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    Here's how the game works, kiddies. I post a song, which I'll randomly pick from any genre or artist. What you, the loyal roleplayer, will do is first create a main character, the one that you would play or that you feel would be the centerpiece of your roleplay (the badass). Second, create a plot (what is your badass going to do?). Third, create a basic background, a basic idea of what your world is like environmentally, politically, and chronologically (where/when/how does your badass live?). In other words, this is a challenge to not only test your creativity and response to stimuli, but also a tool to help form RP concepts. I encourage creativity with your posts (try to twist the music to make a unique plot), which can be of any genre or concept. Be descriptive . Oh, and no copying. I'll hunt you down and eat you alive. ;)


    Character Sheet
    • Name:
    • Race: (It can be human if you want it. Must have the standard, common name and the Latin name)
    • Gender:
    • Appearance: (Picture AND Description)
    • Personality:
    • Powers/Weapons/Skills: (Describe, don't list)
    • Biography: (This is your opportunity to be extensive)
    Plot Sheet
    • Plot: (Self-explanatory)
    Background Sheet
    • Environments: (Around your world, is it mountainous? Swampy? Forested? Detail. If it is just Earth, specify the location and local geography)
    • Major Powers: (In your world, what nations or groups hold the greatest power, if there are any nations to speak of?)
    • Relations: (How do individual cultures react with each other? If a world government, describe it and how it came to be)
    • Time: (When is this RP set?)
    • Personal Relations: (How does your character fit into their surroundings, what is their role?)

    So, without further ado, I present to you (drum roll please)....................


    Once more, I specifically challenge Vay, Diana, and Blind Hemingway, who if I'm not mistaken are the admins on this fine website. As well, this place is open to all. But you have to actually challenge me if you want to see my takes on the song.

    Link to September thread:
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  2. I shall write mine as soon as possible.
    Until then... I challenge you back! So you too! Come on, write your own take on it
  3. Advertise to your friends, and why the hell not? I've got time to kill.
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  4. Character Sheet
    • Name: Franz Ritter​

    • Race: Human

    • Gender: Male​
    • Appearance: [​IMG]
      A relatively youthful man despite appearances to the contrary, Franz's graying hair is actually a result of the stress and exertion that a Unified Air soldier experiences daily, his age only being a part of the issue. His head is always held high and proud, his back straight when he'd much rather sulk. While not athletic, Franz is far from out of shape and easily capable of pounding in a man's face if ordered or inclined to. His skin is fair as daylight, which he doesn't particularly care for, preferring to stay in his nice, insulated armor. As mentioned previously, his once straw-gold hair is now a deep shade of grey, a side-effect of often backbreaking drills, combat simulations (or actual scenarios), and the stress of leading an armor. He stands at the now average height of 6'5". Franz's eyes are a strange turquoise color with unknown origins, his mother and father both having had brown eyes.

    • Personality: As with most Unified soldiers, even officers, Franz doesn't have much in the way of a personality. Not that he doesn't feel emotion. Franz is just generally incapable of expressing it. After years of training to never show an enemy the inner works of his mind and emotional repression, he simply stays a robot at all times. Yet he feels pain, recalls his love for his mother and hometown sweetheart, and knows brotherhood for his fellow soldiers and humans, and is prone to break out into passionate speeches when provoked and has a remarkable sense of humor.​

    • Powers/Weapons/Skills: Being a Unified soldier has its benefits. With the training comes full training in a wide variety of Eastern martial arts, like Tai Chi, Kung Fu, and Karate. But being an Airman is even better. Going through a solid decade of training, Airmen learn how to maintenance and pilot a wide variety of aerial vehicles (as well as some land vehicles), fight hand-to-hand or with firearms while going through free-fall or while flying, and of course how to fly one of the Vent or Atem suits, depending on the division they applied to. And Franz is no exception. Being a highly trained and high-ranking officer doesn't hurt either, with bonus access to all the latest technology.

