Musician's Boy

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  1. Remi sat on the hard wooden bench in front of the dusty paino that he kept in tune. His hands floated over the keys as he played a soft, haunting melody. His eyes were closed and his body moved slowly to the rythymn that his hands found. The music was his escape, and it was a way for him to relax. It didn't matter that there were other places people would say he needed to be, this was the one place he wanted to be. Just here with his paino.

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    The music hall that was abandoned, that huge building ignored by most, unused and neglected to the point it actually fell apart, and it was also the perfect place to hide for anyone, not just the pigeons, just anyone. Or so the boy standing in front of the backdoor, thought. Touching them with the slim tip of his fingers while he looked for the handle, he had known many times about the place and about the way and reason it was abandoned, he sighed and looked over his shoulder, blinking and sighing a second time. He pushed them open and took a step inside, and then another, his footsteps echoing on the long pitch black hall leading to the main halls and thus the salon, a faint hint of music hit the every crack and corner of the place, but it didn't affect him, his ears deaf to the sounds of the world.

    He kept walking and looking around at run down posters and pictures of people who apparently were important, graffiti over them and around the walls on apparently random spaces. His eyes veiled by darkness closed when he opened the main halls's doors, and made his way to the salon, since they had been accustomed to the dark now. The sound of flapping wings and panicking pigeons made it's way to interrupt the songs played by the mainstream piano in the middle of the stage, all this the young boy ingnored, he only kept walking among the seats, unaware of the music and the scaredy birds around him.

    He kept walking around, the bag on his hand being practically dragged around, his dark red scarf covered most of his face, and the jacket and jeans, both black, only did half the job keeping him warm, his body smaller than your average teenager's his clothes did look a little bigger than him, and the long almost white hair also covered his face more, making it almost impossible to see his eyes from afar. All this only gave him the image of one runaway boy, and it wasn't like he wasn't it, he just didn't appreciate the term.

    "I should be fine here" he mumbled, sitting down with his back turned to the stage among a bunch of the seats, actually standing again and dropping his bag to begin to move them and arrange them in a way the back parts would serve as a sort of "roof" for him, probably to defend himself from the pigeons, who kept flapping their wings flying here and there like scared ants due to he loud noise the boy kept making with the moving and dragging of the chairs. Once done he sat down inside his "forte" and pulled over something from his bag, which then he used to cover to forte with, a very long dark blue blanket, his newmade home looked just like a very small refuge.
  3. Remi paused as the snap of wings reached his ears. He turned his head a bit and watched as a boy rearranged the seats, seeming not to really hear or see much around him. Hmm, looks like this sanctuary has become home to someone else. he thought before turning back towards the keys and starting a softer melody, one that was almost a lullaby. This last song and then I will go. His hands weave a sound that is whimsical like a child's imagination, and calming like the voice of a mother to a child.

    As the last note of the song rang out through the salon, he stood up, brushing his hands off on his slacks and turning to leave, picking up a small backpack that was resting against the piano stool. He turned to leave but paused as his eyes landed on where the boy had set up a small enclosure. With a small smile, he walked past and pulled a long blanket out of the bag, hanging it over the open door. It would keep some of the elements out for the boy so he wouldn't catch anything.