Music Scene Challenge #1

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  1. Music Scene Challenge #1

    This is a challenge where you will listen to the song provided and write a scene inspired by it.
    The scene does not have to pertain solely to the song, merely write whatever comes to mind when you hear it.
    If you wish to incorporate the song into your writing that is perfectly fine.
    Just do not feel you have to do such a thing.
    This challenge is just for you to see how music can affect your mood/inspiration; as well as give us all a chance to find some new music to listen to during our creative moments.
    Enjoy and be sure to have fun with this!

    Name of the song: Monster [Semothy Jones Remix]
    Artist: Meg Myers
    Link to the song: click here

    [Disclaimer: I could not find any of these challenges named as this. If there are more, then notify me and I will change the number so that it is right.]