Music Videos: OH, THE FEELS!

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  1. You know which ones they are.

    Music videos that just give you FEELS.

    Whether it's the romantic storyline, an inspiring dance, the touching lyrics, or just a beautiful video, there are just music videos you can't help but FEEEEEEEEL.


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  4. I like this one.

  5. This one gets me everytime. ;-;

    As well as this one.

  6. FEELS!!!

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  7. I cannot watch this video without crying. Such an amazing song and an amazing band. A7X foREVer
  8. This will invoke a feel or two.

  9. The feels are strong with this one.
  10. Gives me a feel to dance. Both of them.
    Skip to the part where the thingy ma bobber is on the disk. That's when the song starts.
    IDK, it justs give me something. I really don't know.....
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  11. Dunno if it counts, as it is technically a lyricstuck and not a music video (oh how I wish it was a music video though...) but this lyricstuck of I See Fire will definitely incinerate your feels
  12. Interesting that this video was actually fan-made and stole the feels of a lot of fans. It managed to reach a view status higher than the original. Oh, and I love Incubus!