Music while Reading?

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Do you listen to music when you read?

  1. Yep :)

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  2. Nope :(

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  1. Yeah, can't do that. I wish I could, I see for some that might be very relaxing, but it would have me too distracted to read.
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  2. Same problem here. I have tried before, but I couldn't read more than a couple pages without turning the music off.
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  3. I can do with or without music, but I prefer with. Nowadays I mostly read at work, where I can't do the music thing, but that hasn't changed my preference.

    I can listen to pretty much whatever when I'm reading, because I'm good at letting it fade into the background while I focus on the book. Sometimes I'll pick out a band or album that I think suits the book moderately well and just listen to that repeatedly while I read, other times I'll just listen to whatever I'm currently in the mood for generally.

    Basically I can do whatever the fuck I want with music as it pertains to reading and I'm good to go. No problem with distractions, no need for music to enjoy reading. Versatility is the best.
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  4. I sometimes listen to one song over and over while I read a book. Even now I can listen to the song and remember parts of the book clearly.
  5. That's a shame, because it is very relaxing, but I can see how it can be distracting.
  6. I have the worse ADD. I swear, If I'm reading and the slightest bit of noise happens, I've lost all ability to stay focused, then I'm stuck re-reading the same page over again until I can get back into the story.
  7. That sucks :/
  8. Very rarely do I listen to music when reading anything narrative in nature. If I try, I can't concentrate. That being said, if I have very, very quiet instrumentals playing, that's not so bad—but I only really do it when reading roleplay ICs. But under no circumstances can I be wearing earphones.

    However, for essays, documentaries, or whatever, it's not so much a problem.
  9. I can read with music on, but I rarely do it. Either I read when I've gone to bed, which is a books only zone (after a certain time), or I read on the couch while listening to the TV. (Usually I watch a channel with cartoons I've seen a thousand times so I don't need to pay too much attention to it. I just like having the TV in the background.)
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  10. Usually not. I primarily listen to rap and other lyric strong music and if it's on my brain tells me to focus on it. I can't process the lyrics and the books words at the same time unfortunately.
  11. I'm the same as Jorick, and am able to read either with or without listening to music. Often, because I like to read during my break time during work, I have to listen to music if only to drown out the rest of the crap that my coworkers are talking about and then be able to concentrate. Other then that I haven't felt as if music whilst reading has added to the immersion in any other particular way.
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  12. I prefer complete silence, or if there has to be music, in a language I do not understand. Otherwise, I can't process two sources of language at the same time.
  13. I read with music about half the time, about half the time without. Just depends on my mood and situational circumstances. Occasionally I like to sing while I read, 'cause those are two of the activities that relax me most and I may as well go for the serotonin double-whammy.
  14. I read with music pretty much all the time, even music with lyrics. So long as it's a song I know very well, I can actually sing along and not be distracted from the book, because I basically revert to muscle memory to sing. I generally prefer to put on instrumentals that fit the mood of the scene I'm reading, though. Often I assign specific songs to specific types of scenes in a certain book--i.e. a certain song for battle scenes.
  15. I can't really say. It's been a long time since I've read an actual book. In general though, either way makes me sleepy. I just end up taking a long three hour nap instead.
  16. After having read 3 books in five days (which is odd, cause usually I'm slow as hell xD) I've realized that I can't sit in a silent room and read anymore. I need sounds in the background. So I read while watching documentaries xD I also realized I couldn't listen to music in Swedish, cause the words were way too distracting, which never happens when listening to TV... But okay. I think it wouldn't go too well with English songs either. instrumental and languages I don't know or just know certain words in should be fine though. But I do prefer a movie in the background :3
  17. The only time I read and listen to music, is if the music completely fits the tone and scenarios in the book. In fact, it actually makes the whole experience better, in my opinion. If it doesn't fit, then I tend to get distracted and give up on reading.
  18. Reading with any form of sound, personally makes it harder for me to read, and I used to go outside to read or create myself a nice little room for solitary confinement. Though I'll admit that there are times when I'm just too lazy to walk out, when there is just noise wherever I go or I just want to listen to music and on those times I prefer to listen to things that Adrian von Ziegler, Derek and/or Brandon Fiechter, BrunuhVille, and Two Steps From Hell make. All are good book reading musicians in my honest opinion, especially for fantasy books though when in doubt and when I don't have a good song to play that would match the overall theme of the book, I'd just go and search for one.
  19. If it's ambient music or classical I can, but even then It has to be playing from speakers or something. I can't listen to music through headphones and read at the same time.
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