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Musical Capabilities of Iwaku

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Dawn Bringer Invictus, Nov 4, 2010.

  1. So, what instruments do you all play, vocals included?

    I used to be able to play recorder, clarinet, and piano, but after being forced into that, eh, kinda killed my desire to learn how to play.

    Might pickup a guitar sometime in the future though.
  2. I can Play Guitar. Also used to play Clarinet in grade school.
  3. Classically-trained pianist.
  4. I sing. >:D ....I can't sing WELL, but I like singing. I really enjoy karaoke.

    Once upon a time I could play a couple songs on the piano and guitar. >>; But out of practice, out of mind...

    I would enjoy learning piano and guitar for reals. D: I might take lessons one day when I have kids. Go to lessons with them. >:D
  5. Well I currently play all percussion, guitar, bass guitar, vocals, harmonica, and ukulele. I used to play clarinet and recorder way back when. I had an ocarina at one point those were fun too.
  6. Well I have an Electric Guitar that has been sitting around for five years. I am still learning on my own and hope one day soon I can play something well enough by ear.
  7. I sing, I used to sing amazingly (gloating I know) and sang at weddings, but i started to smoke and now I just do it for fun.

    I used to be decent at the piano and chello, But didn't get to into either to become a pro.
  8. I used to play a keyboard but I can't say for certain if I still have this skill. I can remember playing a lot of Depeche Mode on it as a child because it belonged to my Dad and that is his favourite band.

    I have an electric guitar but I'm amateur.

    My best instrument is my voice. I have a way of lulling people of all ages to sleep and I used to sing for a band in high school. Singing has been and always will be a passion, but since I'm out of practice, I tend to doubt my talents...
  9. Haha, I can play:
    Clarinet, trumpet, sax, baritone, and oboe with some degree of proficiency. As well as some amateur-y singing. I'm sure you all can guess my singing pitch >>;