Musical RP Inspiration - Reboot: Part 1

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  1. (NOTE: This is a project I started a long time ago that I'm kicking off again.)

    Here's how the game works, kiddies. I post a song, which I'll randomly pick from any genre or artist. What you, the loyal roleplayer, will do is first create a main character, the one that you would play or that you feel would be the centerpiece of your story (the Hero, or your "Who?"). Second, create a Plot (what is your Hero going to do? This is your "Why?"). Third, create your Lore, a basic idea of what your world is like environmentally, politically, and chronologically ("Where?"/"When?"/"How does your badass live?"). In other words, this is a challenge to not only test your creativity and response to stimuli, but also a tool to help form RP and story concepts. I encourage creativity with your posts (try to twist the music to make a unique plot), which can be of any genre or concept. Be descriptive. Oh, and no copying. I'll hunt you down and eat you alive.


    The Hero
    • Name:
    • Race: (It can be human if you want it. Must have the standard, common name and the Latin name)
    • Gender:
    • Appearance: (Picture AND Description)
    • Personality:
    • Powers/Weapons/Skills: (Describe, don't list)
    • Biography: (This is your opportunity to be extensive)
    The Plot
    • Plot: (The reason for why your character exists, and the foundation of your story)
    The Lore
    • Environments: ( If it is just Earth, specify the location and local geography. If an entirely separate world/universe, describe it. Around your world, is it mountainous? Swampy? Forested? Details earn bonus points.)
    • Major Powers: (In your world, what nations or groups hold the greatest power, if there are any nations to speak of?)
    • International Relations: (How do individual cultures react with each other on a global scale?)
    • Culture: (How do you describe the culture of your character's area specifically?)
    • Brief History of the World: (Simple enough)
    • Time: (When is this RP set, in real time or local universe time?)
    • Personal Relations: (How does your character fit into their surroundings, and what is their role?)

    So, without further ado, I present to you (drum roll please)....................

    The Song of the Month of June:

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