind the frames. The woman was a sight for sore eyes, a lovely thing adorned in clothing, her hair falling right above her breast area.

    The truth was, she was there recently.. but not for the right reasons. A past full of haunting, all too familiar. The woman would hold the ceramic plate in her hand, chocolate chip cookies foiled inside it. Her body would lean forward into the garage a little. The loud music echoing into the street. He wouldn't hear her. She would step closer, knocking again against the frame, a little louder tone in her voice.

    "Excuse me!"
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  2. The mid-day sun hung overhead, but due to their location, the air remained cool--perfect weather one may say. This was a fairly nice neighborhood in town, all the houses pretty nice, modern built homes of brick, stone, and wood. Every yard was well kept--every driveway clean as a whistle...'Cept for one. A car sat, half in an open garage door, half out--the outside section was covered in a tarp, the front half uncovered to show an open engine bay--and a very mangled fender. The entire car has damage--rust dust rained from the rear quarters, at least two of the tires was flat, one rim bent rather badly. If someone was good with cars and their body-lined, they may be able to tell the wreck under the tarp was once a Lexus SC300, red. Most of the damage done to the car was on the passanger side. A man has been working on replacing the front clip--the engine out, and most of the front end taken apart. Long black hair hung over the mans face as he took a deep breath...he'd grab a rag--using it to wipe his hands before tossing it onto the core support of the car. He'd step into the garage--parked inside was a similar car to the one that was wrecked and under the tarp--a Lexus SC400, black, sitting low on nice rims. This was the same car--but with a bigger, V8 motor. Surely his daily. His garage was wide enough for two cars, and in the empty spot was a chair--next to it, a guitar...

    Cole looked over at the acoustic guitar, the man wiping his brow as he stepped over to the seat and instrument. He didn't say anything, plucking the box guitar from the stand it sat on, and took a seat in the chair. Plucking a nylon pick from the strings near the tuning hears, he strummed it once--reaching up and tweaking one of the tuning pegs. He strummed again, this time the tone correct. giving him a smile. The guitar was black, glossy...plenty of pick marks from years of use. The man begun tapping the body of the guitar--a tempo...On cue he started playing, strumming and chording the strings, the sound echoing from his open garage and into the street.

    The sound started softly, but grew as the build up of the intro came...a smooth voice followed, gentle, emotional, lyrics from one of his favorite songs. "I pack my bags and say goodbye to my wife...for what seems like the millionth time.....They said it gets easier, but they lied." he sung, closing his eyes as he started getting into the song. He continued singing, voice picking up as he reached the chorus. "How am I supposed to be everything they expect me to be...when I feel so alone, cause I left my heart at home.... She needs me, but I know they need me too...So God, give me the strength to do... what you created me to do." he continued, bobbing his head to the music as he played. He got further into the song, about the time the woman would approach his garage, stopping at the door and listening to him play. He didn't hear her at first, continuing on--"If you miss me, I'm just a phone call away. Please be strong, be strong for me....I need you to show me how to change the inside of me...For my heart, for their sake. Be strong, be strong for me...." he sung, his voice becoming more emotional at the end...he stopped singing from that point, just playing out the rest of the song.

    As he about finished the song, he'd stop, ears burning with the words 'excuse me'. His eyes popped open, azure hues looking to the entrance to his garage. Standing next to the frame of the garage door was a curvy woman, Cole's eyes meeting with hers. He smiled, setting the guitar down and standing up. "I'm sorry, my music must've been bothering you. I'll keep it quieter." he apologized, assuming thats why she was there. He looked at her, noticing he'd never seen her before..."You must be the new neighbor next door?" he asked. "I'm Cole...Cole Silver." he added, smiling at the lovely lady.

    ((Music = Miles Away))
  3. The female's eyes would brighten, as a friendly demeanor justified him with a smile. She would smile back, the female shaking her head.
    "No, no no....Not at all.....Actually, it enticed me to come over here and listen. I seen the car in the driveway, and seen you working on it... and then I heard your...guitar. Acoustic, beautiful high gloss, worn at the neck though, you must play a lot. Your fingers are probably blistered unless you take care of them, but anyone knows that a grease monkey is usually good with his hands, so, I'm sure you have no problem with that." The female would smile, her eyes dimming to go into a smile. The female would awkwardly move, her feet shuffling beneath her as she handed him a open plate of cookies.

    "I know... it's kind of awkward, but it's a house warming... gift... thing, even though we're the one's who moved in, it's kind of tradition to welcome Allo...." The female would laugh slightly, her eyes mellowing as she listened to the male apologize. A sigh crossing her head as she would back away a little, placing her hand on the banged and rusted eaten car. Her fingers looking around as she heard the bus pull upward, toward the end of the road of the small housing village. A smile perking brightly on her face. It was the female's daughter, her lavender hues meeting, watching as a few kids, from around six or seven would get off the bus. School had ended for a day. All of them removing their back packs and running to their coordinated houses and parents standing at drive ways. Then a small girl, with brown hair cut into a small bob almost, looked forward. A flower pin in her hair, a little purple book bag would be strapped around the little one's shoulders as she seen her mother, the female waving to her by the car. The bright-eyed little girl giggled, her beautiful blue dress would shift in the wind, the little one reaching her mother as she was scooped up into the female's arms. The female's name was Kaira. Short for Kairatherine. Or "Katherine" in German, the woman hailing from Germany, a mix of Dutch blood in her as well, as ironic as it was. When she spoke a strong accent would come for, more Americanized as the years passed. She had moved to the states with her grandparents, her father would stay in Germany, after losing their mother to the birth of her baby brother. Also dying from birth complications. She would live in different cities, before growing up to move to Colorado after... personal circumstances.