    • Biography: Born in the year 1910, Franz witnessed and experienced the aftermath of the first World War and the effects it had on the fatherland, never quite understanding why things were the way they were. As he grew older, Franz's father Hermann killed his wife in a drunken rage after being fired from his job and was promptly murdered by his son with a cleaver, only escaping justice because of his youth. He was adopted by his neighbors, forced to clean and maintain their house in exchange for housing and food. As the years went on, he slowly began to learn to read and write, as well as became exposed to politics and the history of Germany (or at least his foster father's version of it). In the year 1930, he joined the National Socialist German Worker's Party, or, as it came to be known in later history, the Nazi Party. Despite his doubts of the effectiveness or ethics of Hitler's methods, Franz cannot claim innocence. He captured Jews, burned stores for being owned by Jews, and even pressed the button on a few gas chambers. And when the war was lost to the Allies, Franz was put on trial with the rest of the Party for war crimes. But he was also one of the few who survived the first attack on Earth by an extraterrestrial race. An unknown race piloting high-tech airships unleashed a violent assault on Nuremberg, butchering a vast majority of civilians and prisoners as well as decimating the present Allied armies. Barely escaping with his life, Franz decided that his survival was a divine act, a sign for him to redeem himself. Leading a small party of other survivors away from the ruins, he returned to Berlin while the rest of the Allies fled back to France, the invaders hot on their heels. Deemed "In Deutschland verlorenen" (Germany's prodigal) by his fellow nationals for his crimes and return, Franz took leadership of a once more shattered country and dedicated the military's strength to fighting a war against those aliens who remained in Germany, imploring every citizen, man, woman, or child to give everything in an effort not to save Germany but to defend "the side of right and humanity, and to redeem our shattered souls".

    Plot Sheet
    • Plot: Following the events of World War II, the Nuremberg Trials were held to try war criminals (many members of the Nazi Party) who had helped perform the heinous acts the war is well known for. However, during the events of the trials, a number of massive and well-armed airships (presumed to be of alien origin) arrived and, in a matter of hours, decimated the Allied forces present, butchered almost all of the German nationals present in Nuremberg, and executed the vast majority of incarcerated prisoners. While they fought a good fight, the Allies were unable to stand against the alien superiority for long and began to swiftly lose ground. Meanwhile, one man rallied his people in a last-ditch effort to take back the world. Managing to win small, successful battles against the enemy in a guerilla war, self-proclaimed German Premier Franz Ritter had engineers and whatever scientists remained work on reverse-engineering or harvesting the technology gathered. What was eventually developed from sheer willpower and a renewed fanatic dedication to a cause were the Atem suits, which were essentially suits of body armor with makeshift jetpacks attached. The fuel was synthesized from the strange (yet surprisingly similar to petroleum) oil used by the invaders to power their machines, while the armor pieces were constructed from salvaged and wrought metal scraps retrieved from enemy ships and artillery. The first Atem users managed to swiftly turn the tide on the enemy, dodging in and out of the enemy's line of fire in the air and swiftly disabling ground units from the sky. Slowly but surely Germany was returned to its people, and Franz turned his eye to the rest of the world. Determined not to make the mistakes of his imperialist and totalitarian predecessors, he led a campaign across Europe, rescuing the last remaining Allied forces at the Siege of Versailles, where some Allied officials had managed to establish an ill-fortified headquarters, at the time under siege by the invaders. It is theorized that if the German forces had not arrived at the time they did, the war could very well have been a lost cause. The alien fleet was driven back to the outskirts of Paris, where they were kept at bay while the Germans negotiated with the Allies. While many leaders doubted the authenticity of Germany's aid (with many surviving Jews and concentration camp survivors violently rioting at the very idea of working with the Germans), the Allies eventually recognized that an alliance with the former enemy was the only hope for the world, the Allies became the Unified Army of Humanity (which would eventually become the Unified Human Race, a single, somewhat worldwide government representing any and all within its reach, no matter their race, color, or creed) with Germany at the forefront of the fighting. While resources remained slim and few in number, a new breed of suits was eventually released, these a joint effort between Germany and France: the Vent suits, more heavily armored suits that could take more hits than the Atem suits, as well as dish out far more damage, move far faster, and had more maneuverability than its predecessor. While the latter was kept on and remains a standard issue tool, the Vent became the predominant dog of the sky, acting as aerial artillery, aerial dogfighting, and as a living air-to-ground weapon. The campaigns following the Siege of Versailles were largely successful; the invaders were unprepared for the adaptation of humanity, quickly falling to the numbers, morale, and strength of the Unified Army. It was soon discovered that the reason behind the aliens' attack being so brutal and surprising was the Soviet betrayal, Stalin having struck a deal with the extraterrestrials in exchange for more land beyond Russia's borders and his own survival. Even after the enemy was driven off of the Earth (with the Americas and Africa successfully retaken), the Soviet Empire and Stalin's successors proved to be an unstable and deadly foe. With the war against the new Russian enemy controlled by his allies and the greater threat gone, Franz (now age 48) stepped down as Premier, leaving Germany as a democratic, prosperous, and praised part of a greater world. But in the present, only a decade following his resignation, Franz has returned as the Supreme Marshal of the Unified Army, determined to fight the returned and stronger alien enemy as well as their treacherous human allies, while also fighting against his own aging body.

