*Musician Roleplay* + *Online Shenanigans Roleplay*

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Okay, the title lies. The + is actually an or, since fuck if I can legitimately manage two roleplays....Unless more than one person is interested, I guess I could do one with each.

:icon14:Having Skype is absolutely vital. My internet is way too screwy to rely on for adequate communication. Being willing to RP on there sometimes would be pretty helpful too.
:icon14:Being RP partners with me isn't like reading and finishing a book. It's more like getting a new best friend, and some of my roleplays can continue for a long, long time. They're sometimes more like just a collection of stories, making up a bigger picture or storyline.
:icon14:When it comes to romance it's very hard for me to get interested in hetero relationships, I'm so sorry. Please don't call me a yaoi fangirl or anything stupid like that, I haven't watched anime or read manga in years. I just happen to prefer gay relationships because straight ones don't tickle my fancy. And it'd be hugely beneficial if you could at least consider romance. I love it to death.
:icon14:I've been roleplaying a very, very long time. Seven years this month. I'd really appreciate it if you had at least a few years or more, but I'm not going to say no right off the bat just because you're a bit newer to the scene. Experience doesn't always equal ability.

Musician Roleplay;

Pretty straightforward and simple right now, don't have much thought out but I still love the idea. More or less it's just following the lives of two musicians, as the title suggests. They could be obscure or famous, be in the same band or in warring bands, lovers or worst enemies, rap or electronica, and just about every other cliche and tragedy to ever befall the music scene. I'd really, really love to explore how a relationship would unravel behind the scenes and even on stage. :heart: Just chat with me and we'll brainstorm!

Do not bother if you're an elitist hipster douchebag. I don't care how superior you think your musical tastes are, I'm not having any of that. All music is beautiful, no matter what it is. Characters, of course, are a different story since they're fictional and all.

Online Shenanigans Roleplay:

Straightforward...ish... Anyway, the idea is that there are two peeps that have known each other online for awhile through perhaps a forum or possibly even a dating site, maybe only for a few months or so, but have never actually talked or even webcammed, perhaps because they're too shy or that'd just be weird? Anyway, eventually they meet in real life and well...Interesting things happen.

I figure we'd roleplay their activities online for awhile before moving on to real life stuff, to build tension and all that. Maybe add solo scenes here and there to better zone in on their anxiety. Probably a fairly romance-oriented roleplay considering the setup, but I'd love to hear any ideas you have to add! It's shoddily thought out right now, obviously, but I still liked the setup and wanted to see if anyone else was interested.

Just hit me up whenever you can! I don't bite.
yes I do. gently, though. also I'm more partial to the first idea than the second...
Hey - I really like that first idea! And I'm definitely not an elitist hipster douchebag, though I did date one for a brief time. Anyway, I think it would be really interesting to see how their relationship blossoms on- and off-stage. Let me know if you're interested in playing with meee XD Oh, and I'm totally down with m// and romance.
PM'd~ But to anyone else who might be interested, don't be afraid to still reply or PM me! If I really like the ideas you guys put forth I'd definitely consider starting two or three different RPs.