    The little girl would shuffle in her mother's arm shyly, looking at the plate of cookies laying on the car. The little girl's name, was Astrid. She was the smartest in her class, age of seven. Going to be eight in almost two weeks. The mother would back up slightly, a smile graced on her face. "Say hello, Astrid luv'" The little girl would nuzzle into her mother's shoulder, the short-ish woman would smile a sweat drop forming of embarrassment toward her shy and angelic child.

    "I'm sorry..." She would laugh. "I apologize, she's...vary shy, ja. Om.. well. I just wanted to... compliment you on your playing... It reminds me of home.... And moving here, I haven't heard..., nor have I seen...people. Vwhich is....odd. So, it was nice to see a friendly face!" She paused again. "But... I'm glad we the cookies...." The woman would smile again, waving as she walked away with her daughter in her arms, walking next door. The plate would remain laying on the male's car, near under the hood. A short greeting, awkward at most from the German woman. But they were always backward, weren't they? Or maybe she just didn't want to bother the busy man; either way; she forgot her ceramic plate. Filled of cookies.

  4. Cole would listen to the woman, hearing her speak...he could tell she must have been German, at least partly, her accent gave that impression. Her smile was uplifting for the young man, but the rather deep-thinking young man could see a hint of pain behind the woman's smile. He blinked when she offered him the cookies--setting down the plate of cookies on the car, he watched the purple haired woman trace her fingers along the wrecked ride, turning to look out when the loud brakes of the school bus grinded to a stop. "Y-You didn't have to, ya' know." Cole said, looking at the plate of cookies--plucking one and taking a bite into it--smiling as he enjoyed the taste.

    This is when the child of the woman ran up and was scooped into her arms. The little girl seemed shy, hiding against her mother when asked to say hello. Cole smiled a bit at the mother as she spoke up again. He'd shake his head to her apology, there was none needed, but she shifted--complimenting his music as he took another bite from the cookie he'd grabbed. He wasn't exactly able to say anything before she suddenly turned. He blinked, trying to chew the sweetness of her baking faster as she left, heading next door. "W-wait." he said, but she was done already back to her house. He sighed, hanging his head. "D-didn't have to leave just yet." he said to himself.

    Cole turned, seeing the plate she'd left. He'd enjoy a couple more of her cookies--frankly it'd been years since he enjoyed some good home cooking...He plucked the plate from where she'd left it, and exited his garage. He approached the house next door, the woman's house...Cole wasn't exactly 'social' like this, him standing for a moment at her door before swallowing his nervousness and knocking. "...Maybe I should just...set the plate down and run back to my house....yeah. That works." he said to himself, thinking about it...but he may have found it to late.
  5. The female would carry her daughter inside the house, becoming less excited, the female would allow her daughter to place her book bag on their couch, the female smiling. Several boxes still remained around the different rooms of the house. Moments would go by, the female throwing her jean jacket on the couch, the living room suit a deep black suede almost, the feeling of a faux leather of sorts. Her back being exposed. Untainted skin. Her body was curvy; her hair leaning down to the middle of her shoulder blades, the female smiling as she would walk over to the large television, opening the cabinets beside it; putting on some music. A slow tune, enough to dance to and be sensual to, but the woman would smile as the cool sound released itself into her home. Until the sound of knocking burned her ears; the female would turn and walk closer to the door, turning the knob and peering out with a smile, her head turning.

    "Ja?" She spoke, her accent rolling off her tongue, the female's eyes looking up and down the man as she smiled in embarrassment. Her hand would cover her mouth as she smiled; pink hues casting on her cheeks and the bridge of her nose.

    "My plate.... I forgot it. I'm...uhm..." The female would hold her hand to gently take the plate, pressing it to her chest. The ceramic pressing her shirt onto her chest, the crumbs falling on the side of the pavement. The woman would pull strands of hair behind her ear, smiling. "Ah...thank you...Om....I didn't mean to bother you... a few minutes ago. I guess I just recognized the sound, and it reminded me of home...being home... and I liked it. Stupid, huh?" She looked down slightly, the female having a habit of apologizing. The woman going through a lot the last four years. Unused to the sensitive smile of a caring male. The young girl would be sitting in the living room, leaning over the coffee table as she practiced her homework. Looking over, she smiled shyly seeing the young man from before. Several pictures would hang on their walls, memories of the mother and daughter, paintings the mother did herself. To the right, there would be a staircase leading upstairs to their bedrooms, straight ahead would be a dining room; and kitchen as well as a separate wash room. To the left, there would be a play room; and a bathroom. They had three bedrooms, kitchen, dining room, wash room, and a complete basement and garage. The woman having a few different setups in the basement covered in carpet. She had a separate television, as well as another furniture suit, a pool table, a small room off to the side for painting and a microphone set up with a couple different guitars next to them in memorial cases from her father, the woman unable to play them except for a few random cords.

