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  1. Do you want to discover some new music? Is your playlist a tad bit short or uniform? Do you just want to take a delve into or get a starting point for the amazing wonder that is music? Then this is the thread for you!

    This thread works as such. You add a request, for example a genre, style, artist, or track you like, and the community will attempt anwering your request with music you might like!
  2. Instrumental Music and Soundtracks.
  3. Oh, there is plenty to choose from there. Any specific genre? Electronic, ambient, orchestral, energetic?

    Real shame since Bayonetta's soundtracks are actually amazing, but they get drowned out by all the fast-paced action and gunfires and explosions etc.

    So in the end they often get overlooked.

    And also I got more but POST LIMITATIONS IS A BITCH

    Bayonetta OST - The Greatest Jubilee
    Bayonetta 2 OST - Insidious: Consumer of All
    Bayonetta 2 OST - Alraune: Whisper of Insanity
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  5. Energetic and Electronic are the preference.
    But if it works it works.
  6. Music with a very traditional Asian twist.

    Like Akiko Shikata.
    Or Aika Yoshioka.
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  7. Something EDM?

    Or perhaps more dubstep?
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  8. Have you tried KOKIA?

  9. Rock ok with you. Becouse I know some Japanese Folk-Metal/Rock that blends japanese singing, traditional japanese instruments with hard-rock instrumenal
  10. Won't hurt to try, I've listened to some.
  11. I should have clarified.
    Energetic in a most "I'm pumped! Let's do this!" deal, not in a "Let's Partah!" sort of deal.
    Actually it'd probably be better described as "Energenic Dramatic".

    Also, with Electronic it's more of a hybrid of that and Instruments I like most.
  12. Ah, I see. Gotta take a closer look into that. Thanks for feedback nonetheless!
  13. @Gwazi Magnum Not sure if this is your type, but it sure gets me pumped.

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  14. Wagakki Band.

    Yoshida Brothers
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  15. Yea, that's pretty on point! :3
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  16. That's industrial/Metal instrumental. Not very electronic. If you want more of that I think I can dig some up Gwazi
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  17. This is pretty similar in style as well.
  18. Yea, my genre knowledge isn't that good.
    I was more using "Electronic" to describe a general use of instruments. XD

    More would be appreciated. :3
  19. Also, something I already have to act as another point of reference.

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