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    Do you have a favorite musical? What has made it your favorite it? Is it a newer one or an older one? Do you sing along to it or just quietly enjoy it? Have you forced your friends and family to watch it with you?

    Okay! How about a musical roleplay? I know one was in Roleplay Talk some months back. How would that work? Is that something you would be interested in?
  2. I do have a favorite musical! It's not recent by any means, and in fact one of the oldest that is still widely performed!
    It's amusing, and I love the musical itself, but what really endeared it to me was that I got to perform in the pit orchestra for it when I was in high school and really fell in love with the music that accompanied it. Since my family went to see it, I did sort of force them into watching it! I show other people some of the music sometimes, though, too.

    You didn't ask what my favorite musical was, but I'll give you that one for free. ;) Pirates of Penzance!

    I don't know about musical roleplay, but I find the people who put mood music with their roleplay posts interesting. It's always intrigued me to do that, but I never have, hah.
  3. My school put that play on! :D I meant to go see it.... but I got stood up D:
  4. Evil dead the musical!

    Really, it's a thing. The entire music score's on youtube. Even dispite it being effing hilarious it's done -really- well.

    Spamalot is another great one. The Music Man is another great one.

    Man so many, I love Musicals. I want at some point to spontaniously break out into coreographed song once in my life.

    As for an RP, I'd be interested how you'd manage that. It's kind of hard to spontaniously break into song without having planned anything... RPs usually work as a group fiction process and are written as they go.
  5. Cats is hand down my favourite musical. It always has been, and I've learned... almost every song by heart (different showings leave out/add in different songs)

    Spamalot was hilarious. Wicked was amazing.

    I've actually done a musical role-play! 8D It was super fun! I wonder if I could find the posts again...
  6. There are few musicals I enjoy because of how harsh of a critic I am. But I enjoyed The Lion King as well as Chicago, and Spamalot.
  7. I do have a few Favorite Musicals! "Hello, Dolly!", "Grease", "Cats" and "Phantom of the Opera." They each have their own special reason why I love them.