    They lived in a nice neighbor hood; horrible memories existing. This was a new start for her and her daughter, god knows they needed it.
  6. Cole was just about to drop the plate down and take off--but...the door opened, and he froze. The woman answered, her 'ja' crossing his ears. She noticed the plate he was holding, her's of course, and as she eye'd the man she blushed slightly. It made him unfreeze, frankly the woman embarrassed looking was beautiful--causing Cole to Smile. He offered her the plate when she reached for it, the woman hugging it to her bust as she spoke to him. He blinked, she was apologizing again, making the man throw up his hands, shaking them.

    "No no, its fine, no reason to apologize. Its not stupid, om...I'm happy I could remind you of home miss ah..." he froze up again, hand coming to the back of his head and interlacing fingers in flowing, somewhat shaggy but long raven shaded locks. "I never actually got your name..." he said, laughing nervously a bit with an equally nervous grin. Earlier she'd only mentioned her daughters name, never her own. "A-anyways. I figure'd...I'd return the plate, and I wanted to thank you...The cookies was amazing, I haven't had any good ol' home made treats or food in about 3 or so years" said the man, a hint of sorrow coming through the very last bit--about how long it'd been--it'd might've been a bit confusing, until he continued, tone quieter as he glanced off to the side, and down a bit. "Reminded me of my late wife's baking..."

    "Anyways, I'm sorry. Ah. I'll go ahead and get out of your hair..." he said, taking a step back on her porch, looking up to give the woman a smile...but he was fighting memories behind said smile. "T-thanks again for the cookies." said the young man, slipping his hands into his pockets as he stepped back once more, turning towards his house next door...
  7. The female's hues would eye the man as he told her not to apologize; her demeanor becoming friendly with a slanted smile, pressing her glasses to the middle-bridge of her nose; the sun glaring against the glass that they framed. Hues of changing color, a deep purple turned into a almost auburn tone throughout, with hints of green and blue. This meant she was happy; something she hadn't felt a genuine notion of in a long while. Until hearing the male's tone shift into discomfort and grief. "I'm happy to remind you of home" would burn her ears; another genuine smile coursing her lips from peak to peak. It was nice to talk to someone, frankly she wasn't able to talk for years and couldn't remember the sound of her own voice, other than to cry, scream or apologize.

    "Kaira..." The female replied, almost in a delicate toned whisper, "My name is Kaira." It was a exotic name, different. Much like her. The single mother would reach toward the man, gently placing her hand to lace fingers around his shoulder, but remembering and yanking away from him. "S-sorry...Uhm...Sorry... You don't have to leave. I was getting ready to...fix dinner... and well... I uh... I was wondering if maybe you'd like to...come in for a drink, or...m-maybe have food?" It was awkward, the way men and women meet. Both of them seemed awkward at the start, but already knowing names and slight pasts and what not. Deepening, the woman's eyes would look up again at the male, a slight shy and nervous smile crossed her path; her attitude coming out of her shell a bit.

    "I understand, we just met...and...I thank you for..returning the plate. Not many people are honest, but, if you would like, you're welcome to come in and stay... and eat...." The female would add, stepping back slightly against the door as to wait for the younger man's reply. He seemed gentle, caring and sweet. But also had a firmness to him; a protective feeling... Her eyes would roll slightly, wandering as she discouraged herself in her own mind, good going genius, type of deal. Worrying or not if she was coming off forward, or creepy.
  8. He was just about to walk off when his ear burned with her name, and he'd feel her hand gently land on his shoulder--him turning back just in time to see her yank her hand away. She spoke, again apologizing...probably for the awkward hand-on-shoulder a second ago. The man's jade hues perked open when she spoke of him not having to leave, an invite to stay for dinner or a drink. He didn't want to intrude, but the woman's shy smile would melt the young rockstar's heart. He's return with a smile, more real this time, unlike the weak one he'd just gave. "W-well...if I wouldn't be intruding...I was just gonna' work on the ol' wreck and order some Pizza...but a lovely woman's cooking sounds much better then delivery..." he said, a hint of a blush as he realized how he said that--calling her a lovely woman.

    He again slid his hand behind his head, laughing nervously. "Om. If its no problem Kaira, I'd love to stay for dinner, and maybe a drink." he said, turning fully back towards the woman and stepping closer, giving her another kind smile as he stood next to her on the porch. "Also...your name, its beautiful Kaira...Very fitting for you." said the long haired man. He was pretty tall, standing over her on the porch--and rather skinny too. He honestly looked like one of those young rockers you'd see tearing up the stage at some music festival, and thing is, thats exactly what he was.
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