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  1. What songs really make you cringe into the ninth dimension? Not so much songs you don't like, but the ones that make you physically repulsed by their content?

    To give you an example.

    ^ Like this. Gimme your filthiest cringe inducing tracks.
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  2. I am so sorry on behalf of people that for some reason actually like this song.

    I don't know why, I cringe so hard everytime I hear this song to the point that I actually feel like I'm going to vomit all of my guts out. I have yet to hear the song out in full...because I never managed to do so without closing the tab to save my ears...

    Ughhh the cringe is real with both of these song, the music video and EVERYTHING HOLY SHIT. THEY CAN'T EVEN SING A PROPER NOTE IN TUNE FFS

    My ears are crying for mercy
  3. o.o I'm kinda cringing even posting this ^_^'' But I clicked this once because it was in my recommended feed :/

  4. I can hear why XD Oh dear those were... uhm... pretty terrible ^_^''
  5. Oh wow, those are some real cringeworthy selections.
  6. For something safe-for-work but outright bad...

    But for the really repulsive stuff? I'll have to put it in a WARNING TAG: RACISM, MILDLY SPOOKY STUFF
    Show Spoiler

  7. So removing the main/obvious targets, Friday, Miley Cryus, Kids Pop & Justin Bieber.

    I'd have to go with... Beyonce and Kayne.
    Like, I feel that Kayne at least should also be obvious, but I've a seen a big enough fan base for him that I'm not sure others do see it as obvious. o_o

    Both of them are picked for the same reason though, they're usually rather clueless and obnoxious as people and it really bleeds over into whatever they're singing about.
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  8. I actually. . . liked the first song you posted >> I listened to it a lot when I was younger.

    Cringe music. . .for me? I don't really know o.o I listen to a bit of everything. Songs I don't like, I just don't listen to, so they get forgotten XD
  9. I don't actually dislike a few songs by the two bolded singers. Miley's version of Jolene is really good for example.

    I find that more than songs, it's the music videos that tend to make me cringe. Like Turn Down for What and Anaconda.

    Oh, and Zayn's Pillowtalk XD I don't mind the song but the video makes me feel like I'm on drugs too XD


  10. This autotuned monotone drugged-out sounding fuck makes me want to murder on scales unimagined by Stalin.
  11. Nah it's fine really. I consider it harmless cringe honestly. it's more the dated CGI in the video and such.

    My other job is performing music, so I often don't have a say in what I have to play xD, so I'm usually given the occasional "this makes my ears bleed tier" kind of song to learn.
  12. The video for this:

    As a Massive fan of AKIRA, the video makes me cry.
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  13. I... I blasted that when I was a kid.
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  14. Let me preface this with a story;

    I worked as a camp councilor for a Boy Scout Camp during my summers. I was one of the life-guards/waterfront instructors there. There was a huge stereo system wired on the beach, but our "surfer-dude wannabee" boss, (remember, this is fucking Wisconsin) would only play two albums all summer. One was O.A.R., and the other....David. Fucking. Mathews. Band.

    Every. Fucking. Day.

    A summer of being a slave to this album made me literally become unable to enjoy any indie band or acoustic guitar.

    Here, this is one of the songs I think was on the album. I wouldn't know for sure cause I literally put it on mute before the shit started.

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  15. Many come to mind, but this is definitely a big one for me:

    Their faces, sound, lyrics, and band name make me cringe hard enough to get a face cramp. My mother and sisters sang it constantly when I moved back in. Then when I moved out again, I still couldn't get away from it. They will sometimes text me lyrics from this motherfucking song. >:[
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  16. It's okay, we all have regrettable music tastes when we were youngins.

    My favorite bands for Blink 182 and Sum 41 for the longest time, for fuck's sake.
  17. anything that involves throat singing or screaming or whatever the heck you call it

    so, so dreadful
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  18. But this is art.
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  19. "I'm on fire"

    Such old man voice, and the opening line is "hey little girl is your daddy home / did he go away and leave you all alone"

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