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  1. I want to share some of my music somewhere on here, and there are three places I could think to do it
    1. General Chatting - there's a music prefix in that forum
    2. Off Site Advertising - there's no way for me to upload my music directly to the forum (and embeds from the site I use aren't supported) so I'd be linking off site
    3. Writing & Art Museum - because it's technically art.
    Any advice on this would be appreciated!
  2. Music threads in General Chatting are usually about a specific topic related to music, and threads in General tend to get buried pretty quickly by the board flow there.
    Off-Site Advertising is generally for other RP sites. Unless you have your own website where you host your stuff, Off-Site Advertising probably isn't for you.

    Writing & Art Museum would be the most fitting place for your music, I feel. It's where members go to showcase their own work!
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  3. Thanks for the info, I'll post some stuff in there. I'm guessing in Showcases with the Miscellaneous prefix?
  4. You can either put it in showcases with miscellaneous as prefix, or you can use your blog. Both works perfectly fine for these kinds of purposes :)
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  5. One last question that I asked Fijoli, but she appears to be offline/busy right now:
    A few of my albums have adult themes and NSFW album art, should I put the links behind spoilers or is a notification in the description enough since there isn't a way for me to directly embed the media?
  6. If you put the pictures up on iwaku so they're visible here, you will have to put them into spoilers. If it's links, so the pictures aren't visible on iwaku, then spoilers won't be necessary, but you must put an NSFW warning before the links that has NSFW content.

    If you have the pictures up on another website, then you should be able to make them visible on iwaku by using the 'insert/edit image' button in the rich BB code editor, copy the picture webaddress and put it in there. Alternatively, use the code [​IMG](IMG) (/IMG) (And don't forget to change the ( to [ so the code works) and put the picture webaddress in the middle of the code. However, some sites won't let you copy the picture nor the picture's webaddress, thus depending on the site you're using, the codes might not be possible to use.
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  7. So would something like this "All of the albums have NSFW content of some kind, see warnings in descriptions for specifics" before all the links work?
  8. That's good :) As long as the warning is clear and visible and not hidden away so people might click the NSFW link before having gotten to the warning about it, it's good. (So putting the warning furthest down on the page when the links are on top would be a no no, as most people most likely will click the link before continuing reading the thread.)
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  9. Alright, I put up the thread. Here's the link, please let me know if there's anything I need to change (and check it out if you want).
  10. Everything seems to be okay ^^
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