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  1. There were two deities who wished to pass down their musical talents for generation and generations to come.
    Two people were able to learn anything they wanted when it comes to music, any genre they liked best, any instrument they found interesting.
    But after some time, there was something different about the newly musical prodigies, they were either getting hallucinations or dreams about something they didn't quite understand.
    It must have something to do with the gods' enemies from centuries ago. S/he wanted so much to be as good, if not better when it came to music, but was never good enough.
    Of course this evil being was able to reincarnate as well as the gods, it was obvious who one each every generation.
    But this time something was different, and the two new people are starting to get warnings about this.

  2. [​IMG]

    Name: Kennedy McKinley
    Age: 17
    Personality: Kennedy is a bit short tempered and sarcastic. Though she does tend to be really nice, mainly to people she likes. If you make a bad first impression, there is a possibility she already doesn't like you.
    Music that she is in to: Kennedy enjoys many different music genres. She would listen to happy hardcore, hardstyle, dubstep, metal, rock, rap, trip hop, and more.
    Instruments?: She plays guitar, drums, and keyboard, though she does prefer the guitar. To top it off, Kennedy even mixes her own music to create dubstep and remixes of some of her favorite songs.
    Bio: Ever since Kennedy was nine she lived only with her older brother due to the bad examples set by their parents. Kennedy planned to leave her brothers' townhouse by the time she left high school.
    Ever since she was young Kennedy enjoyed music. It started off as her only listening to it and enjoying the sound. She then wanted to learn to play guitar, which she did. After doing so she wanted to learn keyboard and drums. Kennedy also got into techno music and anything that could only be made with technology... so she learned how to create that type of music as well.


    Kennedy woke up that day around noon. It was Saturday so it would only make sense for her to want to sleep so late. She didn't have any plans for that day, at least none that she could think of at the moment.
    Kennedy got out of bed sleepily before heading downstairs to see if there was anything to eat for breakfast. She walked to the kitchen and looked in the pantry before looking in the refrigerator.
    "Nothing..." she mumbled to herself.
    Kennedy walked off and went to the basement where she kept most of her instruments or any equipment needed to create hardstyle or dubstep. When it came to those two she would usually stick to emotional hardstyle and liquid dubstep, also known as chillstep.
    Kennedy went straight to her guitar. It was still early so she picked up her acoustic other than her electric.
    After about an hour of playing she almost forgot to get her phone, which was sitting on the nightstand beside her bed.
    Kennedy gently put the guitar down before heading back upstairs to check her cellphone.
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    ( L U C A S . A L E X A N D E R . A N D E R S O N ! )
    luke . male . eighteen . june twentieth . gemini . right-handed . ❞


    - charismatic
    - aloof
    - perceptive
    - callous
    - tolerant

    - Luke tends to not be able to handle other people's bs quite often.
    He's very disinterested in what others have to say, excluding himself,
    and is a man of few words. He's just bad at being social. However,
    underneath that mask of ice, is a man who finds a passion for music.
    As he's terrible with other people, he finds himself to be somewhat of
    a softie when it comes to Kennedy, as, although the two are somewhat
    different, her passion for music is what inspires him to keep himself near
    her as a friend.

    [ work in progress ]

    - Rock
    - Alternative
    - Electronic
    - Sometimes Dance

    - Drums
    - Electric Guitar
    (somewhat knows how to play acoustic)
    - Vocals (he sometimes likes to sing)
    - Piano (knows how to play a little bit)

    - is in his own band
    - is the lead singer and main guitarist
    - likes to wear plaid and leather


    [ insert work in progress post because something has come up. will post post later. ]
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