    Background Sheet
    • Environments: Much of the story would take place in Europe and Russia, primarily on the Eastern front and in Germany. While years of environmental projects have managed to give back to Europe much of its former glory, it still remains a war-torn patch of Earth, some areas still blackened by the sting of fire and plasma and the trees remaining from the age before the invasion riddled with bullet holes and blackened by smoke. It is hard to find many spaces for growing anything without extensive and costly fertilization projects, forcing the UHR to get creative with their agriculture. The solution came in the form of massive skyscrapers, each level 400x400 feet and maintaining fields of domesticated plants and farm animals. Many cities remain highly industrial, rushing to reach the same great level of technology as the alien enemy. Combining the grow-towers, factories, groceries, public service buildings, and living spaces (not to mention the recreational or relatively optional buildings and businesses), most cities are very cramped and dense, many with thick clouds of smog or great towers of steam rising above them. The great majority of Africa remains unused, as it was only recently secured after the Russians attempted to gain a southwestern foothold in the war. North America is in much the same state as Europe, while South America (except in a few specific areas) is rapidly returning to its natural, primeval state of jungle.

    • Major Powers: While the world is ruled by the UHR, most countries remain mostly independent, similar to the United State's system of Federal and State governments. The individual nations are labeled with a certain number, the first two or three digits used in common or informal speech (example: Germany, being the hero of the war and the first nation to propose the UHR, is N01-045629054-4. N01 signifies that Germany was the first nation inducted into the UHR, the middle number represents the population, and 4 represents the threat level Germany poses should it ever get out of control). Germany remains one of if not the greatest powers on Earth, having great control in world politics. However, the current President has managed not to turn Germany into a thing to hate or resent. Following it is the United States and the United Kingdom, both of whom remained powerful despite the war, the US being a mass-manufacturer or weapons and the UK being a great source of knowledge and researchers. Most other countries in the UHR are not considered powerhouses, most being ranked as a class 2 or 1 threat to world security, though this is mostly because the big powers are trusted with protecting the little guys. The Soviet Empire remains a problem child and refuses to end its war with the UHR, and managed to remain a class 5 threat by allying with the aliens and annexing most of southern Asia, remaining in heated conflict with the UHR over the Middle East and its wealth of oil fields.

    • Relations: While technically all member nations are part of one greater whole, the resemblance between the United States stands: While all are subject to the UHR, individual members are capable of a self-rule and retain most of their own cultures. However, with the lack of borders dividing them (a mandate of the UHR: "No member nation shall seclude itself from another with political margins, as all are encompassed by one border"), cultures and practices easily leak between nations. In fact, most politically correct and politically savvy people refuse to name the individuals nations, preferring to dub them "regions of a single nation". Obviously, some conflicts emerge from the melting pot of culture: A number of lightly-armed Jewish extremists attempted to storm the German parliament, only to be brutally halted by the German police. There was conflict between the Shia and Sunni branches of Islam (or at least, extensive conflict for the time) when Saudi Arabia and Iraq were inducted, the Shia majority of Iraq and the Sunni Arabians found themselves sharing land. All in all, however, most is peaceful between UHR nations. Hostilities are high on the Easter front though, as many on the border are torn between their Russian heritage and their European heritage. This led to some separatist talks and even riots in the presence of the military.

    • Time: 1968, December 14 (the beginning of the RP), 23 years following World War II, during which time aliens have attacked, the Russians betrayed mankind, and much of the world became united under the UHR.

    • Personal Relations: Once the beloved and powerful Premier of Germany, Franz is well known among the German populace as a hero. To the rest of the UHR, he is a worthy rival and devoted friend. To the Russians, he is a hated enemy. And to the aliens, he is a demon, a threat to their very existence. His actions, which served as a catalyst for the extraterrestrial defeat, have been viewed as direct attempts to extinguish the light of their race, and is viewed as an evil spirit taking physical form. The Soviet Empire know him to be just a man, but the man who has won countless battles on the front, and does everything in the Empire's power to disgrace his name and desecrate his image. The world at large knows him to be a hard and cunning man, easily comparable to Hitler in his own charismatic way (minus the genocidal tendencies). Franz is known for seizing and holding the floor of a legislative meeting, not through force or filibuster but through sheer power of words. And to the German public, Franz is a demigod, the first of a new generation of supermen. He is the one true hero of the invasion in their eyes, and to them should have remained Premier.

    Some Gallery Stuff to Help Explain:
    • Modern German Special Ops: iron-sky08.jpg
    • Modern German Grunts: Nazi-soldiers-by-Eco-Flex.jpg
    • Atem suits (First Invasion): Republic_FlyingTroops011.jpg
    • Vent suits (First Invasion): Dieselpunk.jpg
    • Standard Weapon (Assault Rifle/StG46): nerf_recon__quot_sturmgewehr_quot__by_panzerforge-d3gw1cb.jpg
    • Soviet Spec Ops: Soviets.jpg
    • Soviet Grunts: russian_soldiers__futuristic_concept_by_badillafloyd-d64kgdf.jpg
    • Soviet Soldat Ubiytsa (Soviet universal anti-personnel mech-suit; Soviet equivalent to Vent and Atem suits, minus aerial capacity and focusing more on anti-air or anti-armor tech): cef1f0fcc8c06c862a483675264673b0.jpg
    • Soviet Weapon (Assault Rifle/AKM): akm.jpg

    If it takes words to comprehend, I utilized the chorus lyrics to create a universe where the elite soldiers are those who take on the dangerous job of the Iron Man, flying in a suit instead of plane for greater maneuverability and speed while exposing themselves to greater risk.
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  5. For the record, before any moron makes a comment, I AM NOT A NAZI. I DO NOT SUPPORT NAZISM OR NEO-NAZISM. If I had a time machine and a list of evil babies to kill, Adolf Hitler is at the top of the list, with a whole sub-section of Nazis and Nazi allies beneath him. However, I AM A SUCKER TO A GOOD REDEMPTION STORY, and pride myself in being able to see the good in evil things. The bases for Franz Ritter are the Nazis who were actually half-decent people. For example, Erwin Rommel, who refused to kill POWs and Jewish captives when Hitler himself ordered it. His Afrika Korps never even accused of war crimes. I SIMPLY LIKE GOOD PEOPLE, AND WAS INSPIRED TO DO AN RP CONCEPT ABOUT A DECENT NAZI. Nothing more.

    - This message has been a public broadcast by the MV Network. "I AM NOT A F**KING FASCIST" MCed by host Mr. V. Copyright 2014, MV Inc.
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  6. Your turn.
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